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Friday Food: Cherry Ripe Brownie

I Just Can't Get You Out Of My Bread.

I made bread. Edible bread. Bread that is not a solid rock, or a damp squib. I was idly browsing the Bloglovin' popular posts when I spied the bread.

My bread
It is No Knead bread, and I started it yesterday.  As the weather is cooling I made a warm place for the dough to rise in a foil lined supermarket bag that is meant for carrying cold things home. I microwaved a towel, wrapped it around the bowl and then zipped it into the bag overnight. I renewed it in the morning. I cooked the bread in my new cast iron casserole that came with the new saucepans. I am most impressed with my rustic/artisan bread and it tastes delicious. I am looking forward to toast and soup tomorrow.

There's a video here and some written instructions here.

I see more bread in my future. I want to use some other flours, like spelt and rye. We will see how that goes.

Peri and Gilly have been sunbathing. They sunbathe on the black foam tiles until they are hotter than Mercury and then they come inside, drink a barrel of water, and cool down. Repeat all afternoon.

Peri in the autumn sun
I try to sneak up on Gilly, but her young ears are alert and she looks up and wags her tail furiously.

Gilly in the autumn sun

I've started crocheting a blanket. I'm using two strands of Shiver, which is 12ply I think, and a size 15mm crochet hook. I am limiting myself to one ball's worth a day as the crochet hook makes my hand hurt after a while. I think I am up to round 4 or 5??

Good enough for me round 4
Last night I started knitting The Boo!! Socks with Opal Surprise in rainbow colours. I could not stop knitting until I had circled through one whole colour repeat. It is very addictive. I made an Eye of Partridge heel flap.

Boo!! socks number 1
I sewed a DPN Project Keeper thing to stop the needles poking through my handbag all the time. There's a tutorial here. I tweaked it by turning a little hem to the inside before sewing the sides together so that all the raw edges were encased. My needles are 15cm long, and I cut the elastic 15.5cm. Next time I will just cut 15cm.

Dpn project keeper
Tomorrow I am having Morning Tea with Jet's mum.  I am looking forward to it. Peri and Gilly are looking forward to their walk as Wednesdays are a day off.

I am also going to buy some wool for my new emerald green cardigan and seek out green jeans. I have found more!!! I am overwhelmed with the variety of greens available. I am glad to feel happy and well. Oh, my toe is behaving, it's not totally better, but I can wear proper shoes again. Hurray!!!

There are two new shoes (Edited  a bit later on: Thank you Lois, they are in SHOWS, wearing evil shoes!!!) about serial killers: The Following and Hannibal. I've recorded them, but I am not sure if I want to watch them. There is enough horror in the actual real world. Maybe I am over crime TV shows?? Instead I am catching up on The Great British Sewing Bee Part 3 and knitting the Boo!! socks.



So glad those serial killers are in 'shoes'.....i thought they preferred 'serials' better!! LOL

I could do with a bit of very quick, mild sunbathing here myself...i've been laid up with somw bug for the last 2 weeks...finally making it out of bed in small increments!

Love your new dpn project are nothing if not ingenius with your makings.

I could smell your bread just by looking at your picture....yum!!


The Following and Hannibal are too much for me. I don't like to watch those extreme shows, there's also Homeland which is not something I like to watch. They might all be good shows, but not for me.

The girls have such a nice place to sunbath! My dogs don't like to ly in the sun, well Denny maybe for a few minutes, but not the White ones. You've got a lot going on crafty wise. I would love to do some crochet, but my hands hurt right away, so sad.

The bread looks delicious.


This winter's clothes are perfect for us both, so many greens and oranges. Your bread looks so yummy.

Jennifer Rose

congrats on making bread! :D home made bread tastes so much better then store bought

ah the life of a dog, enjoy the sun all day if you can :p

love the rainbow sock, very pretty


That bread looks delicious :) Those dogs look so happy :)


I could butter that bread and eat it straight away - it looks delish !!! Love the doggie portraits - pretty girls xx


I love the bread and a rye one would taste wonderful. I see that Millers, Kmart and Best and Less down here have green jeans and many other colors too. I have been advised by my daughter that if I buy some colored jeans I am not to wear the same colored top with it, lol! Hope you have a great week eating soup and tasty bread!


oh I am loving the Great British Sewing Bee too it's wonderful but I do find myself getting stressed with their stress!! so happy ep 3 is up yippeee I will go and watch it now xxx


The No Knead bread recipe is the greatest and I have use it for some time. Rye flour is great with this recipe. I have the same problem when I crochet and my wrist hurts.


'damp squib' - that's a great saying!

I like your approach to keeping it warm. That's inspired!


oh that bread looks good. i bet it smelled amazing. ive been loosely watching the following. it looks ok, not hugely gripping. and not so gruesome, just a little weird? kevin bacon. weird.


Love love love the Great British Sewing Bee - Sian and I watched the first 2 episodes together - I liked the steampunk man lots - he was fun. I have a lovely recipe for treacle bread which is no knead and tastes gorgeous - especially when toasted!


I simply must remember to buy some yeast next shopping day, I keep forgetting, and all this lovely bread popping up on the Internet is taunting me!

Your dpn holder is very clever, and the socks are very cool! Loving the stripes, they are so addictive to knit.

Have you shopped with Ezibuy before? (Online?). They have green jeans too!

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