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Puddle Pool

From the record temperatures of the month or so ago, to tornado strength wind and flood warnings: never a dull weather moment here. I'm hoping that the wind doesn't do any damage. It's expected to pass through soon. This morning it was barely drizzling at our house, but at the dam it was dark and the rain was teeming down. The puddles were huge. Gilly thought they were fabulous.

Gilly rainy day and dark

I didn't take my raincoat and so after a few minutes I was soaked and then there was no point in worrying. Peri and Gilly has the best walk for ages and even met Rafa, whose Dad is as mad as we are and walked in the rain too.

Dark Labradors in the rain

I was rather pleased I washed all Peri's rugs and blankets earlier this week. Now she can be ensconced in sweet smelling glory outside the back door. She actually likes one blanket to protrude out, so she can survey her domain and part of the next door neighbours' domains as well. Peri is very loyal and tonight when I came home she had been waiting in the rain and the wind for me at the gate. Miss Lorelai Gilmore was inside all snuggly warm and asleep. She's still a baby.

Peri on her newly washed blankets
Gilly likes to survey too.

Gilly surveys too
I went to MrsDrWho's house where she and MrsReno sewed this month's block. I think they all look so nice lined up next to each other.

March bom 2013
And I've settled on a lay out for my Craftsy BOM 2012 quilt. It is edging closer to being almost finished.

BOM 2012 lay out
And now, when you least expect it, actual knitting content. Marvellous green multi Waikiwi wool and bits and bobs from the Little Purls of Wisdom Knitty pattern. I call them Purls Before Swine socks. Ann inspired me to finally buy some of the lovely Waikiwi wool. I'm glad I did, it is lovely and soft and beautiful to knit with. I only started yesterday afternoon and knitted all the way to the heel turn. I'm half way through the gusset decreases because I had less knitting time today.

My first purls before swine
I'm just sneaking this post in before we all go to bed, trying to stay up so I'll sleep soundly and not hear the wind. Peri and Gilly always sleep soundly: the sleep of the innocent!!!



well done, the quilt looks lovely...what a wonderful wild and woolly day for the girls outing - so many puddles :)

Jennifer Rose

all of those block look really good laid out like that :D

the girls look like they are having a great time! I never bring my raincoat, always forget it lol look like a drowned rat


You are the best Mum ever, taking those pups for a walk in the rain - lucky dogs!

Glad to see some knitting happening, this means cooler weather has definitely set in for you. It is starting to get a bit cooler her but there is still plenty of warm ones hanging around.


Those blocks are so pretty. It's going to be a beautiful quilt.

The girls always look like they are having fun!


Aww I do love that profile pic of Gilly. What a lovely doggie mum you are. I'm a bad kitty mum as I accidentally shut Sirius outside in the snow this morning!!


oh you crazy dog people :) they do love the running in the rain dont they? and i love your blocks. i am thinking of entering the realms of that dark art myself. not cr***et tho. never cr***et.


Oh, look at all your lovely blocks all laid out! I think my favourite is the circle one in bottom right corner, and then the flock of geese one top right! BT all so good together!


Peri looks so cute sitting on her clean rug outside the back door :)

I love all your blocks laid out. Can't wait to see them sewn together.

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