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Sheffield of Dreams

Monkey See, Monkey Through.

Unbeknownst to Peri, she has been educating Gilly on a means of escape from the dam area. Peri is an expert under-the-fencer, and Gilly has been extremely interested in mastering this skill. For quite a while she was flummoxed.

Gilly sees Peri escaping
But Gilly has learned well and achieved success.

Gilly can escape into the bush now
So now they both travel between the two dimensions just like in Timeslip. I remember watching as a child and being both terrified and fascinated. I have never seen it repeated. It is a good TV memory.

Peri crawls under expertly
Gilly crawls under not so expertly
The weather is now alternating between cold enough to wear jeans (Friday) and warm enough for just a dress (Saturday and today). The nights are cold enough for the doona and hot water bottle and Peri and Gilly have to be under their quilts, no matter whether there is room for them on the bed or not. I have knitted three whole pairs of socks and they all have the ends sewn in and are ready to wear. I also have two individual socks. One is The Clock Sock which has a ball of wool so I can knit the partner. It is part of my "Knit all the socks in The Knitter's Book of Socks" project. The other is a random green sock- no, it is not. Somewhere it has a partner. That's 4 1/2 pairs of socks!!!

Frankie goes to Sockywood
My Purls before Swine socks are not the correct green colour, the I Let Leaves are fine and so are the Colour Me Surprised.

I have knitted 85% of my Podracer convertible mitten by Glenna C. The fingers are short because you knit a mitten top that flips open to allow for dog lead manipulation and treat distribution. They are for iPeople with iDevices who need their fingers and thumbs. I have made a Podster thumb on my right hand but I will make an ordinary thumb for my left. It can be difficult to take a photo, sometimes very difficult, especially when Miss Lorelai Gilmore is helping. And I use the word helping in a sense in which it is almost never used: as in NOT helping. She's a funny sweet girl.

How we take photos of podracers
There may have been an accidental lay-by of more green jeans. Three pairs in, respectively, lime, sea green and sage. The first is a thick but stretchy denim and the second and third stretch cords. That makes nine pairs of green jeans/trousers. There have been the long dark years of no green jeans though. I worry about being too consumerist. (Is that a word??)  But they will last for years: the coming long dark years of no more green jeans!!

Jean Jeanie check them and see!!
It is school holidays and MrsDrWho and I are going on a short day trip to assess possible excursions and write some questions for the children to consider. I am presently winding up a skein of Socks that Rock so I can knit in the car tomorrow. It is medium weight Merino wool in the Bella Coola colourway.

I'm  in the market for another knitted neckwarmer. I wear the one I have to walk The Labradors and don't have to worry about an Isadora Duncan moment with a car, tree or kangaroo.

I fear there will not be an April dress. I have one up my sleeve, but I'd like to whip one up from the new Knit pattern. Oh, I've made the picture a clicky link!! I think....

1653I'll finish winding the wool, make a cup of tea and cast on for new socks while I watch Doctor Who. Then it will be early to bed for everyone, as I have to be ready to leave at 8-45am in the morning and there's a walk to be squeezed in for Peri and Gilly before then.



Don't I know it, our dogs learn from each other, and always the bad stuff. :o)

Your socks look lovely, I would wear them all. I quite like the new dress pattern, even though I don't wear dresses.

This past week we had 23C, thunderstorm and humidity that you could hardly breath, and the next day we had snow covering everything, and -2C. Crazy April weather!

Have a wonderful trip!


It's so great that you finished 3 pairs of socks!! I have not been in the sock knitting mode lately but yours are making me want some. Since there will be many cold dog walking days ahead.

I love that dress pattern. Will have to investigate as my sewing skills are very limited.

And finally, now I'm wanting some green jeans!!


Lol sneaky doggies!

I love your gloves woohoooo!

All those fab jeans,they look great.

Jennifer Rose

its not a proper picture unless one of the girls shows up ;)

i followed that link to those jeans you sent me, need to find something like them here :)


Oh dear, hope Gilly and Peri the escapees are good girls and come back to you when called!

Yay for more green jeans (I actually bought red jeans the other day!! I am not entirely convinced they will be very flattering, but I decided I don't care!).

And all those socks! I can't remember the last time I did any sock knitting (which makes me a bit sad). Fortunately, I have enough to keep me going at the moment. Definitely becoming sock weather, I put the doona back on the bed tonight.


Now there will be double doggy trouble!
It's smart to stock up on clothes you love, like the green jeans.


ha, once a dog learns under a fence that's it. i watched Miss Lila get herself in and out of an impossible spot the other day. i have had to cover it with pot plants! so much greeness!! socks and jeans and gloves oh my. you look like you will be well kitted out for the proper cold weather, if it ever arrives!


What cheeky dogs learning to escape!! :)

i just love love love this colder weather. lets hope it stays the temp it is now for a while.

those jeans are brilliant'll certainly be set for a while. but if you don't get them now, you can bet you won't find any more for's a given!!

wow you've certainly been doing a lot of knitting, socks look great. you're putting me to shame.

can't wait to see your new dress.


I love watching how Peri taught Gilly :)

I love all your socks. I was hunting through the stash this morning and thinking about what I could be knitting :)

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