Friday Food: The F.A.T.
There's A Pear In There.

Hope Sprinklers Eternal

Elbow length sleeves? To my eyes: bad. Much shorter sleeves? They look better to me. I think the longer sleeves pulled the dress out of whack, and they were also hotter. This is Dress #4. It doesn't have a name, but on reflection the flowers look crocheted, so it's the Doily Dress.

New dress left is best
I love my new dress, it has a swirly hem. I swirl it a lot. I wore it to the opening of The Cancer Support Centre. They had chairs for all the important people, and the older lady volunteers and the sick people were standing up. I have to give top marks to Michael Ferguson  Geoff Lyons, Peter Gutwein and Ivan Dean, politicians who all gave up their seats. There are others too, like Nurse Cathy, I can see. Some younger hale men stayed sitting down and let the older people stand. It wasn't a case of men versus women, rather ill versus healthy. I couldn't have stood in the humid heat for half an hour. You might spot me in the photo!!! The Centre is wonderful and we are lucky to have access to such modern facilities.

Sadly there were no egg sandwiches for afternoon tea. A tad disappointing....

I sewed two skirts for MrsHouseOf's birthday. Sadly, my photos were more awful than usual. I sewed Views D and E without the ruffles.

Two skirts
I didn't quilt all of my blocks for the Craftsy BOM 2012 last month. I did sew two dresses, two skirts, an apron, a tote bag and a bagsket - in spite of all the hot days. This is quite a total and I am very pleased. We are having still more hot weather in Autumn: 29, 31, 31, 27, 27, 28 and 29 this week. I shall leave the quilting until it is much cooler and instead I shall sew a Pear Dress.

I bought Peri and Gilly a sprinkler to play under in the hot weather. I am not sure they know it is meant to be fun yet. Vundy and Tori loved their plastic sprinkler to death. Literally. Their enthusiastic engagement of sprinkler and excited teeth lead to its demise.

Peri and Gilly sprinkler 'fun'
I am soon to be the proud owner of two pairs of short boots. One pair is a teal green and I have new jeans that match. The other pair is emerald green and I have new jeans to match. There will be a certain lay-by wait. MrsDrWho and TinkingBell convinced me that the slim leg jeans don't look too awful on me. Thank you ladies!! I had a lovely day with Tinkingbell, we brunched and lunched and chatted non-stop!!!

New boots
I found the teal boots in town and the emerald ones at I Love Billy via Frocks and FrouFrou's blog.

Last week I went off to one of the shiny new hospital buildings to be part of the Patient Partner scheme. I spent the afternoon with the doctors-in-training on their Haematology unit of work. Only three people felt my spleen, as last time everyone did and I couldn't lie on my left side for a week. It is a good feeling contributing to their experience of unusual and interesting diseases.

MrsReno (formerly known as Jubbly's mum) has a new dog, a friend for Jubbly. His name is Curly, and you can guess why. Jubbly had his coat clipped for the Summer and Curly is off to be clipped this week. He came from the RSPCA and is a very nice dog. Already Jubbly and Curly are constant companions and friends.

Jubbly and Curly
I am extremely tired after MrsHouseOf's birthday outing and I had appointments today. Tomorrow there will only be sleeping, dog walking, and Amy Johnson.



What cute little doggies they are! I am sure your dogs will absolutely love that sprinkler this week. It is going to be a hot one here. I like your dress with the shorter sleeves too, it seems to sit better on you. Your boots look great - I have a brown pair about that length that I wear with jeans during the winter.


I agree the dress looks much better with short sleeves, I'm glasd those politicians gave up their seats, lovely photo of the opening and I, might have to make an Amy Johnson cake soon, thanks for the reminder. Though my new favorite food is date scones.


Oh, those emerald green boots! What a find!

I like the shorter sleeves too. I think the longer ones fell at your waist, and sort of hid it, if you know what I mean. I bet ou had the best dress there.

But no egg sandwiches! How very disappointing!


I love the swirly dress with the shorter sleeves. Can't wait to see the pretty boots with your jeans. The pups are being so cute even if they look annoyed at the sprinkler. :)


Shorter sleeves look great :)


love the emerald green boots - always fancy boots for myself but when I try them on I'm usually disappointed - they seem to look better on other people...enjoy !


I agree entirely with your shorter sleeved decision, much more flattering.

Can't believe the chairing situation at the Cancer Centre, you'd think they'd know better. We have a new Cancer Centre at the hospital here too, it is very flash and not at all hospitally. Wooden (or wooden look) bamboo flooring and nice green couches and cushioned chairs.

Jennifer Rose

you would have thought that the people that organized the event would have had more chairs for the people that need them. but good on the politicians giving up their seats, even if its to look good ;)

awww what cute little dogs :D

sky is terrified of sprinklers :p doesn't get that they will cool her down :/


How typical of the able bodied to ignore those in greater need - but well done the pollies that stood instead! I can testify to the wonderfulness of the boots and the jeans, and also to the awesomeness of the bagsket. My huge yarn cake is very comfortable in there!

Fancy not giving you egg sandwiches - poor form indeed! (and you do look excellent in the skinny leg jeans!)


I think you are right about the sleeve length. The shorter sleeves are more flattering with this dress.

Shame about the egg sandwiches...I've had egg sandwiches for breakfast & lunch all this week. I can't seem to get enough of them. I have them with dijonnaise, salt, cracked pepper & to have dill. Yum!

I'm so glad for Curly that he was rescued...I'm sure he'll have a wonderful life now :) Warms my heart!


your dress looks absolutely gorgeous, so which of the couple of dress patterns is this one? and what alterations did you do to it in the end? I have gone back over all your sewing posts but just can't seem to retain what you did with what pattern, I'm sorry, hopefully my memory will return to normal soon, I love your pear dress too, so summery

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