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A Dress To The Nation

Well, almost a dress. If I made  'squee' sounds, I would be making them about my new Posher Frock.  It just need sleeves and it is done. I am very happy, it fits me so well and came together really easily. Making it for the second time was the charm.

Posher frock sleeveless
The hem is swirly and the biased binding was definitely necessary. Now I must think if I want shorter sleeves or longer towards the elbow.  I'm wearing my aqua shoes, next time I'll try my pear green ones. Gilly helped with the photo today.

It's raining and slightly cooler. Huzzah!!



The dress looks lovely. Fits well and the style suits you. Gilly does not look very comfortable.


The dress is just beautiful, even without the sleeves!


Your posh frock is looking so good! Perfect fit!


The new dress looks fab, love the blues and greens together. So nice when things all come together!


2paw, that's beautiful.


That is a very beautiful dress!


Haha, I love the title of this post! You are so clever!
The dress fits you perfectly. I like the fabric quite a lot.

Jennifer Rose

love the fabric :D nicely done!

i think i see 2 pairs of dog feet, not just one ;)


That looks lovely, and I'm glad that Gilly was able to assist.


Lovely dress and looks so good on you even without sleeves. You really can sew well.


Beautiful dress! Gilly provided a wonderful backdrop for it. :)


That dress looks lovely - it is a better fit on you than the bright green one, which will make you feel happier wearing it, and of course that will enhance your general gorgeousness. (not that the previous dress is un-lovely, just not as perfect as this one!)


PS where do you get those perfect fit patterns? I want to get my sewing machine out this year. I'm tired of so-so fitting garments.


I would be making squee sounds too if this was my's lovely & i think this is my favourite fabric that you've made up so far...gorgeous!!


I love the print and the dress looks amazing!


it really is perfect! i was thinking about sewing this morning, and how hard i've found it to make things that actually fit, you may have inspired me to have another go! squeeeeeeeeee!!!

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