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Wool Frontal

This post was shaping up to be all about knitting, but then some other things crept in: Labradors of course, and some material, clothes and weather.

Knitting first. I have knitted the Ding Dong hat out of the Socks That Rock 5ply Merino. It is the Rainbowret, a free and very simple pattern. I did twisted rib for the band and then just knitted away until I realised I was running out of wool. I wound up two strands of my Colour Me Surprised Opal sock wool and did a few alternate rounds, which you can just spot in the middle section, and then remembered I'd stopped winding the skein of STR when I hit a knot. So I wound more and knitted a hat's worth. It is very warm and if you wear it on a nice Autumn day you give yourself a warm hat headache.

Ding Dong 2013
I actually knitted this to check out what the hat was like for MrsDrWho. She found her Lord of the Rings Royal Mythral 8ply from two Christmases ago and now I am half way through her hat- My Precious!!!

Hat and potential cardigan
The other emerald green 5ply is the wool for a new cardigan for me, Floriston. These are two pictures from the Twist Collective to whence the link leads. I think the pleat at the back is lovely, the vents in the sleeves too and it has a nice flared shape which I am learning is very flattering for me.

Floriston for me

My newest cardigan had no wool yet. It might be this wool, unravelled from the cardigan it almost is.

You only rib twice
It's Aislinn by Amy Herzog, who is my current cardigan pattern crush. MrsDrWho persuaded me to buy the pattern. I have one cardigan that just needs to be sewn up, one started in mohair, the Floriston ready to go and now I have Aislinn. I adore the pattern around the hems and the lovely lace, and as I have but an illusion of a waist, when I knit and add the ties at the end they can be at Empire Line height. And once again the photos are from Aislinn's pattern page and the link leads there.

So it's all about the knitting here and there has not been a dress at all this month. Luckily I had the extra dress up my sleeve. New dress material arrived from the FatQuarterShop. At $5 per metre it is too hard to resist, and nice teachery material. The fat quarters are metallic greens for something I've yet to decide on.

Dress and quilt
Peri rolled in something so smelly today that I had to drive home breathing through my mouth. Baby wipes met their match in Peri. She has her eyes closed as she blissfully rolls. This isn't the actually smelly site, that was somewhere in the bush.

Peri is blissful

When we came home she had to be washed. Again. She's on her lead because she runs away before she is dry and the weather is too cold for that. She's pretty happy with all the attention and wagging her tail at me.

Peri not so smelly
It was 1*C this morning and there was ice on the car so I used my gifted ice scraper, which worked a treat, much better than a bucket of warm water.

Ice ice baby
Poor Gilly had an issue with the big metal plates we walk across every day at the dam. She runs across them and has never paid any attention until today. She put her little paw on the icy cold metal and then would not go near it again. No treat would entice her. No nice or commanding word would do. She tried valiantly, and in the end Peri was so exasperated she ran back down the steps, growling playfully, and herded Lorelai Gilmore across.

Gilly is afraid of the cold metal
She seemed quite recovered after that.

Gilly goes wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
was an invaluable help in the purchase of my new Denim Leggings. Yes, that's right. RoseRed helpfully explained that they were less legging and more jean. She is right. An emerald and sea green pair arrived today in the post and as I tried them on I said a prayer to the Denim Legging gods. They were listening and fit was achieved. The colours aren't true, it was dark outside when I took this photo.

Jeans leggings
I've also had a crush on tiny quiches and lemon meringue tarts: I've made two batches of each, and more no-knead bread made with Atta flour as suggested by Jan.

There was a little special happening for a few moments at the lights on Sunday. Tony Robinson, Baldrick of BlackAdder fame, was filming an interview for one of his Time Walks. He'd been in town for a few days hosting rebellions and such like. I don't know who he's talking to, but I'll see when the programme is shown later this year or next.


And now we're off to bed. I slept for 3 hours this morning as I was feeling a little bit swimmy and dizzy in the head. Not poorly as such, but not quite right. And I am sure there are myriad people who would agree I am not quite right. If I'm still feeling dizzy tomorrow, it's off to the doctor for me.



Hope you feel better now. My brother had a really bad headache two days ago and quite a bit of dizziness. He had an early night and was OK the next morning, a bit washed out but the dizziness had gone. Perhaps you have something like that too. Perhaps peri rolled in something like a dead possum. A pity she can't run along outside the car. Labs seem to like smelly things.

Love the "teachery" material.


I am still in awe of how much knitting you are getting done Cindy. I have a baby blanket & 2 commission jumpers that i'm feeling under pressure to complete & i'm trying to find my motivation to finish them so i can work on what i want to instead of what i have to. I don't like being under pressure at all & neither does my body :(

I like your hat. i love hats, but they hate me!

so funny with gilly & the metal plates then peri herding her across. peri can certainly find those smells can't she...poor you having to be in the car with her!

I like both of those cardi patterns. particularly the pleat on the back. i'm with you 100% on the waist illusion front LOL

are these leggings separate ones to the ones you have already shown us? you are certainly having great luck this year :)

I love the new fabrics too. i've never been onto the fat quarter website before. i'll have to go & have a look=see. I'm just starting to teach my 14 yo neice how to sew & it might be economical for us to check out these prices as one of the projects she wants to make is a kimono style robe which will take a bit of fabric i'd say. worthwhile looking anyway


I love how you have captured Peri's bliss as she rolled around in whatever smelly item she found. I could just picture how you had to drive home breathing through your mouth. I once drove home with the windows rolled down during a very cold winter day because I had 2 smelly dogs in the car.

I also love your new hat. I have not made sock weight hats before even though I have no problem knitting sock weight sweaters. Might have to do that next.


Tony Robinson!!! Well, I had been wondering what he had been up to lately. I miss Black Adder.

lynne s of oz

Goodness - no wonder you are feeling a little swimmy - you've been a very busy bee!
Seeing Tony Robinson, even if from afar. Choosing all those lovely cardigans - they will keep you busy for a while. Making and baking yummy things. Choosing dress patterns to make.
I love the way the Opal sock yarn blends in to the hat - it is amazing!
Poor Gilly, discovering that nasty cold metal plates bite toeses.


I hope you feel better soon. I dont like those days when you dont feel quite right. Your knitting patterns look wonderful. I am thinking I need to knit more cardigans as I generally get too hot with sweaters. Poor Gilly not being able to cross. I feel like that when I have to walk over somewhere high and there is a big drop next to it. Your jeans/leggings look great. I have to say those little lemon pies look very delicious!


Yay for successful jeans/leggings purchases! Am so glad I didn't steer you wrong!
I have out the Aislinn pattern into my (ridiculously long) queue too. I really like the lace and the waist tie. And the knitted pleat on the other cardi is just too clever!
Little lemon meringue pies! Want!


I hope you are feeling better soon :)


Love that action shot!! I hope you are feeling more normal and less dizzy tomorrow - no doctors visit to be needed please! You've got lots going on with all that knitting. The emerald wool is a gorgeous colour. And that new fabric? Very nice indeed! I'm thinking about all the things I could put it to use for in my classroom and there are lots but would involve some sewing, which is in the can't be bothered department lately.


I hope you're feeling a whole lot better now. What beautiful knits. I like Aislinn and can't wait to see you knit it.

Jennifer Rose

awww poor gilly :( she looks so upset

sky gets the same with any bridges we have to cross, she hates them


hmmm little meringue pies. and cute puppies. see how i focused on the important things. seriously though i wish they had those jeans in my size too because the colours are fantastic. they will look great with your new cardigans. i wish it was cold here too but not yet. sigh.


Great hat. I enjoy knitting hats but I am not a hat person. Asilinn is a beautiful pattern and I have it on my list. I think the ties are great instead of buttons. Hope you find the right yarn for this cardigan.

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