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It Is Better To Have Gloved And Lost.........

The (Almost) Great Escape

When I came home on Saturday Peri wasn't waiting at the gate. As I walked down the steps Gilly came racing around the corner with her Naughty Ears on and when I asked where Peri was she ran to the fence. And there Peri was, on the other side of the fence. I suspect both of them had wriggled their way through the fence and pushed the palings aside, but Gilly is wrigglier and smaller and she managed to get back. Peri was caught red handed.

Luckily they 'escaped' into a little enclosed garden and so they were safe. I took a photo and as soon as she saw me Peri ran to the gate, all wriggly and wiggly. Her tail was going twenty to the dozen. She's looking at the opening side of the gate in the second picture.

Peri almost runs away

"Please rescue me," Peri says plaintively!!

Saving Peri
When she came home, Gilly and Peri ran about like mad things, over-excited and mad with joy, and then it was over and they both trotted off inside to look for a treat!!

Madness, then back to normal
I made temporary barriers and then MrsDrWho very kindly gave me some bamboo screening and I was able to make a more permanent temporary Girls' Carpentry fix. At least until I decide on what to do next. I am just very glad they were both safe.

Yes, girls' carpentry

I made a knitted cosy for my mug and it works well. I used some Bendigo Neon and the pattern is very good, it covers the base of the mug too. Of course there is no photo without Gilly in the background.

Warming Brew 2012

I finished the sleeves, again, for my You Only Rib Twice cardigan. I haven't sewed one up to check if it fits though.

The sleeves
I am helping at the knitting shop with some sock knitting. I've unravelled the Dalek sock (sob) and knitted a plain one so the ladies can see what a sock looks like and we can knit along together.

This was a dalek sock

MrsDrWho and I ordered some Christmas Fabric from the Christmas Cloth Shop (Fat Quarter Shop's Christmas section) Here's my lovely set of 18 fat quarters!!!

Christmas fat quarters
It has been very cold in the mornings. I always open the windows in the car when we drive to the dam and the other day the window ice made a lovely sculpture. It soon melted in the sun.

Window ice
It has been a quiet time here, Peri and Gilly like to sleep all day: inside if it is cold and outside if sunny. We've been napping in the afternoons and I've even caught up with TV shows stored on my DVR from last year. MrsDrWho and I finally watched the last three episodes of Doctor Who 2011 and when we watch the Christmas special we are all up to date. We thought we should as Doctor Who 2012 will be starting soon. I don't know how we could have waited so long. MrsDrWho thinks we missed one episode and then it all went to hell in a hand-basket!!

Oh and how could I have forgotten, I've knitted another beret which I love. I have another, recommended by MohairMama, ready to go. Soon I will have three berets, I will be spoiled for choice. I must remember to take a picture for my next post. I did take a picture of the fairy, or butterfly, cakes I made for the doctors and nurses at the vet. We paid the last part of Lorelai Gilmore's bill and so we can stop being poor at last. It's taken three months, but knowing what is wrong with Gilly, and what can be done, is a positive thing- though I may yet to sell her for medical experiments!!! 

Half the cakes are filled with my mum's raspberry jam and the other half with lemon curd. We used to have jelly in our cakes when I was a little girl: jelly, whipped cream, the 'wings' and then icing sugar. I think these are a little more sophisticated, though not much.

Fairy cakes



I bet Peri was so pleased to see you home!

Those butterfly cakes look great - lemon curd! Yum!


If only I lived closer, so I could visit with Peri and Gilly and you (and just maybe have cake ;-)


Can't turn your back on those girls for a minute!

Love the fairy cakes, so much nicer than sickly sweet cupcakes with lashings of icing and decorations.

My mum used to make what were then called cheese cakes. Nothing like cheesecake now. Pastry in the bottom of a tart tray, good homemade jam on top of that and then a cake mixture. She always set aside some pastry for decorations and there would be initials, flowers leaves etc. Then cooked. Reasonably substantial for afternoon tea after school, a bit of sweetness. I loved them although I could never understand the name.


At the risk of hogging your comments completely, I offer this find of a blog which I think you will enjoy.

which is a collection of basically old favourite recipes.

I looked all through quickly by clicking on the year in archives list and scrolling quickly down looking at the pictures. The cheesecakes with pastry and jam are in 2011.


It must be the week for escape artists....Daisy got out of our yard this week too!! Ours wasn't as safe an escape as your dog's though as she nearly got run over. She's safe now though thankfully & the hole is patched.

Good luck with the knitting shop sock knitting. It's always great passing on our skills isn't it :)

Those cakes look yummy!!


Oh boy! I'm so glad they were safe, and waiting for you to come rescue Peri! Your cup cakes look delicious!


Naughty Peri! Good thing they only got into that section. Yay for finally paying off bills! Pity it is now rates time :( Butterfly cakes are great, I've seen some really posh ones around the traps too!


what a great adventure Peri - and Gilly looks just as happy to have played a trick on Mum !! thank goodness they couldn't go any further !! those cakes remind me of the little jelly lamington cakes, they used to be yummy too - seems too early to be talking about Christmas, but I guess not if there are things to be made :)


Caught in the act, those guilty pups! Gilly is not one to keep a secret, is she? What a happy reunion, and all right in the end.
Cute mug cozy, and clever how it covers all around.
The fairy cakes look scrumptious!

Jennifer Rose

tsk tsk, naughty girls ;p

its too early for xmas!!


Cup cosy - great idea in this cold weather. I do not like hot drinks & always let my tea cool down before I drink. My girls used to love butterfly cakes when they are young & the ones that I bought from the shop has butter cream in them.


Hi Cindy - I've been catching up on the last few blog posts and having a lovely time reading your recipes and seeing the evidence of canine adventures - I really must try celery on my dogs, see if they like it - a healthier amusement than some other options!
I love your mug cosies, and really want to see if the new sleeves work on your ribbed cardi - it looks like a gorgeous, snuggly item to have in your wardrobe, and by the sounds of your weather it would be very useful indeed!
Catch you later, Kate


cheeky minx!

and one can never have too many berets, in my humble opinion ;)


Poor Peri! So glad she made it home ok. ;)

Those fairy cakes look delicious! I hope that Gilly is all right and treatable. She seems so young.


I know the girls are naughty but they are so so cute! :)

It has been so hot here that it's been nice to look at your photos and cool off.


My friend's guide dog used to escape on a regular basis and that was really stressful particularly if I was looking after her. She was a super dog but a little silly. Glad to see she hadn't gone far!

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