Friday Food: Tomato Sauce - the condiment
Friday Food: Chocolate Crackle Easter Eggs

Escape To Witch Fountain.

Labradors and Border Collies think the best drinking water comes from a day old puddle.

Drinking fountain for dogs

Apparently people can't stoop to drink tap water. This is new near The Library:

Drinking fountain for people
All The Dogs especially posed for a photo. Their humans called them and I told them all to sit. The Labradors sat together, and it looks as if Rafa is telling them all what to do. Peri and Gilly are sneakily looking sideways at me, hoping for a treat!!

Lots of dogs
Plums are plentiful, so I have been cooking plums madly. I made Sugar Plum Pastries: I made pate sucree (posh name for sweet shortcrust pastry) with almond meal, orange zest and flaked almonds. Then I made teeny tiny galettes with a frangipane between the puff pastry and the plum. I spooned a little sugar on top after fifteen minutes and the last five minutes caramelised it. Yum. I didn't eat either plummy dessert because of the orange, but MrsDrWho said the pastry was deliciously short (Yay!!) and the little galettes were tasty too.

Plummy desserts
And once again, actual knitting content: The Purls Before Swine socks are almost complete. The need their ends sewing in and a nice blocking. Instead of the 'pearls' on the instep of the foot, I made holes instead. I worried the 'pearls' would make indentations (Princess and the pea, you know) Three day pair of socks: I watched a lot of TV.

Purls before swine

And I have begun a new pair, in fact one is already complete: The I Let Leaves socks. I knitted my ordinary 'fits me' sock pattern and then an Eyelet Lace Leaf pattern from the Vogue Lace book all the way from the cuffs to the toe.

I let leaves
And here's a photo for my mum. Here are the little pork chipolata sausages wrapped in puff pastry, a kind of Pigs in Blankets. I like them with tomato sauce and I bought some American mustard. I like to dip them into both!!

Pigs in space blankets
I went to MrsDrWho's school and spent 90 minutes with very well behaved groups from her class making Chocolate Crackle Easter Eggs. It was lovely, they were all good, but I am so tired. We are off to bed for more sleep any minute now. It was hot today, so that didn't help either. No knitting tonight!!



Such lovely nice socks and all green too! Our kelpie used to like to drink water out of puddles too, it must taste better!


Such a lovely photo of well behaved dogs. I love the sneaky look of Perio and Gilly! :o)

Mmmmm you baked goods look so delicious. You said you used almond meal, does that mean they are gluten free?

Hope you have a lovely good night,and that it's not too hot to sleep. Here the temperatures are starting to climb (sniff, sniff, the snow is as good as gone, only in shady places are icy crusts left over).


The I Let Leaves sock has a beautiful pattern and also I totally understand the Princess and the Pea issue, I am a big Princess and the Pea girl.


Not only do they like their water from a day old puddle but dog feet add a wonderful flavour to it.

Love all the cooking. You are fortunate to have people nearby to help you eat it.

Jennifer Rose

either he is telling them what to do, or how to take over the world :p my money is on the latter


Oh I wish I could knit socks in three days! Good going! And I love the leafy sock. I am a sucker for a knitted leaf pattern (as I suspect I've told you previously!)


Happy Easter Cindy! Can I please come to your place for afternoon tea? Your galettes and pastries look absolutely delicious. I am inspired ~ I'm going to the local patisserie to buy some clafoutis this weekend! Gorgeous footwear too. Those leafy socks remind me of that lovely wash cloth that you knitted me.
Please give Peri and Gilly a pat from me. x


Lovely socks and all done in 3 days - wow, that must be a knitting record. My girls love those pigs in blankets as i used to make them with cocktail sausages and they were tiny.

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