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What Is This Thing Called, Luv?

Luv. Dear. Duck. : all terms used, particularly in shops, by older people. I'd rather be a 'Luv' than a 'Guy'. I resent being called a 'Guy'. A guy is a man. But "What is this thing called, luv?", is a question we all might have asked this morning.

What is this think called, luv
Rain. It rained for about 90 minutes and we all went and stood out in the rain. Looked at the rain in the tub. Ran about when the thunder clapped. Walked in the last of the shower. What a nice surprise to have rain at last.

Water in their tub
Hobart, the Southern Capital, has 600ml of rain a year. That's half of Sydney's total. We are regularly in drought, even though on the West Coast they have literally metres of rain a year. They announce Outside Days at School, instead of Inside Days. You do everything in the rain on the West Coast as a matter of course.

Gilly has had a Wonky Eye for a day and a half. I promised myself that if it was wonky this morning we'd go to the Vet. And so we did. Gilly was so good for Dr Liz. She had some local and dye in her eye which showed there were no scratches. They had to take her out the back to turn her third eyelid inside out with tweezers because she was trying to hide under my dress. She was perfectly behaved. It didn't hurt. There was no grass seed, she has a little conjunctivitis and so we have eye ointment.

Poor Gilly's wonky eye

Peri welcomed her home and they ran about. Gilly must have smelled of the vet. They were happy to be together again.

Peri welcomes Gilly home
Peri and Gilly had a special treat. Their new favourite thing is sugar snap peas. They were on sale for $7 a kilo so I bought some. They snap them up!! You can see the remnants of the dye in the corner of Gilly's eye.

Sugar snap dogs

The weather is hot. I know the BOM says it was 28*C yesterday, but if you stand in the backyard in the full glare of the Sun for three minutes, it's 38*C.

28, really
I wore my Mashup dress in public. The straps feel a little insecure and I hitch them up a lot, but as a wearable toile it is a success. Next time I would put a zip in the side and also add a little to the neckline so I could pull the bodice down a bit further to get rid of the gathers on the princess seams. I can see all the bruises on my arms from where Miss Lorelai Gilmore treads on me. I do bruise very easily now.

Wearing my dress

I have a new pattern ready to mash up for a dress in March. I'm thinking of a play on Klingon Kleavage.

Dress 2
I shall make View B with the short sleeves, and leave the high neckband in place. Then I shall put a sweetheart or some such neckline so that there is a cut out where you can see Klingon Kleavage. Should be an interesting design!!

I am ready to start on my Posher Frock to wear in a week. I have decided to use my first Amazing Fit pattern, but I shall shorten the long sleeves, rather than have the puff sleeves the pattern uses. Using the 13th dress length means I can wear my aqua wedges or 'pear' coloured shoes and take my small aqua handbag. I have nothing better to think about.

Posher frock proposal
I am very excited because tomorrow we have our first Sewing of the year where we look at the Craftsy Block of the Month 2013 and all our material and catch up together. Yay!! I must decide what to cook to take with me. Red Velvet Cupcakes, Nigella's Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Meringues?? I see a theme there. I made Nigella's Meringue Gelato Cake for dessert on Sunday, served with this chocolate sauce. MrsDrWho said the sauce was very rich, so next time I would not make quenelles, I would zap it in the microwave and pour a little overMeringue gateau ice cream

There is still no knitting. It needs to be cooler.



your dress looks fab and so does that dessert!!! I am always on the look out for an empire line pattern and never seem to find what I want and now you have given me two lovely ones to chose from, The one you have just made and also the posh dress pattern I love them both and they could easily be made into a top, so in my next life when my sewing machine actually comes back into the light of day I am going to make one!!!! isn't this cool change divine, I am loving it


What a gorgeous dress. A gelato dessert would go down really well here - I'd enjoy that!

pao was called 'big fella' once. I found that very odd indeed.


I'm so glad that Gilly's eye is not serious. I dread the vet atm as they are still trying to decide whether Daisy has epilepsy or not :(

The fabric for the Posher Frock looks really lovely...can't wait to see it made up

I love sugar snap peas too, so i don't blame the girls for 'snapping' them up!! :)

Jennifer Rose

i am amazed at all of the clothes you make, look better then what you buy in a shop :)

duck?? never been called duck before, maybe its more an english phrase here?


I love the new patterns that you have chosen and I am sure they will look great on you. I am also not knitting much in this heat and unfortunately I can't sew.


I love the green dress. I was so happy when it rained here, not that the dams are full. The boys have been having lots of fun at the dog beach. Swimming and poor Zeus cant seem to see the ball any longer but he still chases it.


I hope Gilly is back to her regular self soon and that her conjunctivitis is not too contagious. I'm trying to imagine hot weather. . . we're buried under snow here. On the plus side, there's lots of knitting going on.

lynne s of oz

The dress looks great! And why not show off your pins?
I would send you some cool if I could but my lungs just aren't strong enough to blow it all the way back across the Pacific and I don't have a big enough fan either. I would love some warm - we've only had about four days above 10C this year.


Am looking forward to pics of the Posh Outfit! I would be thinking about it often if I were you!

I think I would probably like two quenelles of that chocolate sauce! Yum!

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