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BlueKai Mines

Dear Reader, technical difficulties, I'm here:

BlueKai Mines

I would be posting to my Typepad blog, but the Compose page won't complete downloading because of something called
I have asked the Typepad people for help, and as usual, they say it is my fault. I have 'done' something to make this happen.
Dear Reader, I am the most uncomputery person I know. It's like my car: I turn it on, and it goes. I have it serviced, regularly, back up/reverse and check for viruses.
I don't know how to do anything. They said to clear my cookies so now, of course, I have to sign into everything everywhere I go. And has this solved the problem?? No.
I have been waiting four months for them to fix their spell check facility. I know, I know, I can use the Firefox spell checker, but I have to do it on the HTML page. It's tricky. And by the way, all the saved posts in my Typepad are in HTML.
It just makes me cross that their first response is always that I have done something. They never say that they will try to fix it, they always want me to.
So, to happier things: Peri and Gilly helping me with my mum's quilt. There are other pictures of Peri lying on her back, exposing herself for all the world to see. I didn't choose those. I think they know I want them to hop off!! You can see the blur in the upper left corner that is Peri's tail wagging twenty to the dozen.
In my tidying up I found I had eleven dress lengths of material, and one on the way from The FatQuarterShop, the one with the circles in the bottom row. I have asked myself if I want to cover my body in a dress full of Labradors and the answer?? I think I do! I was talking to MrsDrWho on the phone last night and I mooted making a dress a month this year. I'm counting the batik-y one as January. I reckon I could do that, barring health issues!!
Here is a poor collage of the two dresses, length and neckline corrected. I seem to have sliced off my right side each time. The dresses look much better shorter, and use less material as well. I unpicked the palm tree dress and took in the seams at the corner of the neck by 1.5cm. It seems I am larger in the bustal area but small in the shoulders and neck. Please excuse the woeful pictures, it was too sunny and I was taking photos randomly and hoping for the best!!!
I sewed two skirts for MrsHouseOf's Christmas present. They are the same style, but one is longer, the peace sign one.
 I have new material to make her two skirts for her birthday. I bought 5m at BSODL(tm) and instead of $18 per metre it was all on sale for $3. What a bargain!!!
I have been to afternoon tea twice in the last month. The sandwiches were excellent and the scones freshly baked and served with freshly made jam and thick cream The cakes were nice too, but I have to say the macaron were not as good as Uncle Dutch makes.
When my mum came to visit she brought the alcohol from the deep recesses of the cupboard with her. I am pretty sure alcohol doesn't go off?? I can see myself using the Cherry Brandy for cooking but unless I make Nigella's Grasshopper Pie the Creme de Menthe might just be decorative!!

MrsDrWho and I went to see The Hobbit in 3D yesterday. It is very long, but apart from a few sitting for too long issues, I did not think of the time even once. I was entranced for the whole time. It was very, very good. I had my doubts that The Hobbit could be made into three films, but I am relieved that it is fine. The 3D was very unobtrusive and I didn't find the film's faster speed of frames to affect me at all. I have loved The Hobbit since I first read it when I was a little girl, so I was bound to lean towards the positive. I don't think it is terribly accessible for newcomers, I think you need to have read the book. Said book is quite didactic, a la C S Lewis's Narnia series, and full of Dickensian description. I read The Hobbit to some of my classes and did judicious editing!!
And now I am off to do some more work on MrsDrWho's Christmas presents, which are awfully late and she is very kind not to be cross with me. I am blanket stitching around fiddly things, very badly.


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