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Friday Food: Mini Pizzas

I Dream Of Green Jeans: I have Light Brown Hair.

This week I collected my two lay-bys and I am very pleased. It was worth paying twice the price for the teal boots as they feel so comfortable, so soft and look so good. And I almost have both boots matching jeans.

Not quite matching
The colours are not accurate because by the time I got my act together and took photos,  it was almost dark outside. I have some beautiful 10ply that matches the teal coloured jeans and boots. It's Debbie Stoller and I shall have to rummage about and find it. I may have a better emerald boots match in one of the four pairs of jeans I put on lay-by yesterday: Khaki, Menta(???) Emerald and Sea green. Yay!!

Dream jeans
I have never seen so many green jeans and I am going to go madly wild. I can't miss the opportunity to have green jeans. I've knitted two balls of the mohair and made a lot of progress on my cardigan with the long, long rows. It should match well too.


Me-Made-May is soon beginning, well obviously it is, it will soon be May. It's a bad month for me. I would rather have Me-Made-March or Self-Stitched-September because May is the last month of Autumn and I shall just be wearing jeans (green!!) and tops and cardigans. Really, there is little excitement in wearing and showcasing a cardigan every day. I am thinking of having my own Self-Stitched-September this year when I will be wearing dresses almost every day.

Our Sewing group has gone ahead in leaps and bounds and we have made so many nice blocks in our semi-Craftsy BOM 2013.

BOM thus far
Soon it will be School Holidays and we're having a catch up day. With glasses of wine and lots of nice food. I am aiming to make two blocks each month and so I have to catch up on two blocks myself.

I don't know where the time goes. Monday disappeared in a long nap, Tuesday was Leukaemia Support Group, yesterday I readied myself for sewing and today I did some jobs. And of course, The Labradors.

Peri and Sandy played Pride and Prejudice: will Peri accept Sandy's invitation to a brisk run?? Will she, won't she?? Yes, she will. Huzzah!!!

Gilly accepts Sandy's invitation to run

Running is such fun for Peri, I forget she is twelve and a quarter now. I love the joy in her eyes.

Peri, running happily
Lorelai Gilmore has been seeing off the big bunnies, or wallabies as humans call them. She's always on the look out for them.

Gilly is alert
She thinks she has bravely thwarted the evil wallabies and their dastardly plan to hop through the bush. She doesn't even woof at them, but shivers with excitement and her tail is long and brushy.

Gilly sees the bunny off
I have had my 'new' car for two years and seven months. Today my odometer read 18,000. I average 20km a day. It has taken me approximately 940 days to work out that my remote locking has two different modes when locking and opening. Whilst out at the weekend I had to go back to check to see if my car was locked or not. MrsDrWho said she was sure I should be able to tell remotely. So today at the dam I opened and locked the car a few times and yes, it's two beeps when it opens and one when it locks. It is just as well I am not in charge of being alert and observant and have Gilly to do that for me!!

And 2 years 7 months later
My car still feels new and I have made a big effort to keep it clean and tidy, apart from the dog hair. Sigh.

My toe is still not properly better. It is not worse, it is slightly better. I am sitting here typing and soaking my foot in Lectric soda, or washing soda crystals and warm water. Even if nothing happens my feet are so soft and clean.

Oh, I forgot that I also prepared my Friday Food today. I already know what I am cooking for next week too. It's for MrsDrWho's to take to school and I am very excited to be cooking it, though not half as excited and the people I mentioned it to when I was making chocolate crackle Easter eggs!!!

I don't think anything special is happening tomorrow so we shall have a lovely walk, a nice nap and then maybe catch up on reading some blogs. The weather is still sunny and warm, I wear a dress and don't need a cardigan yet, so Peri and Gilly will no doubt spend the afternoon sunbathing and I shall read a book and drink cups of tea.




How exciting! New boots, new jeans and big bunnies. Excitement all round. I think the "menta" is probably mint green.

I know you have problems in what you can and can't use. If there is anything raw on your toe, hydrogen peroxide applied with a cotton bud several times a day is wonderful. Many years ago youngest son was on a camp and badly cut himself in webbing between two fingers. Stitches became infected the day they were to be removed and doctor said to use the peroxide. When I broke toes on moving here, I also smashed big toe nail. Peroxide was used plentifully.


Yay for green boots and Huzzah for green jeans! Now certainly is the time to stock up on coloured jeans, who knows when they will be in fashion again!


I never knew that you could soak your feet in soda crystals. My feet are rough and horrible so that could be just the ticket for them!

When I saw that picture in my feed reader, I knew it was you from the green!! Peri has such a happy face.


beautiful green things. I am very envious of those teal boots in particular. Lovely!


love the boots on the right especially. and dog hair - it's a fact of life, isn't it?! you just have to roll with it, I've decided ;)


My car lock does that, one flash for lock two for unlock, just like the number of syllables in lock and un-lock!


I was going to say what Leonie said - your dogs look really good! Nat xx

Jennifer Rose

would not had thought peri is over 12, she doesn't look it :)

love the green jeans :) can't wear jeans tho, combination of big hips, skinny waist and numb fingers from the MS makes it a little difficult :/

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