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Friday Food: Char Siu Beef with Greens

Sheffield of Dreams

I am always extra tired during the School Holidays, but I can't pass up a chance to catch up with my friends.

On Monday I went on a pre-excursion day trip with MrsDrWho and her mother. We went to Sheffield, the mural town, where I saw a baby alpaca, found and returned the bank bag to the Lolly shop, minded the Marble shop for five minutes and had an apricot slice with the most deliciously flaky and crisp layered pastry. Oh, and we looked at lots of murals.

This is my favourite at the moment:

The caption reads:


We visited the new Bass Strait Maritime Centre where I was (Pirate) Queen of the World.

I'm the queen of the world
Inside the ship there are computer screens and for $2 you can have up to nine minutes of sailing a steam ship (I think) simulation.  We called into the Axeman's Hall of Fame, but by them I was too tired to tour and finally we late lunched at the Raspberry Farm. I came home and went to bed and slept like a log. We went to bed at 10pm on Tuesday night as well. I think I may have caught up on sleep now.

Yesterday I lunched with Bella'sMum and MrsMauritius, whom I have known for twenty-four years. I met them when I started teaching here. We try to catch up more or less every holidays and when we do, it is as if we were just at school together yesterday. I had delicious club sandwiches and we all shared the chips!!! I had a marinated lamb wrap with local cheese and relish at the Raspberry Farm.

Lunching with ladies
At long last, momentarily, Peri settled down on the warmy bed. I am not sure why she hasn't liked it this year, maybe she wants her little quilt as a cover?? Peri is so very beautiful, I love her ears' expression!!! Oh, and all the dog hair on the rug. Acrylic rugs just attract the dog hair like all get out.

Peri finally on her warmy bed
I found Miss Lorelai Gilmore asleep in my spot on the couch yesterday. She has the whole other end of the couch, but she likes her pillow in my spot and sleeps soundly and happily.

Gilly is in my spot

They have been running around and playing in the cool Autumn weather. It was 2*C this morning. If we don't meet any of their friends they play chasings and locate lots of smells together. Oh and go under the wire fence of course!!!

Peri and Gilly swerving
The Boo!! socks are coming along nicely. Here's a night time photo, but I knitted the rest of the leg white watching the Finals episode of The Great Sewing Bee tonight. I decided I wasn't up to the Eye of Partridge heel section until tomorrow. I am really enjoying knitting these socks, the colour changes are such fun. And see how they match???

Boo socks continue
Here's what I knitted in the car on Monday. Now you see it,

Now you see it
and now you don't.

Now you don't
I realised the sock was going to be way too big for me, that the Socks That Rock mediumweight is 5ply, and that with no nylon in the mix at all it would be better as a hat or cowl. I have knitted some lightweight STR socks and they developed holes quite quickly.

I have some Malabrigo Worsted in Lettuce to soothe my addled knitting nerves. A neckwarmer/cowl is in order. I bought this from Jellywares. Excellent service and free winding-into-a-ball.

Soft wool
Spotlight had a spot sale of all sewing patterns for $5. I bought two of these three dress patterns, the third is on order- still for the $5 price. The middle dress pattern takes 6m of fabric. I shall have to buy something on extreme sale, maybe from the FatQuarterShop. I bought some pretty green fabric for $5 a metre there. Both Vogue patterns have Custom fit for the upper nether regions. Yay.

My new dress patterns

I shall sew skirts for other people with these two patterns and once again, the second one is on order.

Skirts for others

And of course today is ANZAC Day. There were Dawn services and marches. I'm not big on ceremony. I thought of my dad, and how we dressed in our best clothes and went to watch him march. He'd come back and give us all a kiss and then go off to the pub with his friends. I realised yesterday that I have spent more of my life without my dad, than with him. I am lucky he was such a great dad in the time we had together. When I talk to my psychologist every month, I frequently reflect on how lucky I was to have such a happy childhood, with my mum and dad and sister. We had all we could need or want, and more.

I ate some cheesy bought biscuits this afternoon and that's why I've been so thirsty- lots of tea and raspberry cordial later!!! I succumbed to their lure. I shall eschew them again until I forget why I am doing it. I'm going to start a loaf bread tomorrow and think of something to cook for Friday Food. The week has passed so quickly. Only one more week to go.



Looks like you had a lovely day out!

I always have some "mindless knitting" on hand for when I need to knit but aren't quite enough withit to follow a pattern.

The patterns look wonderful.

The puppies are adorable as always.


You've provided a nice little Australian travelogue with your links! Sheffield sounds like a wonderful place for a field trip. I love the story of Gustav W.
Best that you cut your losses with the STR before knitting up both socks; its reincarnation as hat or cowl makes sense.
Peri's ears do look especially expressive and 'scritchable' in the photo!

Jennifer Rose

that food looks really good :)

awww both girls look really cute in those photos :D


I love your rainbow feet ;-)


Your Boo socks look great. I remember when I visited Tasmania and we drove around seeing quite a few murals on buildings. They were so interesting to look at too. Sounds like your weather has cooled down quite a bit. We are going to have a lovely day tomorrow with it being 25, and hopefully not windy. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!


I can't help but think your Sheffield is lovelier than ours :)

Your dad sounded like a lovely chap.


Oh love Peri's velvet ears!
I love catching up with old friends too - I have some like that, it doesn't matter how long it's been since we've seen each other, we fall into the same friendship pattern as if we saw each other yesterday.
Excellent purchases on the patterns!


That is great the Boo socks are matching! I think I would be annoyed if they didn't end up matching.

Thank goodness you have plenty of time to catch up with sleep after the holidays. Enjoy the rest of that socialising!

PS. I love Pirate Queen of the world!


Those dress patterns look great...they are very flattering cuts.

Love love love the boo socks....the colour changes are yummy. The colours are why I love Noro yarns so much.

Peri looks very pensive in this shot, while Gilly looks so sweet all curled up fast asleep. When dogs are asleep like this they remind me of little babies...all innocent & warm & snuggly!!

I'm pleased that you got to catch up with your always makes me feel like I still belong to the human race when I can catch up with my busy friends! LOL

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