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How Could I Not Believe, When Ita Tells Me Too*

Christmas is long past, but I am well on the way to completing MrsDrWho’s presents. Today I gave her a Christmas Penny Rug. It is a traditional American craft. I discovered my sewing machine will do blanket stitch and so I used it to sew the 27 coloured felt ‘pennies’ to the larger green pennies and then to the same sized penny backing. I did blanket stitch the Santas and holly by hand. It is for the centre of her coffee table.

Santa penny rug

I also finished the Santa and Reindeer wall hanging/table runner. It too has some machine blanket stitch and hand quilting. The reindeer are very cute and I found dark blue material with a small white spot to represent snow in The BlackSpot of Doomlight™. I was exceedingly happy!!

Santa and reindeer thing
Oh and a Zombie parody of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I had only skimmed it, but MrsDrWho read it properly and there is a spelling error. Oh dear.

Zombie book

There has been quite a lot of publicity about how much food is wasted each year in Australia: $6 billion I think. Not at our house. All food is used up. Peri and Gilly are hoovering up the end of the salad that went slightly icy in the fridge. I love the way their noses scrunch up a little bit. I think they are concentrating on eating fast.

Salad days

We had rain last night, quite a lot, though not the end of a cyclone or the tornadoes they had in Queensland. I know it rained because the wind was very noisy and Peri needed to go out and just check almost every hour. That meant Gilly went too, and then there was a lot of towel drying of furry creatures and that woolly smell until they finished drying. I am looking forward to the end of the week when the BOM has forecast 20*C. I might be able to start some socks!!!

Ita Buttrose is our Australia of the Year, and a very worthy recipient. I checked the list and fewer than 20% of AOTY have been women. I think there needs to be more consideration given to that.

Ita has a song written about her by Cold Chisel*, and was in charge of the HIV/AIDs campaign with Death and a bowling alley of people. She is a great advocate and works hard for the causes she supports. Ita is truly an inspirational person and I can remember her being so for all of my life.

MrsHouseOf, some young HouseOfs, MrsDrWho and I went for afternoon tea on Thursday. The waitress (serving person??) accidentally dropped the tray of bubbly and a raspberry cordial, smashing the glasses and MrsDrWho was splattered with bubbly. They were so apologetic and brought her a towel and cleaned up and apologised again, and when MrsHouseOf went up to pay they only charged us for five plain afternoon teas and not the bubbly ones. Excellent service and follow up at The Charles!!! My favourite thing, apart from the egg sandwiches, is the tongs. I love snapping them and playing posh ladies!!

On Friday The Labradors ran away on our walk. They ran 700m up the steep road, way farther than they had ever been before. Jetty and his dad were with us and Jet was such a good buy. Peri and Gilly would stop just out of reach, turn and look to check we were coming, and then run ahead again. It was only when Peri was too tired and hot that they came back. I was too tired to be cross because I walked 1.4km, half of it uphill. I fed them and they went to sleep and I did too for a couple of hours. By tea time I was tired again and had another sleep from 6 till 9-30pm. Then I had some supper and went back to bed to sleep some more!!

I had forgotten tomorrow was a holiday for Australia day, I’m glad when I made The Labradors’ appointment at the vet I made it for Tuesday because there is a Public Holiday surcharge. They are going for their annual check up and vaccinations. We are all Very Excited!!

Surprisingly, I may just have another cup of tea- chamomile- and then perhaps a little reading or TV before we go to bed. We live life in the Fast Lane here!!



I think it's nice to spread Christmas out a bit, there's so much fuss for just one day! Having said that, I did take our tree down the day after Boxing Day because I was a bit sick of it all. My cousin is very interested in zombies, ill have to recommend that book to her (she may not notice the spelling mistake!) xx


I love the Christmassy projects :) You are extremely organised to have made those so far in advance (never late - just in advance of the next year, I say).

I love those labrador noses hoovering :)

Linda Leslie

oh yes I am a Fast Lane kind of girl too, you probably couldn't even keep up with me!!!!!!! Sounds like you have been very busy

Jennifer Rose

lol, the very hunger zombie :p i hate misspelt words in a book i paid for, i hate horribly edited books, makes them hard to read :/

naught girls! ;p showing off for jet maybe? :p

really like the penny rug, its very cute :)


It's only been a month since Christmas, so I think you are all set. I have heard of the zombie book but haven't seen it yet. I was thinking of buying it. There is a children's book museum named after Andrew Carle (author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar) a couple hours from here, but I have yet to visit it. I'm going to have to make an effort! And I hope the girls do well at the vet.


those girls are great at keeping the food wastage under control - well done !! xx


Lovely christmas craft gifts. Healthy Peri and Gilly eating salad. Life in the fast lane seems to be how alot of us live.


Excellent service really does go a long way, doesn't it. Can't understand how some service providers don't get this (or don't care).

I love that the girls eat salad (I suspect they eat more salad than me!)


there is very little in this world i enjoy more than a good afternoon tea. of course, its always a shame to spill the bubbly but at least it was properly taken care of. i love the blue spotted fabric for snow, it made me smile. dogs are awesome Mobile Garbage Disposal Units, mine are particularly good at destroying yoghurt containers. i did discover the other day that cherry tomatoes are popular, cucumber less so. they have very cute squishy noses, your girls! give them a kiss for me.

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