Friday Food: Christmas Club Sandwich
Fa La La La La, La La La Low

Advents Australia Fair

It has been a little too fair: the bushfire warning took up ten minutes every half hour on the radio and the wind whipped up fires thought to be extinguished. There were 78 fire trucks in operation on Friday. Luckily there was no loss of life. Of course this week temperatures will plummet and the forecast is for snow down to the 800m level. Summer is here, Tasmanian style!!

My Secret Knitting Project's not a secret any more. And when I type that, in my head it's Doris Day singing Secret Love. I knitted Advent Calendar Garlands!!!


Advent 1
and #2

Advent 2
and here is one, garlanded.

Garland 1 Garland 2
By the time I finished I had lost the will to knit six long thin strips and so I sewed  material ones instead and crocheted loops for the end. I finished on November 30th, right at the last moment.

I have some other Christmas knitting books and I will be knitting from them next year. I've had this garland in mind for a couple of years. Oh, suddenly it sounded funny to say 'next year' already. Where has this year gone??

Gilly has Sandy in mind. It's love.

Gilly Sandy
And then they run close enough for me to see them properly.

Gilly and Sandy
Meanwhile, Peri has run the length of the park to meet Sandy's dad and get a pat, what a lovely girl she is!! (He has no rice crackers either)

Peri is a lovely girl
And here she is close enough too.

Peri flies
Even though the temperature has come down, Peri and Gilly still need to regularly immerse themselves in the paddle pool and then lie in the holes they've dug.

And we have a blowfly inside and I hate using flyspray, but I may have to.

I have been having a late Spring tidy and organising of Christmas craft things. I've bought a few presents and I'm making a list and not checking it at all so far. I must get a wriggle on as there are three Christmas outings this week and I have to make a present, or four.

Right now I'm whipping up some butterfly cakes with lemon curd for tonight.



I love the garland

The doggies are very very cute


(chuckle) Your Advents Australia Fair are wonderful 2paw! Not to mention your determination to finish not one, but two. Truly a mammoth project.
The girls, and Sandy too of course, look wonderfully happy. What great companions they are.
Those butterfly cakes look delicious, but I've consumed far too much cake this weekend with two birthdays to celebrate within the family.
Wishing you a lovely week, it does sound busy.


Those garlands are great. I really think it better to have sewn the strips to hang them from. Material is more stable than the knitted strips would have been. They may have sagged.

I hate spray too but I also hate blowflies.


The garland is wonderful! You have such patience to knit tiny things like that. I would've given up after one item.

The puppers are so adorable!! Gilly and Sandy are quite a couple.


what a fantastic knitting event - looks wonderful ! those girls have such a great time at the reserve - such happy faces :)

Jennifer Rose

that is a lot of work! well done :D

awww puppy love :D


i salivated at the thought of butterfly cakes with lemon curd (anyone would think i was a dog)! i saw the news about the fires, its crazy and i cant believe we're still doing nothing about climate change! your garlands are just adorable, so much work!


Lovely garlands and that's a lot of knitting. I was thinking of you when I read about the fire this morning. Hope there is not much damage. Bush fires are so common here in summer.

lynne s of oz

All those little tiny knitted Christmas things! I would not have the will to get rid of all the ends, even with just tying them in knots and shoving them inside.... Anyway, they are lovely!


Utterly ingenious. Love it.


beautiful advent garland! take care this fire season too x


What gorgeous garlands! You are so creative :)


You did so well to knit TWO whole garland's worth of decorations! I still haven't managed to make 24 for myself, and I've been working on them all year! They look fantastic!


I have to go back to work to manually turn on the sprinkers at least three times a week and being late evening Tilly loves the run,she flies around the lawns and sniffs everywhere!!
Anyhow I just looked at your dress youve made,being holidays and the fact Im working when all other staf have cleared off,Im going to take my sewing to work with me and do the cutting etc on the huge staff table.Am allowing a couple of days to cut and sew ,the rest will be furiously filling the VD for Study.


I love the garland. Been on my mind for a while, might build up to them over the year


Wow, those advent calendar garlands are just fantastic! Well done getting them both finished on time. I think there is nothing at all wrong with a fabric garland bit. I bet there were some very appreciative people receiving those!

I love the photo of Gilly taking off once she saw Sandy, ears all a-flap! And the one of Peri on return, ears AND tongue all a-flap. Gorgeous!

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