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A Dress To The Nation

Donkey Magic, Donkey Magic.

Monkey Magic was more popular in Australia than any other country. I loved it, Ahh Tripitaka, I would say in Monkey's atrocious accent.

Yesterday it was Donkey Magic. I am slightly afraid of horses, cows, bulls, sheep, pigs and so on. All large farm animals really. So when Jet's Mum invited me to visit a donkey and a pony I was a little anxious, but I knew donkeys were quite gentle. Jimmy the Donkey, and his constant companion Tonto the white pony, were very excited to see Jet's mum. Jimmy hee-haws his welcome.

Jimmy, Jet's Mum, Tonto

Jet's Mum went into the paddock, but I stayed outside and fed carrots, oats and licorice to Jimmy and Tonto. Tonto could be a bit enthusiastic, Jimmy was more my speed. He was so gentle when he ate the oats from my hand.

Jimmy eats oats
He has a cross on his back, and there is a legend to go with it.

Jimmy especially liked to scratch his head on the tree when he itched. I am not afraid of lovely donkeys like Jimmy, he is just so cute. I have a soft spot for him!!! Tonto and Jimmy live in a large paddock next to the house where a big family lives. They are never lonely and have lots of attention. Then Jet's Mum and I had brunch and a nice long chat. It was a very good way to spend the morning.

Jimmy, scratches his head
In other cute news, Gilly may have thrown Sandy over for her new fascination: George. She trotted right behind him, could not take her eyes off him. I think it may be because she has never met a dog smaller than her. George is 12 or 13, so he's way too old for her!! Her Winky Wonky eye is much better now too. Thank goodness.

George and Gilly

Peri almost accidentally ate the camera. I usually have a treat in my right pocket, but today I popped my camera there as well. When I pulled it out slowly to photograph Gilly and George, Peri appeared out of nowhere ready to have treat for being a good girl. Luckily she has a soft mouth and is not easily surprised. She was sad though, so I gave her a special consolation treat.

Peri almost eats the camera
The world is tired of hearing it, but it is hot again. Nevertheless, I have cut out all the pieces for my Posher frock I need by Tuesday afternoon. The afternoon part is really important, it gives me extra time. I traced off the bodice pieces because I needed to range across a few sizes. Then I shortened the skirt by 8cm because I'm not tall. I really should have checked more carefully how much material I needed, but in the end I was able to squeeze every piece out of what I had. No weird seams or joins necessary.

Squishing pattern

I have sewed this before, so I raised the v-neck by 3cm and remembered I don't need a zip. I forgot to eliminate the back seam on the skirt, so I'll cut 1.5cm off the other side. I used the long sleeve, shortened, instead of the Imelda Marcos pleated sleeve they suggest for this view.  I play fast and loose with my alterations. I should be able to sew the dress tomorrow. I've bought some biased binding for the hem, as shortening the skirt by 8cm was accidentally the right amount to make the pattern fit, but in case it is too short a biased binding hem will crib back 2.5cm.

We had our first Sewing of the Craftsy BOM 2013. MrsDrWho' theme is chocolate,

BOM 2013 1 MDW
and Jubbly's Mum has chosen travel as hers. We forgot to sew them into a block, I'm not sure which way they like best.

BOM 2013  1 JM
No-one would be surprised to learn that after making my blocks so early, I put them somewhere safe and now I can't find them. Oh dear!!!

Maybe I'll find them before Sewing in a fortnight. I won't hold my breath.......




I have never heard the legend of the donkey's cross before - I am not at all religious, but that is quite lovely. And Jimmy seems a lovely fellow.

You are such a clever sewing lady! I would never have thought of the bias binding trick!

It always amazes me how different quilt blocks can look depending on arrangement, and fabric choices!


I loved Monkey Magic when I was a kid! It was brilliant :)

You were very brave with those donkeys. I'm nervous around birds, myself so I often subject myself to chicken therapy at a local farm to try and be less skittish. I hate pigeons still - with a passion.

Jennifer Rose

2 happy looking running dogs :D

oops peri, good thing labs do have soft mouths :)

donkeys are cool :D used a lot for guard animals actually because they will protect the herd/flock from predators

hopefully you find your blocks before long!


Jimmy looks like such a sweetie. And I can see why Gilly is fascinated with George- he's adorable. Though George looks a little wary at being chased by the younger woman!
At first glance, I thought the pinned pattern was a papier mache map!


Your quilting looks lovely! Such curious pups as usual ;-)

Please send some heat to Detroit. I haven't felt warm in weeks.


Jimmy looks like such a sweet donkey! Have you seen the fabric of donkeys wearing wellies??


I adored Monkey Magic - once I was allowed to watch it, which took several years because Mum thought it was too silly and banned it!! Did you know that Pigsy went on to become a really famous actor in Japanese sitcoms and family dramas?


the donkey ^ poney look cute...but i'm a bit afraid of large animals too.

good luck to gilly with george :)

you were very clever to squeeze all those pattern pieces on the fabric you had. it must have taken a bit of fidling around!

the chocolate & travel BOM's are lovely...please pass that along to their respective owners Cindy.

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