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Puddle Pool

Cool To Be Kind, Means That I Love You Baby, You've Gotta Be Cool To Be Kind.

I have finally sewed and quilted all of the blocks from last year's Craftsy quilt. This is the last one, the Circle of Geese block. It is paper piecing, where you sew the material onto paper. It's complicated and took about two hours including all the cutting, sewing and pressing. I do love it.

The last block, ta da!!

They are all in a plush pile on the back of the armchair- where I am leaving them so I don't lose them,

All the 2012 quilt blocks
and every time I walk past I run my fingers over the quilting. I love the feel of the close stitches making the cotton batting soft and cushiony. I did actually slightly censor myself, lest I become the Nigella of Quilting!!

Some quilting
My next step will be to trim the batting and backing to 1/2 an inch all round and then decide on the arrangement of the blocks. I shall try to do that on Thursday at Sewing.

We are all so happy because it has been cool. Cool in the day, 23*C, and cool in the night, 7*C. We are all sleeping soundly and catching up on extra sleep during the day. I am happy, Peri and Gilly are happy and they are playful too.

Peri has decided she likes to play with the reindeer toy.

Peri has the reindeer now
And she plays with Gilly, wanting to be chased and to chase in turn.

Peri and Gilly reindeer fun
Gilly has been amusing herself with a chopped up carrot in a bottle. After she removed the lid she spent a good ten minutes adeptly manipulating the bottle with her paw and then shaking the carrot out. Peri just wanted the carrot without any of the effort. She magically appeared in almost every photo.

Gilly and the carrot bottle

Gilly's success
On Friday night people with nothing better to do roamed around the neighbourhood throwing flour on all the cars. My car escaped lightly, but it was extremely annoying and The Labradors wanted to lick it. At first I wasn't sure what the white powder was so I discouraged them. Buckets of cold water, then rain, cleaned most of it up. (I put the fireworks over the number plate!!)

Floured car
My too big emerald green boots were sent back and a brand new smaller pair appeared on the front verandah this morning. All the postage was free, excellent service from I Love Billy. They were very helpful when I was too hot to be able to think clearly.

New boots almost the right colour

Now it is cool I have cooked, sewn, swept up leaves, washed woolllen underblankets and all of Peri and Gilly's blankets. I've even cleaned up the DVR hard drive and read more books. Tomorrow is the day for making tomato sauce. I decided not to use the recipe requiring 25lbs of tomatoes, I'll just make a 1 kg batch and see how I go from there!!



Wow great idea with the chopped carrot in the bottle. I'll have to try it out with Rocco. He's very "busy". Yes, he's wearing me out.


Peri has such a goofy face in the first photo! I love to see your girls in action. :o)


Why is it that little buggers have to do such stupid things like throwing flour on a car. I remember when I bought my first car being a white pulsar. Some neighbourhood kids decided to throw muddy water all over it, so I saw them and drove to their house and told their mum. She was so unhappy with them and was going to make them clean it but I told her not to worry about it. They never did it again so I hope they learned their lesson. Peri and Gilly seem to like the carrot in a bottle, what a great idea. Isnt the cooler weather lovely, and yes catching up on sleep over here too. Loved the shoe site you linked too, although it might be bad for my bank account!


Your circle of geese block is lovely! The pups are so cute when they are having so much fun. :)

Jennifer Rose

you get idiots throwing stuff at cars here too, but usually its paint and bricks :/

peri looks so happy with the toy :D


What awesome green boots.

I have decided that I, too, need green jeans, and possibly blue ones too, so when I come to Launie over Easter I shall have to buy some - and we shall match!


What a beautiful quilt. I do think those people with the flour are silly! Your labs look like they are having huge amounts of fun :)


I love your blocks!can't wait to see them all together. I may have bought some fabric this week for a quilt (or two). Very simple ones though, not as flash as yours!

Glad it was only flour on your car. I saw one today (not ours, or in our street, thankfully) that had been egged. Ugh, what a mess.


Love the pic of Peri & the reindeer. Gilly looks so bemused by the bottle with carrots in it.

I think the hexigon & circle of geese are my favourite blocks so far.

As annoying as it is I'm so glad it was only flour that they put on the car. From experience...eggs are a nightmare to remove.

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