Friday Food: Little Banana Pancakes
Friday Food: Iced Vovo Tart

Lady Caroline La(m)b

Thank goodness The Ribbet has a Red Eye fix, or in my case a White Eye fix, because The Labradors' photo made them look mad, bad and dangerous to know. After their tea they decided to play rowdy games in the quite hard rain and in the dark. The Game also necessitated running inside, around the house, and then back out again.

Night time babies

After Byron threw Lady Caroline Lamb over, he married, and his daughter Ada was the woman who worked with Babbage on his computer. I wonder if I knew that and had forgotten? I think I did.

Earlier this week on our walk I was patting Peri and Gilly when I realised there were too many legs: Sandy had appeared out of nowhere. He is so strong, and the hill so slippery and gravelly, his dad lets him off the lead and we usually hear him thundering like a horse towards us. The wet ground must have absorbed the sound.

A vast behind Sandy, Peri, Gilly
I've finished The Walk Mittens. I am not sure I need buttons and loops. I'll see. I made a little pop-top for the right thumb. It works well enough. I have torn both my thumb nails about half a centimetre down from the top at the edge. It must have been the cold snap and not wearing rubber gloves enough. I am nursing them along with nail glue and tiny squares of tea bag material. I've noticed that when I click on Popular Posts on Bloglovin' they are mostly fashion, and nail polish. I am not a nail polish person, I am too gung ho and chip it after five minutes, but most of the popular world is nail polish obsessed it seems.

The Walk Mittens

Sadly, it hasn't been cold enough to wear my mittens, but I have been knitting away on the back of Dreamy Vision (Aislinn) I am going to attempt short row shoulders. I love the way it is looking, nice and long and such a nice green. I'll be ready to start a sleeve tomorrow. I knit a sleeve and a back to check how much wool I will need. The pattern says about 1859m, but so far I've only used 400m for the back so I may need less.

Dreamy vision back
Today I wore my sleeveless Pear dress to Leukaemia Support Group. It did rain and turn dark and cold later on, but I'm pleased to be getting so much mileage out of my dresses. And speaking of dresses, my Sew Serendipity patterns arrived from the US is eleven days. That's right, eleven days. Excellent service, and great communication. I am very happy.

In other complimentary news, Nestles has thoughtfully put a little hemispherical dip in the lid of their condensed milk so that when you slip your thumb under the ring pull, there is extra room and it is so much easier to open. And McKenzies has released Gelatine Leaves, with instructions in Australian and a clear indication of how many leaves to use for the amount of liquid you have.

I used the leaves to make The Iced Vovo Tart. It's going to be my Friday Food this week. There is no actual baking, but it does take all day to make, so you need a wet day at home and some dedication. I went to The Dutches' for tea on Sunday night and saw the wonderfully cute Bay Zoe. She's gorgeous and doesn't have her nasal gastric tube anymore and eats and is starting to talk. I am so happy for all The Dutches.

Iced vovo tart
I sewed a Bunny bag for The Dutches for a very late Easter present.

The Bunny Bag
I can't add any books to my Books I am Reading list because Typepad and Amazon are having issues again, but I picked up new Library books and there could be a day in bed reading later in the week.

In other happy news my sewing machine is back. MrsReno's dad kindly cleaned it and said that the plates were tight. I am not sure what that means, but I am so glad to have it back. MrsReno's dad has gone back home but when he comes back to visit I shall cook him something delicious to say thank you. He said he was very pleased to fix my machine because he is pleased people still like to sew!! How cool and kind is that???

MrsDrWho and I went to see Star Trek Into Darkness last week. We went on Friday at 6-30pm and there would only have been twenty people there. We saw it in 3D, because, well why not??!! It was great, it was full of lovely nods to the original series and explosions and Starship battles and angst and running and sacrifice. Pretty fabulous all round. I think they have done an excellent job with their casting and I could slightly swoon over Chris Pine's James T Kirk and Karl Urban's Bones. Oh my!!! I know some people pooh-pooh reboots, but I lived through the long Sci-Fi and Fantasy drought of the 80s and early 90s and so I am just ever so grateful that someone has gone to the trouble of making a new film that I can enjoy. It was over two hours long and by my usual rating system I did not look at the time once, didn't even think of the time I was totally engrossed, and ducking debris, for the whole time: so that's 5 Stars, A+++ and 10/10.



ooh, Dreamy Vision is going to be *lovely*! What a great pattern!


Oh look at your lovely iced vo-vo tart! You clever clogs!

I am so pleased for baby Zoe and her parents, how exciting to see her growing up.


That's so funny - I have the exact same movie rating system. If I look at my watch before two hours have passed, the movie is not for me.

Jennifer Rose

karl urban *swoon*

haven't seen the new star trek movie yet, but i did enjoy the first reboot


So glad your sewing machine is back and better.

The mittens looks wonderful. Well done.

Lol on the doggies game,too funny

Glad you enjoyed the movie


I like to paint my toes but nit my fingers as like you, the polish chips too easily with housework. That tart looks so good but it will be too much work for me.


Three labs are better than two! :)

I like all your projects.


I had to laugh over you finding too many legs when Sandy appeared...this used to happen to me with my kids, there always seemed to be 'extras' popping up from nowhere LOL

Your finished mittens look great. I just bought some wollmeise lace from a destash that is pretty much the same colour as your dreamy vision...lovely, such good taste! :)

Love the bunny bag, The Dutches are very lucky!

I'm glad you have your dewing machine back & working. MrsReno's dad sounds like a very kind man. I still have to put my machine in to be fixed, but have been sick haven't had a chance. I hope nothing needs to be mended urgently till it's fixed :(


What great news about Baby Zoe. So very pleased for the family.

I am curious though, why the thumb hole on the right mitten?? Is it something to do with leash attaching/detaching?

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