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Silence in the Library? No!!

4:50am and we were all awakened by a bump, a bang and then lots more bumps. Gilly rushed out to save us all, Peri decided it was not too urgent and sauntered out. The Doctor Who bookcase, previously unstable in August, decided to spring apart. Both bottom edges diverged and books cascaded down. Luckily into the lounge chair. MrsDrWho offered to come and help me, but it is going to be too hot until next Wednesday at least (29,29,29,30,30,24,24) I have another smaller bookcase which can sit on top and be very stable. Thank goodness it's not a real emergency. Oh and I have finally added Weather as a category, being obsessed with it, endlessly!!

Oh dear
I saw Dr Harry giving dogs diluted chicken stock ice blocks to keep them cool on hot days. Peri and Gilly only like their ice blocks until they have eaten the three tiny pieces of dry dog food. They spent some time tonight on two new ones, but I can see I need flat rectangular take-away container blocks with tiny treats spread right across the centre. I would post a video, but it has been hours and Youtube is still processing it. Instead, here are some photos.

Peri and the ice block
Gilly and the ice block
The Labradors met their new friend Raffa again on their morning walk.

One new friend Raffa
And then, joy of joys, they met a new new friend called Ted. There was much running about and sniffing and playing. Our walk was almost 40 minutes and so Peri and I were very tired when we got home. Gilly was full of beans, being a youngster.

Two new friends, Ted and Raffa
Wearing my two dresses has made me realise how urgently I need a sleeveless dress. I bought a See & Sew pattern for $3 and I am planning to use it to modify the pattern I know fits me and add straps. I have some material that only cost $3 a metre, and if I end up with something vaguely wearable I will be very happy.

Mash up dress
I think I will try to put a lapped side zip as one needs to be a circus contortionist to do up a zip in the back. Since I don't have to make a cake at all tomorrow, it is for next Friday, making a dress is my only goal.

The GardyGardeners expressed a wish for a doily the same as the one I knitted my mum. I tried to borrow the book from The Library again, but they told me it was being 'weeded' out and it wasn't available until 6th December this year. Well, I popped in and saw one of the lovely Librarians yesterday and behold, the book arrived today and I have it in my hot little hands. She gave me permission to photocopy any pages I needed in case someone decided to weed out their only copy again. There are two or three things I like and so I will do that, but I am never going to knit a bedspread in fine crochet cotton, so I feel happy to copy just the few things I like.

Almost weeded out
It is dark outside already at 9pm. We have another seven weeks of Daylight Saving, and though I shall be sad when it is over, we are looking forward to the cool of Autumn and the extra hour of sleep.



It must have been very scary when the bookcase fell down. Our rabbits make some very odd,loud noses in the middle of the night!

The ice books are a great idea.

The new pattern looks lovely and I love doilies.


Was it Col Mustard? :) What an unfortunate occurence - lucky no one was sitting next to those shelves.

Your summer dress patterns look lovely.


oh! a book emergency! i hope everyone made it out ok! yes autumn can not come soon enough for me either, i am not a fan of daylight saving. those ice blocks are a great idea, there used to be this guy who made this kind of dog energy drink you could freeze for our sport dogs, it has less salt than chicken stock and the dogs love it, but i cant remember his product name. not very helpful, am i?!


I have that book somewhere in my stash, along with a few other of those wonderful old Dover knitting books. They are great references.


What does "weeding out" mean in relation to books? Deciding whether to get rid of it? That would be a great shame! Gad you got your hands on it before December!


That would have given me a fright, why do these things always happen in the middle of the night? Lucky it was not a real disaster though, books are heavy!

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