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Friday Food: Little Banana Pancakes

Friday Food was on the list for Friday, but then I had a doctor's appointment, went to see Star Trek Into Darkness with MrsDrWho and found it necessary to have a long rest.

So once again I have declared Saturday, Friday.

These are based on Jill Dupleix's banana pancakes, but honestly, who has the time or inclination to whip the egg whites separately and fold them in?? Not me. To make these more pikelety, add another teaspoon of baking powder, just one egg and only 3/4 cup of milk and proceed the same way. The mixture is best if you leave it to rest for 30 minutes, but if you are in a hurry, adding a squeeze of lemon juice and resting for 5 minutes could do the trick.

I made 18 little pancakes using my large tablespoon for each one. If you don't like banana, then substitute some grated apple, berries- frozen or fresh, or whatever fruit you fancy. These can be eaten straight away or frozen for later on.


Little Banana Pancakes   makes 16-ish

  • 2 eggs
  • 250ml milk
  • 1 tspn vegetable oil
  • 150g plain flour
  • 1 tspn baking powder
  • 1 tbspn caster sugar
  • pinch of salt
  • 2 bananas
  • butter or oil for frying
  • golden or maple syrup for drizzling
  • extra banana for presentation
  • pure icing sugar for dusting

Whisk the eggs, milk, sugar and oil. In another bowl sift the flour, salt and baking powder together.

Wet and dry
Make a well in the centre of the dry ingredients and, adding a little of milk and egg mixture, begin to incorporate the flour with a fork or whisk. Slowly pour in the wet ingredients as you stir until they are all well combined. You can sieve out any lumps, but I never do. Good whisking and sifted ingredients seems to help.

Refrigerate (and cover if necessary) for 30 minutes.

Mixing well
Slice the bananas, and here I'd like to say that a finer dice or mash may be more to your liking, and fold gently into the pancake mixture.

Heat a teaspoon of oil or butter in a pan over a medium heat and then add tablespoons of the pancake batter. If you drop it vertically from the tip of the spoon, rather then over the edge, it is supposed to make your pancakes rounder. I usually only make 3 at a time in my pan. Of course a non-stick electric frypan allows you to make lots more with no chance of disasters!!! Cook for about 2 minutes, or until the top of the pancake has lots of tiny bubbles. You can check underneath, but it should be golden brown. Flip the pancakes and cook for another 30-60 seconds then place on kitchen paper.

And continue as before, adding butter to the pan and cooking the little pancakes. You can keep them warm in the oven.

In the pan go the cakes
Serve with some extra sliced banana, a drizzle of golden or maple syrup and a dusting of pure icing sugar.

Little banana pancakes





Oh yum. I even have some real maple syrup I could use that my son brought back from Canada at Christmas :)


I just love that you are so flexible and can adjust by declaring Saturday just as good as Friday for banana pancakes. I can almost smell them from my computer!!!! Enjoy a fabulous weekend, you have earned it.


They look delicious :) I like the fact you also have green plates :)


yum! Could be a good way to use up that lone and aging banana in the fruit bowl...


Oh, yum! And I think you got Star Trek before we did, though I could be wrong. We were all about Iron Man 3 in this household. Somehow, my kids just haven't gotten into any version of Star Trek.


In my house, Friday was Sunday, as I had banana pancakes for breakfast (in bed, no less! Yum!)

Laurie (Moo!)

One of my favorite breakfast foods is banana pancakes. I make regular pancake batter, spoon into the pan and push a slice or two into the top side. I love the way it caramelizes when it's flipped. Add some crumbled bacon and I am in Heaven! Try it. :)

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