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And I Guess That's Why They Call It The Shoes.....

Thanks to the passage of a little time and some very kind words, I have been able to stop obsesssing about my car being damaged. I think I was just shocked at how mean people could be, and then happy to remember they aren't!!! No-one was hurt, cars can be fixed. And I had a really good sleep and lots of sweet tea!!!

Why are Peri and Gilly looking so alert and interested?

Labradors looking
Because there was a party for the football final next door. While I was out, between rain storms, and even when I came home, they were at the party until it was dark. Desperately hoping for treats, there were seaweed rice crackers and pats, but no sausages!!!

At the party
MrsDrWho and I always brunch and shop when the AFL Grand Final is in progress and I bought a new pair of shoes. They are not green per se, they are a teal or dark aqua colour, but they match some of my clothes and they were only $50. I've scuffed up the soles and they are quite comfortable. I used the camera's timer to take these and it's dark, so the colour is not very true.

New shoes
I spotted two more pairs of green shoes in the posh shop, but although I love them both and they fit well, I am probably not going to buy them. MrsDrWho said they both looked fine, especially the be-flowered sandal.

Potential new shoes

I thought about the colours I wear in warmer weather:

Colours I wear
And while they may possibly match the pear material, I'm not convinced I should pay $140 for sandals I don't really love. I'm confident enough to hold out for a brighter green, maybe a lime or emerald. Am I foolish?

The terrible weather - teeming rain, electrical storms, gale force winds - ensured that I finished the first My Cup of Tea sock. It fits reasonably well and you can see how the gusset is formed by the sole increases. I do like that there is a heel flap and turn, as these suit my foot better than a short row heel. Still not my favourite though. I learned Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Cast Off. It is surprisingly stretchy!!

First cup of tea sock
I've started the second sock and am halfway through the gusset increases. I want to finish my socks in October by knitting at night while I watch TV, because in the daytime I want to sew. I need to make dresses from the material I bought, so when the weather is hot I have something to wear. I don't really do casual very well, I do sensible skirt and top, or dress. Casual looks like I'm wearing a floppy sack I've decided. I don't seem to really fit into any of the 'shapes' I read about, it's usually my legs that let me down. They are never shapely and slim!!! I think that I need more fitted dresses, skirts and tops and they just aren't casual. Still, it gives me a plan and a goal. I'd like to make two dresses in October, all being well. If I make two from the same pattern, then it should be easier too.

And now I have a cold, hay fever or cat allergy. I am sneezing, my nose is stuffed up and my eyes itch. It could be any or all!! I'm going to catch up on the TV news and then we will have an early night.

Friday Food: Sausage Rolls (Footy Finals)

This weekend there are Footy Finals. We are an AFL state ( Aussie Rules) and I believe there is a Rugby Final for NSW/Qld. I am not sure about soccer. I am not really interested in football, or the cliché footy food, so here are some poshed up pork and apple sausage rolls. They are easy to make and much more economical than buying them from a bakery. At the corner bakery a sausage roll of proper proportions is $1-50 and this recipe makes 16, or 24 smaller ones.

I often make these for GardyGardeners' Morning Tea. I use bought puff pastry and lean pork mince. I don't add an egg to the mince, instead I mix it for 4-5 minutes by hand and it emulsifies and stays together well when cooked. If you are worried your mince may be a little fatty, add some breadcrumbs, or even a little flour which will absorb fat and/or bind the mixture.

I hope your team wins. MrsDrWho and I will be having lunch in town and then a leisurely shop in empty shops while everyone else is at home watching TV!!!


Pork and Apple Sausage Rolls   makes 16/24

  • 500g lean pork mince
  • 1 red onion, finely chopped
  • 1 green eating apple, peeled and grated (Granny Smith eg)
  • 1/4 cup dried breadcrumbs, or stale bread for 'fresh' crumbs
  • zest of half a lemon
  • 2-3 generous tbspn mango chutney
  • 1/2 tspn salt
  • pepper
  • 2 sheets puff pastry, thawed
  • 1 egg for glazing

Preheat oven to 200*C (180*C fan forced)  Place tray in oven as it heats, this helps the base of the sausage rolls to cook and crisp. Line the tray with baking paper before placing the rolls onto it.

Put the mince, chopped onion, grated apple, breadcrumbs, lemon zest, mango chutney, salt and pepper in a large bowl. The salt may a seem lot, but it is really important.  At this stage if you want, you may add an egg. I don't. I use a disposable glove and mix the ingredients together thoroughly for 4-5 minutes. This emulsifies the ingredients and makes for a very nice mixture.

Roughly divide into four equal parts.

Lay out the pastry sheets and cut in half. Brush some water in the centre each side of the cut. Place 1/4 of the mince mixture along each long outside edge, making a sausage shape!!! Then roll the mince edge of the pastry towards the centre. The water will help to seal it together but I usually blend the edge with the rest of the pastry with my fingers.

Rollin' rollin' rollin' 

I don't cut all the way through, I leave the sausage rolls joined at the bottom. I cut through the centre and then make two or three even cuts each side. I end up with either 4 or 6 rolls per piece. Whisk the egg is a little bowl and then brush the top and sides of each long sausage roll. I always prick the tops with my knife. I do not know why, maybe it is to let the steam escape?? Anyway, it looks nice.

Make sure you put some baking paper on the hot tray, lift on the sausage rolls and then bake for 25-50 minutes. I like to rotate the tray half way through. Rest for 5 minutes and then serve with some extra mango chutney.

Pork and Apple Sausage Rolls

The good thing about this recipe is that you can change the ingredients to suit your taste. I like lamb with Greek herbs and a little mint, or beef with tomato paste and Worcestershire sauce. Whatever you use, sausage rolls are great to eat at any time.

Ready, Upset, Go.

Before I mention the upsetting thing, a picture of lovely happy muddy Labradors to ameliorate the aforementioned upset.

Happy Labradors after their walk
At the supermarket I park in the Disabled Parking, I have a sticker and it means I don't have to carry my groceries or push the trolley a long way. The spaces are poorly marked and able bodied people do this:

Illegal parker
This business man was talking on the phone and using his tablet device. He squeezed in between me and the space next to me. I am too afraid to challenge people about it by myself.

I went in to pick up a few groceries, and no-one was parked next to me when I came back. A kind older man tapped on my window and said that someone had scratched my car very badly. He had seen a big 4WD try to fit in the tiny space between my car and another car parked legally in the Disabled spot. They tried to park, banged into my car and kept going for a while, and then quickly reversed and drove away before he could see their number plate.

The damage
The cowardly, horrid, awful, really nasty person who did this ran away. And my lovely car had a 25cm long dent and scratch. I cried and cried in the car, mainly because someone could just be so mean.

I went to the office of the people who are in charge of managing the car park and complained. I know you park at your own risk, but I wanted to make them aware of the issue. I was visibly upset and all the young man said was: We are marking the lines next week. Perhaps. Weather permitting.  That was it, no understanding words or commiseration or acknowledgement at all. Then he went out the back to continue chatting to his friends.

The people responsible

Shepherd & Heap? At the moment I think of them a Shepherd & Uriah Heep. (I know he wasn't obsequious, but it sounds right) The young man was either a Shepherd or a Heap, I can't remember because I was too upset, but with his smart shirt and tie he was beastly careless. To me, this is really upsetting: my lovely car that I have looked after so well is scratched and dented. Between the Cowardly Parker and Shepherd & Heap I've had a very unhappy and sad afternoon. I had to take to my bed and have a Georgette Heyer Decline.

I have insurance, but I know there is an excess and cars cost a lot to repair. I shall have to see what can be done though, because the Cowardly Parker has scratched the paint right off and it may go rusty.

More happy Labradors to distract me: Gilly and Sandy playing and Peri trotting away from the boisterous youngsters to do her own thing.

Gilly, Sandy and Peri

MrsDrWho and I stepped back in time and sewed February's Craftsy BOM #1. We have instituted Occasional BOM Sewing Wednesday. Next year we hope MrsReno and MsSportyTeacher are going to come along and we are all going to sew our new BOM quilts together. We are looking forward to it and I looked at new fat Quarters this morning. I may look again to cheer myself up.

Craftsy bom february 1
Or not. I feel quite worn out from the Cowardly Parker incident. It's a good thing I prepared my Friday Food earlier: something for the Footy Finals this weekend. And now I need a nice cup of sweet tea and a hot water bottle to cuddle in lieu of a Labrador: they're outside playing!!!

The Sixth Fence

"I see dread, people". 

Or as Split Enz (almost) sang: I see dread, I see dread, I see dre-ead.

Yes, there was dread in our hearts, we were afraid that the fence would fall over and/or The Labradors would escape. So Operation Fence commenced last Thursday with a kind next door neighbour. There was a lot of aerial whipper snippering. I am not sure of the names of pruning tools.


And then some sawing and a lot of bags of vegetation to be taken to the tip. And help from The Labradors who were banished inside when the electric tools were operating and then had to sniff double time to make up for it.

Investigating the fence 1
Investigating 2
After a couple of hours the fence looked like this:

More fencing
A  trip to the hardware shop and there is now lattice ready to be attached to make the fence more stable and escape-proof. The top of the old trellis has to be chainsawed off before we can proceed.

After that effort I have had to have quite a big rest over the weekend and, ergo, there has been a sock knitting fest.

I started a new pair of 8ply socks (Sake to Me) in Teal Patonyle. The wool is just so soft and snuggly. The second pair is in some hand-dyed 4ply and my own pattern to fit my foot: The Green Style socks.

Sake to Me and  The Green Style socks
All my Library book Holds are taking forever and so while I was idly browsing the shelves I found and borrowed The Knitter's Book of Socks.

Sock bookI am quite taken with most of the sock patterns and so I have decided I will knit my way through all the socks without fair-isle or intarsia. I am trying new things and so I learned Judy's Modified Magic Cast On, and I am knitting toe up. The gusset increases are made in the sole, so is very interesting.

Sole and instep
On Saturday I helped the Wool Shop lady with a double stitch heel. For me, this is much easier than a wrap and turn and now I am up to the heel turn before the flap I am using the double stitch instead of W&T because there are no holes!!!

Sole, heel turn and instep

I am going to knit the 8ply Stepping Stone socks next. This pattern is free and there's a link on the Ravelry page.

MrsDrwho and I have completed August's Craftsy Block of the Month block #2. Of course, even though I sew a very scant 1/4 inch my block is still too small. When all the blocks are completed we are going to sew a plain background border around all the squares and then cut them to the 12 1/2 inch size. I am beastly careless because when my quilt is finished it will be lain on by Labradors in a trice. And grubby ones at that!!

Craftsy BOM August 2
My mini garden has moved to a new higher Labrador-proof table and when I came out the back door this morning there was Miss Peri Pumpkin, sunbathing on the warm foam squares atop the little table. She was all warm and snuggly and had a lovely nap. I think she looks a little worried that she is being naughty by lying up there.

Peri on the foam topped table
Miss Lorelai Gilmore, who does not have her Naughty Ears on, is standing near the other new lattice that contains The Forbidden Zone.

Gilly wags her happy tail

I am very unhappy with The Typepad at the moment. For perhaps a month I haven't been able to add any books to my side bar. The linky thing to Amazon is broken and all they can say is that it is a priority and that we should all become Amazon affiliates or something and use a widget. The very reason I pay for my blog to be hosted is that I am not computery enough to add widgets and be affiliated. I am reduced to scrabbling for my Library print outs and taking photos of my book covers. Now the Spell Check is broken. I thought I was doing something wrong for weeks as when I click the Spell Check button the incorrect words are highlighted momentarily and then the Spell Check turns itself off. Many people have complained about both these issues and the Typepad Satisfaction Staff ( and believe me I do think this could an oxymoron) ever so nicely say it is a priority and they are working on it, but nothing has happened. Typepad users are trapped because if they are sad un-computery people like me their blogs are pretty much held hostage because we don't have the skills to take our blogs somewhere else. One Satisfaction person offered me some free months of blogging, but I don't want money back or compensation. Shall I tell you what I want what I really, really want? I just want my blog, and all it's bits and bobs, to work the way it used to. I do not understand how things can just stop working all of a sudden when they have been working for years.

I have no recourse. Consumer Affairs would find it too difficult, or get no response from an overseas company. So I shall just keep replying to the Tickets I have opened, stating my case, albeit more crossly as time goes by, and hope that it might be fixed sometime soon.  I cannot recommend The Typepad to you right now. I am very disappointed, which is worse than being cross really.

Aung San Suu Chi visited the US last week and was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal. She was given 2 minutes 9 seconds on the ABC News. A young footballer on an end of season trip to Las Vegas who was extremely inebriated and died while trying to jump from a hotel roof to a palm tree rated 2 minutes 5 seconds.  In fact his funeral was given greater coverage than that of an Armed Forces member who was killed in Afghanistan. It is very sad for his family, but I ask you what is the world coming to??

And now, here is The Magic Path. Gilly believes that when she walks back along the track to the gate Sandy the Labrador will appear. It is variable reinforcement, because sometimes she comes out the gate and he is there, and sometimes he isn't. She's positive that Sandy will be there and surges ahead, making Peri and I walk faster. Sandy wasn't there today. She saw some people getting into their car by the Look Out and after they went she ran like the wind just to see if Sandy was there. He wasn't.

Ahh, true love!!!

The labradors on the magic path

Friday Food: Haloumi, Pea and Mint Salad

3pm was a long time since breakfast at 9am and I was in need of fast food. I was in the Coles' car park with the latest Good Taste Magazine from Woolies. I am nothing if not all encompassing in my shopping habits.

I leafed through the magazine and my eyes zeroed in on the Haloumi, Pea and Mint Salad: especially the fact that it could be ready in a trice!! I found haloumi cheese in brine, a fresh bunch of mint and local frozen peas. A coup!!!

Within ten minutes of arriving home I was assuaging my hunger. This is not a salad meal, rather an accompaniment and would be great with chicken, fish and especially a BBQ I think

Haloumi, Pea and Mint Salad   serves 4 as a side

  • 380g (2 1/2 cups) frozen baby peas
  • 30ml good olive oil
  • 180g haloumi cheese, cut into 1cm slices
  • 1 cup fresh mint leaves
  • 1 lemon zested
  • 20ml lemon juice
  • 1/4 tspn caster sugar

Heat 10ml of the oil in a frypan on medium heat. Fry the haloumi for 2 minutes on each side, remove and drain on paper towel.

While the haloumi is frying, put the frozen peas in a heatproof container and cover with boiling water. Stand for 2 minutes and then drain and refresh under cold water.

Peas and combine
Combine the haloumi cheese and the mint leaves with the peas.

Make a dressing by whisking together the lemon zest, juice and caster sugar with the remaining 20ml of olive oil.

Dress the salad and serve immediately.

Haloumi, Pea and Mint Salad

Ready, Willing and Abel Tasman

Once there was a giant super-trawler that had taken all the fish from the sea where it lived, so it sailed away to Southern Climes and prepared to fish the hell out of their waters as well. The Governments buried their heads in the sand, but the fisher people and those fond of marine environments started to ask whether this was really a good idea. The FV Magiris changed its name to Abel Tasman, which was the name the island's own ferry and a bit of a kick in the face for Tasmanians (Abel Tasman being the explorer heir island is named after) The Ombudsman said she found that the catch quota was decided while one of the FV Magiris people was at the special Fish Quota committee meeting. Finally the politicians decided there should be better investigations and so at last Parliament passed a law to stop the trawler hoovering up fish and by-product: our own sea-lions, seals and dolphins as well as many other fish.

I think it has been very poorly handled. Did they not think at all that people might be a bit worried about a giant super-trawler? If it is so excellent at managing fisheries, why can't it just stay where it was fishing originally?? Promised jobs have not materialised either.

In less exciting news, there may have been a slight falling over whilst walking The Labradors on Saturday. No Labradors were involved, it was just very wet grass and moss and a thump into the ground. I really do not know how people in a fracas or footballers can recover from a biff or a collision. I had to sit down and be pale and feel slightly sick for five minutes before I was OK to drive home. Peri and Gilly had a most interesting breakfast consisting of three whole carrots, a wodge of cooked rice and a splodge of kangaroo mince each. It was a kind of Bento box breakfast. I spent the day in bed, but apart from some bruises and the constant aroma of chilli/capsicum from the muscle rub, I am just a bit sore all over.

I was well enough to go to MrsDrWho's house and we sewed our thirteenth Craftsy Block of the Month quilt block. Just seven to go now.

The Craftsy BOM August 1
I finished the Iron Man Mitts, using this pattern as my inspiration. I sent a message to AstridtheCrafty who wrote the pattern and she said it would be fine if I wrote up my pattern for other people to use. I think I will try to make a PDF. I am not sure how......

Thank you for modelling so well MrsDrWho.

Iron Man Mitts
Peri and Gilly both ran under the wire fence and into the wild bush at the dam. They eventually came back for a biscuit!!

Running back from running away
Miss Lorelai Gilmore would not come when it was time to hop in the car. She was eating something smelly, so Peri and I pottered off around the little circular road leading back to where we started, and there in the distance we could see her between the big pine tree and the BBQ shelter, looking all sad and worried.

Gilly can't find us
When I called out to her she ran like the wind to be reunited. Here they are in the car at the supermarket, very happy and waiting for their special kangaroo treat.

Labradors waiting
Baking trays and tins were on super special and so I have two new tray style tins, a little loaf tin and a nice high round tin with a removable base. I bought my mum the fancy tin for her Mahjong afternoon tea cakes.

Baking tins
My little garden is still growing and since I couldn't find any Basil, some zucchini seedlings have volunteered to try to survive. If they do thrive I will let them be planted in the real earth.

Little garden and additions
Yesterday I decided I needed to sew my second jelly roll quilt. You can see the first one, and how I made it, here. I have had the fabric for ages, but I wanted to make it larger, so I bought 50cm of three plain fabrics and made 38 2.5 x 22 inch strips. I then sewed the 38 long and short strips together. I think I made a strip about 65-70 metres long. Sorry for crossing the measurement streams.

Quilt preparation
98 minutes of sewing this morning I had this!!!!

My new quilt top
It covers the top of our queen size bed and has already been tested out by Labradors and Cats at MrsDrWho's house when I took it to show her!!!! There are a thousand bits and ends to trim and then I shall sandwich the wadding between the top and a bottom and bind it ASAP. A very satisfactory day. I also found my lost sunglasses, I left them at MrsDrWho's house when I went for Quilt sewing at the weekend. She found them when I plaintively emailed her and searched the house and the path and the car about twenty times.

And now I am tired, I have put some drops in my itchy eyes and I think a nice cup of tea is just what I need.

Friday Food: Sumac Lamb Kebabs

I did not know that these were going to taste like a little bit of heaven.  The salad and the lamb go so well together, I could have eaten enough for four people. The only tricky things may be beetroot and Sumac the spice mix. I found beetroot at the big local fruit and vegie shed and the Sumac in the deli at the corner for only $3-30. I did only make half the recipe, but it is just so easy and tastes like a huge amount of time and preparation is involved.

The recipe is from the October Delicious Magazine and the lamb is cooked in a frypan, but I am pretty sure these would go perfectly on the BBQ on a hot Summer's day. There was no lamb shoulder in the supermarket and so I just bought some lamb steaks. It was too much effort to go to the butcher.


Sumac and Yoghurt Lamb Kebabs with Beetroot Salad   serves 4

  • 12 wooden skewers
  • 2 tspn of Sumac
  • 200g thick Greek yoghurt and a little extra for dolloping if you like
  • juice of a lemon
  • 1 clove of garlic, crushed
  • 1 kg lamb shoulder, chopped
  • 2 beetroot, peeled and grated
  • 1/3 cup sultanas
  • 1 bunch mint, leaves chopped
  • 20ml red wine vinegar
  • 40ml extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tspn caster sugar
  • extra oil for frying

Before you begin, soak 12 skewers in water and leave them there until the lamb is ready to cook.

Soak skewers
Mix the sumac, yoghurt, garlic and lemon juice in a container and then coat the lamb and set aside in the fridge.

Marinate lamb
Now make the salad. Peel and grate the raw beetroot, disposable gloves are good here to prevent the beetroot staining hands. Add 2/3 of the chopped mint and the sultanas.

Salad and dressing
Make the dressing by mixing the red wine vinegar, olive oil and sugar. Whisk to combine and then pour over the salad. Fold the dressing through and refrigerate until the lamb is ready.

Salad actually dressing
Preheat a non-stick frypan to a medium heat.  Thread the lamb pieces onto the kebabs evenly.  Add 20ml of a vegetable oil to the pan and fry the kebabs in three batches for 8-10 minutes, turning 4 times or so. Rest the lamb for 3-4 minutes and then assemble the dish.

Kebabbing and cooking
I started with some baby spinach leaves, piled on the salad and then slid the lamb off the kebab skewers and onto the top. I added a dollop of yoghurt, some mint and a squeeze of lemon juice. Perfect!!

Sumac lamb kebabs

Shake It Up Baby, Twist And Ouch (Twist and Ouch)

The Exercise Physiologist was very thorough and also very friendly and kind. Apparently my right side is relatively bendy and flexible, but my left side?? Not so much. I had to bend and twist and balance for about half of the hour long session. Last night I was very tired and uncomfortable and my spleen was very swollen. I thought I was lying on my hot water bottle, but no, the lump was my spleen. I went to bed at 9-28pm, which is unheard of here. It has settled down somewhat now. I have an individualised programme with videos of all the exercises and must complete a few repetitions of each very gently this month. Thank you Federal Government for paying for my Health Management plan.    

MrsDrWho and I finished our Craftsy July's Blocks of The Month. They were variations of the Dresden plate. MrsDrWho emailed me her photos and they are not very clear, but you can imagine they are the same as mine.

BOM July

She gave me a bottle of raspberry juice cordial. It is delicious, and 25% raspberry juice. It hits the spot.

Raspberry juice cordial
MrsDrWho, MrsReno and I went out to lunch today. We had, respectively, the chicken, the baguette and the pork. And chips. The menu is very tasty, we had a glass of Pinot Gris and I had a cup of tea made with real tea leaves. What a bonus. It was a warm morning and I decided that for the first time since Winter I would wear a skirt and The World would have to look at my legs. Thankfully it was not too much of a shock.


Peri has been digging a hole in the wild part of the garden. Luckily she hasn't been in the paddle pool as well.

Peri holey moley

If there is dirt and water, this happens:

Labradors, muddy. I don't think so
Miss Gilly was helping me with the Lemon Curd pictures last week. She really wanted to have some, even though I told her it was lemon and therefore a Naughty Thing.

Gilly, maybe wants lemon curd

The Cancer Council Wellness Centre is on schedule and we should be able to move in on time in December. There was a terrible crash today when the Cancer Council bus transporting patients from the North-West to the North for treatment was hit by a runaway trailer. So far three people have died. Very sad news.

Cancer well being centre

My sister has given me a RoulPat silicone pastry sheet. It is 62 x 42cm and I have to make pastry or biscuits this week so I can christen it. I am very excitied and feel like a proper cook!!!

Pastry sheet
I have too much TV to watch. So much that I can't even contemplate watching Supernatural until I can gain some hours back. A fortnight ago I had 20 DR hours, or 120 LP hours, now I only have 10 DR hours. I can group programmes together, which saves an awful lot of screen space.

Way too much TV

Still no knitting. I did think about going to buy the red and yellow wool to make Iron Man mittens  (Ravelry Link)for MrsHouseOf's eldest, but instead I came home and we all had a long afternoon nap. I shall have to adjust these to fit a proper sized hand.

Right now I am going to watch Gruen Planet and then it will be another early night for us all.


How Toe Marry A Millionaire

The sun shines in our bedroom window ever earlier as Spring progresses, The Labradors wake up earlier too and sometimes I am listening to the Early Risers' radio quiz at about 5-55am. One day last week they asked what was unusual about a photo of Marilyn Monroe that appeared in a newspaper years ago. I really had no idea, but then they gave a clue: something to do with The Chrysalids by John Wyndham (one of my favourite books Of All Time) I knew immediately and rang up to ask if, like Sophie, she had an extra toe? Indeed that was the answer, though it appears to be an Urban Myth. Nonetheless, I chose a prize and it arrived on Friday: a DVD entitled Francesco's Shakespeare in Italy. Oh, I am intrigued as I know so many of his plays were set in Italy.

Prize dvd
All the individual parts of The Evergreen Vines cardigan are complete. Now I have to wash and block it and then sew it all together. I used my notes about the sleeves I knitted for my Short Scene Vignette cardigan last year. I would have dipped the bell shaped sleeves in every cup of tea I drank. I have no idea if these sleeves will be right, I will have to sew it up and see.

Evergreen sleeves complete
When I popped into the Hospital this afternoon I noticed a quilt on display. What's the betting the creator of the George Town lighthouse block is a Doctor Who fan?? I am so happy that I am able to watch the new season of Doctor Who on The iView barely half an hour after it has screen in the UK. And we are not getting the weird explainy USA credits at the beginning either. I am very pleased about that. iView is our ABC's catch up TV website. It doesn't work for other countries, but the UK and USA won't even let us watch teeny tiny video clips on their interweb.

Dalek lighthouse
My parcel arrived from Target in no time flat and I went to pick it up this afternoon at the shop. The young woman behind the counter wanted to take my licence out the back, and would I mind?? Yes, I did mind and said I liked to keep in where I could see it thank you. I didn't think she would want to steal my details, but better to be safe than sorry.

Upper nether garments here!!!
Gilly has a new toy. A new toy that I confiscated and she is not happy about it. Miss Lorelai Gilmore decided she would steal my soaking your feet tub and chew it up.

Gilly's new toy
She was easy to catch because she insisted on holding it over her eyes so she couldn't see where she was going.

Gilly and the new toy tub
Peri took two unexpected dips in the creek. Unexpected for Gilly and me!! We were walking across the little bridge over the creek and Peri just veered left and hopped in while she was still on her lead. I quickly let go before I fell in!! She did exactly the same thing the next day.

Peri jumped into the creek
Afterwards we all got a little bit wet when she shook all over. She was as pleased as punch with herself.

Peri shakes the creek off
The deli at the corner had some freshly shelled local scallops and I bought 250g for $10. After I cleaned them I coated them in cornflour, dipped them in a beaten egg and panko and then shallow fried them. I ate them with a good squeeze of lemon, salt and aioli.

Yummy panko scallops

Peri and Gilly were disappointed. They could smelly the scallopy goodness, but none of it came their way.

Mmmm smells like scallops

My mini garden is surviving and growing. All the potato onions have sprouted tops, the parsley and mint have both grown and the red spring onions and rosemary aren't dead. Which is a bonus.

Mini garden OK
My computer came back safe and sound. A Gold Star for me because I had no viruses or unnecessary downloads or programs!! The anti-virus was updated and they made my computer wi-fi friendly. I haven't connected it yet because I need to be in tip top thinking condition. Which I am not.

Tomorrow I am off to see an Exercise Physiologist. It's part of my new Health management plan. Then I'm meeting our new Leukaemia Support person for a cup of tea. MrsDrWho is on school holidays and proposed a luncheon outing, but after walking The labradors and two other appointments I won't be fit for that!!

Friday Food: Lemon Curd

With lemon curd you tread a fine line between boiling the mixture and cooking the eggs, or having a slightly runny curd. I erred on the not boiling side and so my curd is not terrifically set. I don't mind. I may have used too much juice, I'm not sure how much juice comes from two large lemons. I used three medium lemons and squeezed 115ml of juice.

If your curd does boil, it can be strained through a fine sieve and it will most likely still be OK. The recipe from the September Delicious magazine says to use a whisk, but I find a whisk doesn't reach the corners of the saucepan. I now it is strange to consider that a round saucepan has corners, but it kind of does. I used a spatula and stirred in a figure eight motions and then a sweep round the outside in the 'corners'.

It takes about 15 minutes to make the curd and it is not too long to stand and stir. The curd was used with marscapone between cake layers in Delicious, but if the curd is runny it can be swirled through whipped cream or stirred into beaten cream cheese and icing sugar. It would also be good in a little pastry case with a dollop of cream and a raspberry.

Curd wont keep for a long time in the refrigerator. I cleaned my jar in boiling water and then dried it in the oven for 20 minutes, but you can sterilise jars in the dishwasher or by boiling them in water. I will use my curd this weekend!!


Lemon Curd   makes 1 cup 250 ml (I made 450 ml)

  • 2 large lemons, zest and juice
  • 110g (1/2 cup) caster sugar
  • 3 eggs, lightly beaten
  • 100g unsalted butter, cubed

Zest and  juice the lemons.

Lemon zest and juice
Put the sugar, zest and juice into a saucepan and stir over a low heat until the sugar is dissolved.

Sugar and eggs
Remove from the heat and add the beaten eggs. Return to the low heat for 8-10 minutes and stir or whisk continually, adding the butter piece by piece. I added more butter as the last cube was almost melted. The colour of the curd gradually changes.

Adding the butter
When it is slightly thickened, pour into the jar and seal. Or pour into any bowl or container and cover the surface with baking paper to prevent a skin forming.

Refrigerate for up to a week. I think it will freeze well too.

Curd in a bottle and on a plate