Friday Food: Squash, Coconut, Chilli
Silence in the Library? No!!

Only Pools and Horses

24, 27, 28, 28, 28, 29, 26. It's going to be quite hot for the next week. It was hot today, so hot that I was happy to drive the long way home and wait at red lights because the air-con in my car is so nice and cold.

Peri defies logic and bakes in the Sun, whilst lying on the black foam, which also absorbs the heat. It's a hard job, but someone has to do it.

Peri relaxing in the sun
Gilly was so hot and the paddle pool water level was low. I filled it up again, but I know why it was low. Gilly is always busy digging a hole. Digging holes is her speciality at the moment, especially after a dip in the paddle pool. She concentrates so hard.

Gilly is very busy
There may have been a little horse play ( a lot of horse play) with the hose to cool them both down: two wet Labradors. They ran down the stairs and far away from me!!!

Two wet Labradors

They look wonderfully slim when their fur is all wet and sleek.

Today I did some baking for MrsDrWho's morning tea turn tomorrow. I made red velvet cupcakes and piped on the swirly cream cheese icing. I am obsessed with passionfruit right now and so I also made some passionfruit cupcakes with a few white choc chips thrown in for good measure. MrsDrWho has taste tested them and they are both fine.

The Kaffe Fasset quilt is one step nearer to completion. It is too hot to be under it or near it. Maybe 24*C tomorrow is my only chance.

Kaffe Fassett almost done
I've also started quilting last year's Craftsy Block of the Month. In random order. And not very well. If you are not interested in quilting-as-you-go please skip this long and boring (for you) part!!

Quilt as I go BOM 2012
I layered the backing, cotton batting and the block and then quilted away with a 3.5 length stitch. I tried to remember to leave an unquilted border around the edges. When they are all done I will trim the backing and batting to 1/2  inch. Then I will sew a 1 1/2 inch lattice, just between the two blocks, using two 1/4 inch seams. Then I'll flip it over and the backing and batting will meet in the centre. (I hope) Finally I plan to sew on some biased binding to cover the join. On the front it will be two rows of stitching down the lattice. I think I will use a patterned fabric so if my stitching is crooked it won't show up so badly.

Oh and I found Dress Length #13 at the bottom of the Christmas material tub.

Dress length #13
I need to make a start on February's dress because I have been invited to the Posh Opening of the new Cancer Council Centre. The Governor and Federal and State Ministers will be there. I am beastly careless about that, but I was thinking of using my apple material: an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Actually, I am hoping the afternoon tea will be fabulous!!! We had Leukaemia Support Group at the new Centre today. It is always lovely to catch up with everyone, My great achievement was to work out how the boiling water dispenser worked, otherwise we would have been cup of tea and coffee-less. My Hb has been a little low. I like to think that it is the hot weather depleting my resources. I shall just keep thinking that. It goes up and down. I'm expecting it to go up again next time.

Over the last few months I have been working my way through the eight seasons of Monk on DVD from The Library. I am now awaiting the final two discs. I don't want it to be over. I have thoroughly enjoyed every episode. I might have to eke the last six out at the rate of one a day and then watch the final two episodes on the seventh day. Then it has to go back to The Library.

The Gardy-Gardeners aren't coming tomorrow, so we'll all have a little lie in and then maybe I'll think about cutting out my new dress.



We are having a hot week too, mostly in the high 20's to low 30's. I am very thankful that there is a cool breeze at night so that we can open the windows and cool the house down nicely. You will be very busy sewing with all those fabrics. I quite like the look of your cupcakes too. I really should start baking again as my kids love it!


We have a week of humidy rain ahead. It's not too bad if we stay inside, and keep the humidity away, bleugh.

I hope you get your lovely new dress done in time for the posh opening! Will you wear a hat? I hope so! Even if done ironically! (Is ironically a word? I feel as if I made it up!) I do love to wear a farncy hat, and there is so little occasion for it any more!


Love how the girls deal with the heat! We need a lot more water during the summer now, that we have three water rats!
The fabric for your dress looks lovely. I like the blues and greens.

The cub cakes look very delicious. My son likes red velvet cake, but I don't. I can taste the food coloring, and can't enjoy the cake because of that. I do like how it looks though.

We have Monk on DVD and I loved watching it. I too didn't want it to end.

By the way, we also need more water now in winter, because Denny likes to play in the icy, slushy water bucket. They like it, when I turn it over and out comes a block of ice on really cold days. They all scratch it, and lick the ice shavings of it. Next warm day, I fill up the bucket again, and so on. :o)

Jennifer Rose

send some of that warm weather this way, i think the warmest it has gotten lately is 10C

yummy looking cupcakes :D dont think i have actually had passionfruit before, well in juice but its usually mixed with something


Its been 40 here for the last 4 days - we're a bit over it !! Thank goodness for air-con and the occasional wet dog (after a dip in the paddle pool) jumping up on laps
The girls look pretty happy with themselves - a bit of water goes a long way !
Your little cakes look delish - could have one right now with a nice cup of tea :)


Where do you get your Kafe Fassett wuilt rolls? I've got some time on my hands now and would love to give one a go!


I don't think pets can ever be warm enough. I like the look of your cakes - you are brave to turn the oven on in the heat. We are very cold here!


Lovely quilts and yummy cup cakes. We are having 39C-41C temperatures in the last 4 days and I have the air-con on 24 hours as the mornings are high 20's. Today is cooler at 29C and then it heats up again. I wish I was in Tasmania.

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