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January, Please Be Cold, Don't Be Angry With Me.

Things I didn't know about Pilot: they were Bay City Rollers, and went on to be part of The Alan Parsons Project. I have a few TAPP CDs. I particularly loved their Gaudi album.

In December I had a bout of depression, and so my blog and the World have been on a break. Wonderful friends and the excellent anti-depressants I am taking have helped me feel balanced again. Kind people have started emailing asking if I am still here, so I thought I would make this year's first post.

Christmas mainly featured MasterSingapore(MrsDrWho's nephew) and his Snail Backpack. His mum emailed me and asked if he could possibly 'be' a snail with a backpack, and then somehow be enveloped in a shell. Her wish was my command.

Here is MasterSingapore wearing his Snail backpack:

Snail back pack

The pattern was free on the Husqvarna site, but was adjusted to eliminate the head. Then when you undo the zip, out comes a huge fabric 'shell' which can envelop one, and then one can slime about the house being a snail called Gary who meows. I think this is SpongeBob Squarepants.

Unfurl then slime along
Our island and the eastern part of The mainland experienced terrible bushfires. The temperature reached 54*C as the fire passed through one town. Many houses were lost here, but no lives. People in the bush had been urged to prepare a Bushfire Survival Plan and these plans must have worked very well.

Peri and Gilly had birthdays: they are now 12 and 4 respectively!!!

Birthday Girls 2013
We had their seemingly annual holiday trip the the vet: Peri with a sore paddy paw as a result of her allergy and then Miss Lorelai Gilmore with an insect bite on her urethra. Yes, it is as painful as it sounds. So it was hospital at home with antibiotics and ointment for everyone.

There was swimming in the dam with Jet. Or standing in the water at the dam if you are Gilly. Peri won the stick retrieval swimming race.


There hasn't been much knitting after the Great Advent Calendar of 2012, but yesterday I whipped up a mug cosy for MrsMadcage's birthday today. It's the Owl Do You Like Your Coffee? Cosy.

Owl do you like your coffee 2013
And there may just have been an owly tote bag too.

Owly bag 2013
I have been wearing my new dresses all the time. I ended up cutting them both shorter and re-hemming. The batik-y one is my favourite, as it is so lovely and cool in the hot weather. I am contemplating using the same pattern and cobbling together a dress with straps instead of sleeves.

MrsDrWho and I and our Sew Quilty friends are going to be sewing the new Craftsy BOM. I have made the first pieces already. I am using Christmas material. I like it because it is mostly green and aqua!!

BOM 2013 1

And so I am getting back into the swing of things. I've been catching up with friends at lunches and afternoon teas, and lolling about when it has been too hot whilst saving the world from demons and/or Baskerville Hounds on MrsDrWho's iPad that she kindly lent to me. I've even had a bit of a go at Plants vs Zombies and Angry Birds!!! I am not very good.

Today five fat Library Books came at once so I shall have to buckle down to some serious reading.

I am answering comments afresh this year, and so a pitiful blanket "Thank you" for the lovely comments on my last post. And wiggly waggly tails from The Labradors!!!



Dear Cindy,

I was thinking about you this morning and hoping things were better. I'm glad you have good medication. I can see the enormous difference in my son with the right stuff. He should have had it much earlier but after a bad experience he was wary. Like you, he seems to have something to suit.

I was concerned about the fires, so horrible, but assumed you were safe. I did think about the heat and how you hated it.

Happy new year to you.


So lovely to see you back here and to "hear" your lovely voice again.

Gary the snail is hilarious! What a lovely little fellow he must be, and how ingenious of you to be able to make his desire.

Pats to Peri and Gilly and secret admission time: (I sometimes play angry birds when I should be knitting. Shhh, don't tell anyone!)


I've missed you and the girls. A very happy birthday to them!

That snail is quite ingenious! It's a good thing my Spongebob Squarepants watcher doesn't read blogs, or he'd be asking me for one of those and it looks quite complicated.


Good to hear from you and glad you are feeling better (and the Labradors, too!).

Jennifer Rose

your alive!:D was just about to hit send on an email to see if you were Ok. not good to read about the depression but glad to read you are feeling better :)

happy birthday to gilly and peri! and ouch!!!!

please be safe if a fire happens your way


So glad you are feeling better and in good care from doctors and friends and loving Labs.

Oh, ouch, poor girls- especially Gilly's bite!

What a funny snail story! The little guy knows how to strike a very Gary-like pose.


I am so glad to see you back. I have been checking your blog everyone morning hoping to read a new post. I am really happy that things are looking up.
Stay safe and take care

Linda Spawr

So glad you are feeling well enough to post.The girls look adorable as ever. Very interesting snail!! Sending good wishes for cool weather & Happy New Year


So happy to see you back. Depression does take time to get back to some sort of normal doesnt it. I have suffered from it for quite a few years now. Happy Birthday to Gilly and Peri. I am happy that the bushfires didnt come near your home and that you are safe. I remember when we had the bushfires in Victoria and the temps got up to 48 and the power went out. Very scary but much more so for the people who lost everything. I am patiently waiting for some cooler weather, might have to go for a swim like your dogs - they have the right idea!


There you are! A little birdy had told me you were not doing so well but were getting help and support so I am glad to see you here now, emerging. Good to hear from you!


Welcome back!

Oh your poor girls. Glad to read they are ok.

How funny the Gary story is. I still have not figured out why little boys meow when they cover themselves and crawl around the floor, no matter what animal they are playing.

The owl mug cosy and tote are beautiful.

Love the colour/pattern choice of the crafty square. You are very clever.


So good to see you back,and Im glad you had support! Stay cool!


I am so happy you are feeling a little more on track now. I haven't been blogging and haven't even been visiting any blogs but had been thinking for weeks I must check in on Cindy and it seems you have been poorly too. The Black Dog has had me too as I am unable to do anything and it has been that way for months. I now travel to Hobart often to my my Specialist and am off down there next week again. So far we haven't hit on a good regime. My Zoe will be moving down there in 2 weeks for uni so that makes me sad too. Lets hope this is good year for both of us sending you hugs xxx


Yay :) So happy to see you posting again! What a lovely surprise. Your snail bag is brilliant.


Its lovely to hear you're on the road to recovery, have missed your blogs - they always brighten the day :) Many happy returns to Peri and Gilly - they're looking beautiful as ever. Look after yourself, hugs, xxoo


I'm sorry to hear you were feeling down. Depression is hard. I'm glad you are feeling better.

The snail bag is brilliant!

Happy birthday to your sweet girls.

bella's mum

What a nice surprise I got today when I checked your blog! Can't believe that Peri is now 12. So pleased you are feeling like your normal self again.


Hi Cindy!

I'm glad to hear that things are on the up and up for you. That black dog is a bitch of a thing.

Onwards and upwards!


I am so happy you are back! I have missed you and the girls!!


Hi Cindy...it's so good to hear from you again :) I'm glad that you're feeling a lot better. I too suffer with depression & not being able to exercise much doesn't help much i think.

Happy Birthday wishes to the girls. I hope they've been keeping cool with the heat....no doubt your paddle pool has been getting a workout LOL

We are one person down in our household now Cindy....Harley left yesterday morning for the airport to fly out today to be with his mum in Townsville.....i miss him already, even though he wasn't my dog.

Stay safe & well!!

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