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Alas, Poor Yorick! I Nude Him, Horatio.

Why anyone would want to participate in a nude Winter's Solstice swim I know not, but I do feel it is very harsh for The Police to ban the event. I've seen people wearing only slightly more than that in the street and at the beach and there can be less than nothing on TV. If members of The Public don't want to see the Art of Dark Mofo, they could just not look.

Autumn is definitely here today, no Summer dress today, and I wore my hand-knitted socks, scarf, mittens and hat to walk The Labradors. We saw Rafa and Sandy. Sandy had not encountered mittens before and he pulled one off my hand and ran away with it. The temptation of a seaweed rice cracker was too much and he brought it back, dribbly, but intact.

It's drizzly and gloomy and I have started taking Vitamin D again. Just heard from the BOM on the radio that it was down to 6*C today. It was cold. We had Sun yesterday. Peri was sunbathing and having her belly rubbed. She'd be banned by The Police if they spotted her having a swim.

Peri loves sun bathing
Miss Lorelai Gilmore has been making mud again. The ground has been soaked by some good rain, and there is a lot of digging to be done. And a lot of faux black boots to be worn. Inside. If we are not careful.

Gilly's self gumboots
This afternoon, while I was knitting and watching first Lewis and then DCI Banks, they were curled up together being ever so cute on the couch.

Sleepy pups
I am knitting Ovaltine (or Milo) What a wonderful pattern and I don't know why I haven't knitted it before. I am doing the Hugs and Kisses XOXO cable option. It is ever so sweet!!! I've run out of wool, so it will need to wait till tomorrow to be finished.

Half cup of Ovaltine
I sewed a bunny for baby Zoe. I sewed it a while ago, but forgot to take a photo and so I had to unwrap it. It was wrapped in Labrador Christmas paper that said 'Imagine this is Easter paper', so I expect I can wrap it properly now.

A Bunny
In clothes news, there may have been a sale and I may have, on purpose, put four more pairs of green jeans on lay-by. Four new greens. But they were on sale and instead of $210, they were only $140, a whole third off. Too good to pass up.

Oops I did it again
In an 'I should have thought of that before' moment I realised that no matter how I cut this material,

Yes, well, I should have thought of that
there are always going to be interestingly placed circles on the bodice of a dress. Luckily, both Marilyn and Naomi have the option for a patterned skirt and a plain coloured bodice. I think I'll be going with that option.


I made some leek and chicken soup for tea and it was delicious. The poor Labradors missed out on the chicken, but they did have some yummy raw carrot and celery with their kangaroo and rice and some hot water from the kettle made it kind of soup-like.

Tomorrow I am baking a Malteser Cake for MrsDrWho's morning tea turn. It is totally covered with Maltesers, but I think that is too overboard even for me, and covering the top may be enough. Apparently the correct size of tin is crucial, so of course I shall just be using a tin I already own!!! I like to live in interesting cooking times....



We are Milo twins! I have just finished making a Milo in green with a love heart "cable" option on it for my impending niephew (niece or nephew), it's currently blocking on the dining room table. I will have to blog it when it is dry. The bunny for baby Zoe is lovely, I don't think the wrapping will last very long so whether it is Christmassy or not probably won't matter much :-)


that bunny is very cute...well are those puppies on the couch ! I guess there'll be a bit of knitting to be done to go with all the green jeans ?? loving the hugs and kisses pattern :)


Well, I think this is a first, but up here in the Northern Hemisphere, we are closer to the summer solstice than the vernal equinox and it's still cold enough to wear handknits.

And I'm hoping there's more DCI Banks. I just discovered it a few months ago and now it's over here. I'm looking forward to new episodes.


Oh Cindy....yet again you have given me a good chuckle over nude swimmers & labradores. I love to swim, but I too wonder at 'cold water' nude winter swimming....mind you I don't think it'd be a good look for me these days! LOL

These companions of ours are just such a joy aren't they!? I had an appointment (that lasted 3 hours!) with my haematologist this afternoon (evening actually when I left after her husband started chasing her up!! LOL). She lost a dearly loved cat a few months ago who died aged 20. Of course she was devastated.....but has just 'adopted' a new kitten. From the antics of her kitten I think it could be in the major league baseball :) So between her kitten & your girls I have had 'double delight' today with chuckles!

I love all the colours of your new jeans. I think Tanya (FDIL) would particularly love the ones on the right....this is the colour for their wedding next March.....I'm sure you'll agree that she has good taste :)

I think you may be right about the circle fabric...although it could be a bit of naughty fun, unless you end up with 'lopsided circles'! LOL

Your little buny is gorgeous. I'm sure baby Zoe will love it!!

Jennifer Rose

no problem with nude swimming, under the water you really cant see anything anyway. it does seem daft to ban the event, but people can be very prudish sometimes

the pattern of the fabric is so busy, i think the plain top option is best. might be overload for the eyes with all those circles

Judy Edmonds

Hey1 Back to the blogging world I come! Glad to see you and the puppies hale and hearty! (Sheeprustler, in case you have forgotten me over the last six months).

lynne s of oz

Goodness - I have two new babies on the way to DH's cousins (I always forget whether they are second cousins or firsts once removed - seconds I think). I think that I should make Milos for them. Unisex and quick to make with stash yarn. Hooray!
Quite frankly, wrt the nekkid swim, after a dip in the cold, few of the men will be on display anyway, though the ladies would be standing at attention....
Love the dress patterns and yes, bullseyes may not be the best for the bust.


Hooray for new clothing items purchased on sale! I also found some nice new jeans on sale (grey) at a fraction of the price. $210 down to $90. I was very excited. The Ovaltine vest looks like it is going to be very cute.
Autumn has finally arrived here also, loving the rugging up factor of the days and enjoying the sunshine. Not so much the frosty mornings and icy toed nights. Still 100% better than Summer however!


oh i like you may have found a sale and may have found ALL THE GREEN JEANS! it was very wet here earlier and my floor is dirty and even two days of weak sun havent dried it out. hence, today is wash the sheets and towels day. what is it with dogs and dirt? sigh. i love the bunny too!


Yay for green jeans on sale! I find it hard to pass up a bargain too, I don't blame you.

The bunny is very cute, I am sure Baby Zoe will love it.

I don't envy you having to wash those black boots off Gilly! Funny girl.

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