Friday Food: Chocolate Crackle Easter Eggs
Friday Food: Beef Burritos, Lentils, Rocket and Guacamole

All Creatures Great And With A Cup In Them All.

Easter has come and gone, but not without Peri's favourite happening of the year: The Nextdoor Party on Good Friday. Peri has been going to the party for years. On Friday Gilly took an added interest. There is a sign that says Don't Feed The Dogs: I think she was trying to get some attention and, ergo, a sausage or two. It didn't happen. Peri stayed there until way after dark when everyone went home.

Party Labs 2013

MrsDrWho gave The Labradors some Easter presents, and this year's hit with Gilly has been The Creature. You put a small plastic bottle, or in our case a plastic cup that she loves, inside the velcro part so it crackles when she bites it and it has a fluffy squeaky tail. She has been worrying it since Sunday and just a few minutes ago she managed to open the velcro part and pull out the cup. She is inordinately pleased with herself.

Gilly and the Easter Creature
Peri is not interested really, she has her eye on the rawhide bones that are up high and out of reach. Peri is looking particularly beautiful at the moment and is loving the cooler weather, as are we all.

Peri very gorgeous
In fact Peri is feeling so well I think she is secretly training for some kind of obstacle course, maybe even The Krypton Factor?? Gilly is being an excellent look out for bunnies, and could certainly help solve any puzzles involving a plastic cup.

Peri commando, Gilly look out
I did a little Easter cooking, mainly for The Vet and some Easter Egg Kiss Biscuits for MrsDrWho.

Some easter cooking

There has been good new and bad news with respect to my knitting. The good news is that the I Let Leaves socks are complete. Well apart from ends and blocking. I'm calling them done. I love the lacy leaves and they are so warm and soft to wear.

I Let Leaves socks
Then the bad news. I started my Rags to Ridges socks (Kebnekaise socks) with The Knittery Sea Life. It was the perfect wool, the pattern has you purl a colour every time you come to it, so I was purling the orange. It looked great. It looked fantastic. Then suddenly the wool just started disintegrating in my hands. Falling apart all the time. The outside was fine, the centre ball I pulled out was fine too. There was just a swathe of sad, falling apart wool in the centre. I don't know why. I did try my Opal wool, but that just didn't work. Any suggestions of where to buy a mainly green sock wool with another random colour would be greatly appreciated.

Rags to ridges socks
So know I am knitting plain and simple TV watching socks, not that I don't watch TV with the other socks, some Opal Show Your Colours: My Colour Me Surprised Green socks. I am almost to the heel turn.

Colour me surprised green sock
MrsDrWho gave me a wondrously indescribable teapot with cats and dogs for Easter. It was on super special and I can't for the life of me think why. It rates right up there with the triptych Cat mirror I gave her years ago.

I'm a teapot
I made a Doctor Who tote bag for MrsDrWho. I seemed fitting as it echoes her name and Doctor Who was back on TV with new episodes yesterday. I did look online for a tutorial, but there were none so I had to use my brain to make the Bow Ties Are Cool tote. It has two right sides: one with The Eleventh Doctor's red/burgundy bow tie and striped shirt and the other with his brown bow tie and brown check shirt. I actually left my handbag with the Bow Tie bag wrapped up inside, at home when I went to MrsDrWho's for tea. So sadly it has been badly wrapped and wrinkled for over 24 hours.

Bow ties are cool tote bag
I am particularly pleased with the brown timey-wimey buttons!!!

Timey wimey buttons

I am still very tired. There has been a lot of sleeping because it has been so cool, but I haven't quite caught up on my making chocolate crackle Easter eggs effort. I love doing it, and the children were all so good and helpful. It just really reminds me of how I don't live in the real world anymore, where you can just do things you like, willy-nilly. I think that's why I have been such a prolific sock knitter: it's useful, keeps my mind busy, but requires little effort other than being able to sit up and wriggle my hands about a bit.

Now the Ravening Labrador Hordes must be fed, there are socks to be knitted and I really must pick up all the dog 'toys' in the lounge room......



I love the Bow Ties are Cool bag! Very inventive!

Heh heh, Poor Hopeful Peri at the fence! That is very cute.

Your leaf socks look great but what a shame about your Knittery yarn! Those socks looked so good too.


I love love love the Doctor Who bag!! It's fabulous. Where did you get the great buttons?

I'm sorry about the horrible wool.....that's awful.

The teapot is gorgeous. I saw a teacup set today,complete with a matching teapot,sugar bowl and creamer. Will be hinting loudly to hubby

The Labradors are truly adorable

I'm like you,I rarely live in the real world.



Look at that Creature, I wonder how long it stays such a lovely highlighter pink for? She does look like she is having a wonderful time with it though.

I love your plain and simple tv watching socks, the pattern coming through in the variegated wool reminds me of morse code with its dot dot dashes.

And how cute is the Dr Who bag! Probably not the right adjective you want for it but after just doing Humpty Dumpty at school they make me think of Humpty Dumpty's pants a bit with the bow tie. All you need is a big egg to put in top. Although that would make the bagginess a bit obsolete.

I have had three full days of not leaving the house this Easter break. We have 5 days off and then back to school for another almost 3 weeks. There has been lots of sleeping and slothing too however today I had enough energy for a short walk around the shops for some retail therapy and a 20 minute walk on the beach on the way home. One more day off to go and I feel relatively well recharged. While not at the same degree as you I can definitely understand that not belonging to the real world business because I don't feel there either. Working has meant I've had to cut down lots of social things which is a bit sad but hopefully I'll find the balance soon. I think though that if you were working, you would not be able to enjoy such things as knitting and baking, walking the dogs and occasional ventures out to lunch or socialising events with friends, all of which are very much more important than working. (If you had to choose between them)

Jennifer Rose

lol at peri, always hoping for a treat :)

love the bright green socks :D and the bag is a really neat idea with the bow ties


what a pretty teapot ! loving those wonderful doggie antics - such beautiful faces :)


Where to start?

The gorgeous Easter baking! The pretty socks - that blue opal is particularly lovely! The bow ties are so cute!

Love your description sitting around with your hands wriggling!


The Dr. Who bags look great. I did see that the new episodes were starting last night. Pity about that green yarn. You could look on etsy and see if there is any yarn similar to it. I usually shop for my sock yarns on etsy and NZ ones are normally priced well. If you like bright self striping yarns Stray Cat on etsy has some wonderful ones!

bella's mum

Easter cooking tasted as good as it looked. All went very quickly after tea!


oh that is a shame about the knittery yarn. i hate when that happens. such a great colour too. but both your other socks look lovely. i love your description of sock knitting. i love that about knitting too, being able to sit still and just wriggle my hands about a bit!


Gilly looks like a little pup playing with her creature. I hope Peri got some kind of yummy healthy reward after all her vigilance!
Too bad about the sock yarn. One good outcome is after seeing the pattern here, I like it so much I've added it to my library. Someday I may knit one to add to my collection of single socks!


Lovely socks and yummy cookies. One of my girls baked Easter Surprise - cupcakes with an Easter egg inside. The best part is when you bite into the chocolate. Love that tote bag.

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