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Friday Food: Lemon Curd


There was nearly a Doctor Who catastrophe an hour or so ago. I walked past the Doctor Who bookcase and gave it a little adjustment. Bad idea. It started to tilt and then shift and before I knew it a cascade of books had started. Geronimo!!!! I managed to hop un-nimbly up onto the lounge chair and prop it up. Gilly took off for the safety of the bedroom and refused to come out for ages. Peri 'helped' by trying to jump up in the chair. I managed to plug the dyke of books, but now the top half of the shelves is off the bottom half and there are quite a lot of books, and other paraphernalia, in the chair now. I can see that I am going to spend a long time tomorrow taking the rest of books off the bookcase and then putting them all back on the properly balanced book case.

While I was ordering a half price pattern at Spotlight ( I am calling them that today because they were very helpful on the phone and email from The Mainland. The ladies who work in our shop are very kind and nice) I bought two more. The skirt is for MrsHouse Of, who loves the whole dippy and swirly hem style. Oh and The World can rest easy, I shan't be wearing the halterneck dress, I'll be making the short sleeved version.

On sale patterns
While I was there I took a sneaky photo. Be warned.

Be afraid, be very afraid
I've started the sleeves for Evergreen Vines cardigan. I am pretty sure it's wrong, but I am knitting on regardless. I've calculated the increases and predicted how many rows I will need. It's only knitting, I can unravel it and start again.


In happy Green upper nether garment news, I've ordered this!!! I ordered on-line and Target Australia will send it to the shop in town and I just go in and collect it: no postage costs!!!

It started raining at lunch time and it has been very stormy and so wet. Gilly doesn't let that stop her hopping up on the outside table. I've put foam squares on top as she doesn't like the slippery surface and gets trapped there.  So far the plants are so good.

Gilly's on another plane

Peri is eminently more sensible and spent the afternoon curled up in her chair on the little quilt she has appropriated!!!

Peri is worn out
At our house, you can pretty much bet the farm, your life, or the limit, that when one of the new-fangled light bulbs blows, we only have The Other Kind. We have both bayonet and spiral and every time there are two of the wrong kind of bulbs in the cupboard. Seriously though, they do not last 5* years. Ever. Even at 1.5 hours a day instead of the 5.5* they recommend. We also have either lots of cornflour or custard powder, but rarely both, sometimes neither and two packets of breadcrumbs or anything else with yellow on the box!!

Confusion reigns supreme
Every time I press the Publish Button I remember I have forgotten to say I added a Search Box to the to the top right of the blog. It might be handy if you are searching for something. I know not what, but I've used it to find my own recipes!!!

The computer is off for its one year service tomorrow and it will be gone for some time. Maybe a day. Maybe two. We shall be internet-less. Au revoir.....


Jennifer Rose

peri is being smart. much better to stay in the warm dry house :)

i haven't had to replace the new bulbs yet, but i can't see how they will last as long as the packaging says

that looks like a lot of weight to have on those thin shelves, wouldn't want them all falling o.0


No those bulbs do not last as long as they are supposed to. We have been in this hose for about 8 months now and we have had to replace about 10 of thrm,often the same one multiple times.

I'm glad you werent hurt in the bookcase fall. They can be very tricky bookcases!

Gilly is funny on top of the table


I'm glad you were not hurt with those falling book; what a scare!


Oh oh oh! I like your upper nether garment very much! And I see they also have a RoseRed one as well! I think very soon we will be upper nether garment twins!

I'm glad you were not exterminated by the Doctor Who waterfall! Lucky!

I have the same problem with light golbes!


Cindy, place a couple of thin wedges of wood under the front of your shelves. That will give a slight slope tilt to them to the back and make them safer. It doesn't have to be much. All my new shelving had fixings to the wall and a set of different shelves had adjustable feet. Instructions said to make front feet marginally higher than the back.

Poor Gilly, stuck on the table till you helped her out! Peri looks very comfortable.


Oh, love that upper garment that you ordered from Target. I will love to have a blue one. I am glad that you had a pleasant experience with Spotlight as it's hard to find good customer service these days.


One of our bookshelves is still in disarray after overbalancing months ago....maybe you can fly up here & tidy ours as well Cindy!! LOL

Can't wait to see the future dresses & skirts you will make :)


Good catch on the books - literally!! Ah well, I suppose you'll need something to occupy your time while your computer is at the spa! Awfully nice of you to pad Gilly's landing space. I don't suppose I'd like a slippery tabletop, either.


ooh lala, i love that bra very much!! off to order lacy bits!

and i know its not funny, but i did laugh out loud at the image of the tumbling doctor who. nice in joke from rosered there too! hope you are all safe now and are not too long without interwebs.


Oh dear ... I too am very pleased you were not injured in the book catastrophe.

Both the sewing patterns are lovely. Look forward to viewing the finished items.

Heavens! The sneaky photo is indeed very scary. Looks like something Barbie would wear around the collar of her coat, or perhaps her ski hat (better go check it out at my local store), as I'm sure Barbie will be in need of new clothes with the school holidays looming :o

Hope you will not be without your computer too long.

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