I Just Can't Get You Out Of My Bread.

Error and Error, Forever And Error You'll Be The One.

I was tempted to type: You'll Beeeeeeeeee The One, just as Demis Roussos sings. And now I have.

My sewing machine has Error 6. Error 6 means the motor is straining because there is thread caught somewhere. I can't find thread caught up anywhere. So my machine will be off to be looked at. Luckily MrsDrWho has a spare sewing machine, so I picked it up when I delivered some cakes this afternoon. She is very kind to lend it to me.

Error 6 interrupted my quilt assembly. I sewed the strips between some blocks and joined two rows.

BOM continues
It is all slightly wonky as I blithely cut 1 1/2 inch strips and they should have been 2 inch and then I had to trim the back. Wildly inaccurately.

BOM back
I did make my own biased binding. I needed it wider than my machine biased binding maker and so I just used one of the Clover tape makers. I cut bias strips from the left over batik fat quarters and then sewed them together randomly and made biased binding. It is the best fun ever. I shall be making biased binding for all my dress hems I think. I've been watching The Great British Sewing Bee. It is no end of fun!!!!

I'm biased
Not much work on my cardigan, but I just have to graft the toes and my socks are finished. I knitted the toes after the photo was taken.

Sock just needs a toe
Peri and Gilly have been playing together on their walk lately. When I call they both come running.

Here we come...
You may notice that this morning Peri rolled in something smelly. Gilly did not. If you are a Labrador and you come when you are called, a treat is required immediately.

Here we are
Fish fingers: not with custard. I tried Jamie Oliver's fish fingers. They are from sustainable fishing areas it says and when you open a fish finger it is one whole piece of fish. I like fish fingers and fish finger sandwiches. There's always a few left over for Peri and Gilly too.

Fish fingers
Tomorrow I am having a rest. Today I cooked raspberry cupcakes and Cherry Ripe Brownie for MrsDrWho's Morning Tea turn. I sewed at the weekend and did some jobs too. I think I shall stay in bed and have some Earl Grey tea and read a book. Or two. The weather is still warm during the day - dress and no cardigan, but at night it is staring to cool down. Peri and Gilly must, must, be under their quilts now. I think they are under their quilts too early, they do have thick coats and thicker undercoats, but who am I to argue?? Their quilts are swooshed out and they turn around on the spot and then complete a mid-air manoeuvre and curl up ready to fall asleep.

I may have to break out the hot water bottle in solidarity.



Clever you making your own binding. I'm impressed.

Bother about your sewing machine. Hope it s something simple (and cheap) to fix.

The Labradors are adorable


I have to investigate this make-your-own-bias-binding gizmo. Seems very cool! Since I now have plans (and fabric!) for four

I will also have to look for those fish fingers, at the supermarket? Connor is a big fan of fish fingers!

Jennifer Rose

i wish my sewing machine gave me an idea of what is wrong with it, have to take the whole thing apart :/

peri doesn't look too ashamed about rolling in something smelly :p

i saw a book today for that sewing program, was going to buy it, but that i probably should watch the show first :p

lynne s of oz

I miss fish fingers. I can get some gluten and dairy free almost fish fingers here but the aren't the same...
You are looking forward to cool and I am looking forward to it warming up!


Did you see last night's Sewing Bee? Who do you think will win? I know who I'd like to win but I think the blonde one will win :)

I love your quilt. Error 6 does sound a bit alarming but hopefully a good service will sort it all out.


i LOVE making bias binding. It was such a surprise to find out how satisfying it is. I don't use a maker though, even though I bought one. I just fold each edge to the centre then fold it over again. Loads of tutorials. Way faster than with those contraptions which I never could use very well.

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