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With Me It's Toile Or Nuthin'.

I love Oklahoma the Musical. My mum played musicals on our record player when I was small. It was in a shiny burgundy case with some kind of cream textured decoration. The case was a square barely bigger than an LP and maybe 20cm high. It had a cream handle that slipped out so you could carry it about. We must have listened to records all day, because I never remember not knowing the tunes and at least some of the words.

It is too hot for words, hot and humid. I am about to water the Labradors with the hose again, because the water in the paddle pool has gone past warm to bath temperature. It's 30 inside and we are grateful that there is a cool breeze at last. Just two more days of this and then we can look forward to the low 20s. The children and teachers are so hot at school. The Powers That Be should have remembered that we always get our hottest weather in February. We used to go back to school in the last week of February, but they have fiddled and faddled about so much that now it's the first week and everyone has to be hotter than hot. You can't learn when it is too hot.

Anyway, I am wearing my very wearable toile.  Only one strap is pinned correctly, and the top and skirt are just basted together. It still needs proper lining, and maybe the back darts need adjusting to be larger. And I don't need a zip, which is a bonus. And my dress is so cool to wear. I love it. I am going to make another one. People of the World will be forced to look at my arms and legs.

Very wearable toile
Peri was helping me take the photo. I need to make some upper nether garment strap keepers so that the strap stays safely on my shoulder.

I'm also going to have to do up the inside gate more carefully, as this is what greeted me when I came home yesterday: two happy Labradors at the outside gate!!

Labradors can open the gate



your dress is lovely, you are very clever, I wish I could wear a dress but I haven't for about 20 years and I am too scared now


Lovely dress and very suitable for summer. It's also hot & humid here and I don't even dare venture outside. This is the 1st time that I don't even feel like knitting as the wool feels so hot on my hands. I should start a project with cotton.


What a lovely dress :) Naughty labs - they look like they have been up to mischief!!


that is a gorgeous little dress, perfect for horrid humidity! its been pretty sticky here and now is raining, which is annoying but a relief. i hope it cools down for you and the girls soon!

Jennifer Rose

lovely dress! :D

and its not a proper clothing photo without one of the girls showing up ;)

did they just jump the gate, or play houdini and just escape?


Oh Peri & Gilly look so sweet waiting at the gate....even if they're not supposed to be there :)

Your dress looks lovely Cindy! Keeping cool is a priority over bare skin LOL

I wish i had the energy to do some sewing.


Your dress looks so nice, and cool fabrics are great to wear in this awful humid weather. It is still hot outside here and it is nearly 11pm. Wish it would rain and cool down. I cant imagine how hot our furry friends feel.


That's a cool and pretty green dress. Dresses and skirts are so comfy to wear in hot humid weather.
Aaaw, the girls just couldn't wait for mom to get home!


I always feel cool and summery in a dress! Lovely!

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