You Can't: Call Me. I'm Not On Line. You Can't Call Me, Call Me, Any Time.
That Old Black Magic's Got Me In Its Spool

Help Me, Obi One Can Call Me. You're My Only Hope.

The Internet and Phone are back. It was not, in fact, my ISP at all. It was the Evil Darth Telstra. It appears that the cables to my next door neighbour's house were cut by mistake, and they were offered call diversion and compensation. Because I am not a Telstra customer they just didn't bother with me at all. I rang and that is basically what Rob from Telstra told me: Ha ha boo sucks to you. My ISP explained that this happens pretty regularly, especially in older areas here where phone lines are archaic. I can complain to The Ombudsman, but as I have no details or names, they won't be able to do anything. I do intend to write and explain what happened, as perhaps if they receive enough complaints the Ombudsman may act. I asked my ISP person to pass on to the people I spoke to what had happened. I may have become a little short when they both insisted on reading me long scripts instead of really listening to my problem. It was all very civilised.

Hence I missed Friday Food and May The Fourth. But I did not have a Georgette Heyer decline or even a Florence Nightingale take-to-my-bed. Which is very good.

We had a massive and very scary hail and electric storm last week. Here's eight seconds of what it sounded like in my car:

I thought I would get out and my car's roof would be covered with dents, but it wasn't. The sky was black and there were rainbows and it lasted for about half an hour. At MrsDrWho's house it settled deeply, like snow, and still hadn't melted the next day. 

Dark skies, not the tv show

The weather has taken a distinctly Autumnal turn: close to 0*C overnight with heavy morning frosts, but beautiful sunny days at 19*C.

Frosty mornings
Peri took the opportunity to roll in the most awful smelly and yucky thing, her best yet. I ended up buying some pampering spray to try and mask the smell even after a bath.

Peri so smelly
Gilly decided that the almost complete felt Christmas plum pudding would be a good toy. And so now it is.

Gilly and the ex pudding
The Labradors do enjoy their walks together. They run so fast and range so far that they need giant drinks from puddles and a dip in the paddle pool when they come home. Lorelai Gilmore likes to follow where Peri leads.

West Lab Story
There has been some knitting. I've knitted up the two balls of wool into the back of Dreamy Vision (Aislinn) Yay. I love it. I am sad I didn't take more wool with me. I love the tubular cast on. It's as magic as turning a heel.

The back of Dreamy Vision

You can't see the Eiffel Tower lace very well and my close up photos are not terribly good.

I haven't found the rest of the 4ply to knit my convertible mittens so I've started a new 8ply pair. I think I can crank out a mitten a day. We'll see. The Walk MIttens are from a free pattern.

Walk Mittens
MrsDrWho's Lord of the Rings wool beret, My Precious,  is complete. I found the website for the wool, where you can buy all sorts of LOTR movie costuming. If only!!! There seems to be a severe lack of green though.

My Precious beret 2013
New denim leggings, or jeans as I like to call them, have been worn. Once with Labrador accessories, and once with MrsHouse Of's eldest daughter's new shoes. Surprisingly I could balance in them, even walk a little. Just.

Jeans, new
The passsionfruit vine is bearing fruit and a bumper crop too. I made melting moments with passionfruit filling last week for morning tea. I plan to try some passionfruit curd this week.

Passionfruit melting moments
Once the Sun goes down behind the hill at the back the temperature drops quickly every afternoon. It's 4-30pm and time to close all the windows and turn on the Warmy bed for Peri. There's chicken and vegetable soup to be made for tea and The Labradors' rice to be cooked and a mitten to be knitted. I have lots of blog posts to read and comments to answer. We plan to be online into the foreseeable future!!!



Glad you are back. My internet dropped out here shortly after I moved in. ISP finally found that Telstra had been in the big room downstair here where cables etc are. Telstra had disconnected my access while supposedly fixing one of their own customers.

I get lovely sun which shines in during the morning as sun is low enough for it to come in under my balcony roof. I face NE so have it for a while. In the afternoon, it comes from the side onto just the balcony. I can feel the chill descend the minute it goes off the balcony.


Peri & her smelly finds!! She sure can pick them huh! LOL I'm glad it's you that has to ride in the car home with her & not me.

We/ve had problems with Telstra too. Our phone was not working & it took them 2 weeks to fix it. We did get call diversion, but couldn't phone anyone as I'm a prepaid customer on my mobile. I haven't had a bill yet, but if they try to charge me for line rental I'll certainly have something to say about it.

The colour of your Dreamy Vision is my future DIL's favourite colour...I must show it to her....she'll be very pleased that you have such good taste :)

It's frustrating not to find what your looking for...especially when it involves woolly matters. Happens to me all the time. Just think you'll have 2 new pairs of mittens when you finally find the other wool.

MrsDrWho's hat looks the colour...Tanya (future DIL) also lkoves these type of hats...2 reasons to show her your post :)

love the jeggings...i'm glad you could balance in these shoes. i'd be flat on my face LOL

yum..i love passionfruit. i gave up growing mine as the cockies used to decimate my entire crop every year. i can never understand why they're so expensive at the shops easy to grow. maybe the growers feed the birds too!!


So nice to see you back! I missed you

The knitted all looks wonderful,the beret is especially divine

Telstra is truly evil. We avoid them like the plague

Aka Pixie


Telstra. Humph. Pathetic.

Peri certainly knows how to find smelly and yucky things. Poor you having to deal with that!

Loving your green jeans! Look at those heels! I think you need a pair, they suit you well!


Always entertaining to read about the Lab's adventures. Gilly sounds a lot like Rocco in her choice of toys. He's a handful. Your knitting is beautiful as always.


those girls enjoy different adventure every day - they know how to live ! love the jeggings - look very chic with the heels too ;)those melting moments would melt very easily into my mouth - send one over ? ! ;)


Lots of knitting keeping you busy and they all look great. You look good in leggings but not me with my fat calfs.


I'm so pleased you're back online :)

I love those green leggings - what a super colour. You certainly know how to do weather over there!!


I loved the line about the best yet smelly thing. It must have been foul to warrant spray!

The jeans and shoes! So great!!


Eventful! We didn't have the hail here, thank goodness! I'm glad your car was undamaged.

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