Friday Food: Rhubarb and Apple Pie

Rich Man, Poorly Woman, Beggar Man, Thief.

It's been very quiet at our house over the last week or so. I spent the better part of three days and three nights in bed, being poorly. Luckily I have trained The Labradors to nap and so they kept me company. Usually if I sleep all day I can't sleep a wink at night, but with a weird headache and various other miscellaneous symptoms, I needed round the clock restorative sleep. Knowing that there was something Going Around alleviated my worries and so I just waited until I started to feel better.

I know I wasn't well because I didn't really feel like eating: that's always a telling sign at our house. When I was little we had sweet bowls with a wide flat rim and we'd have stewed fruit with custard or ice-cream -never both- for dessert. When we came to a pip or stone, we'd put it on the rim and when we finished we'd say the rhyme Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief, counting to find out who we would marry when we grew up. Everyone, even my dad!!!

I spent most of today counting minutes, waiting in Pathology at the Hospital for my blood test. I left home at 9-30am. I arrived there at 9-37 and waiting until 10-20, whereupon I had to leave for my Psychologist's appointment. Then back to the hospital at noon-ish and I eventually arrived home at 1-45pm. Really, I'm glad I have time on my hands so I can wait in the Hospital. I'm not complaining, just a bit incredulous at the long wait. I did start reading my new Library book. It's part two of a series and I thought I'd read it before, but I hadn't. So I read like a madwoman. When I came home we all went to bed with a cup of tea and I read some more until my eyes were so tired they itched. It's a good book: The Gathering of the Lost. Oh and the Typepad linky typelist is working again so I can start adding the backlog of books to my list in the Green Column.

Mr Tennis, Rafa's dad, and I have been discussing what kind of consciousness dogs possess. We believe they do possess a consciousness, but perhaps not a meta consciousness. Peri is good at problem-solving. She was on one side of the fence and Gilly on the other. Peri wanted to be with Gilly. She tried sticking her whole body through the wire, but that didn't work. Then off they ran together,

The grass is greener 1
up to the top where the fence ended where they were happily reunited. They ran back to tell me how clever they were. They look very excited.

The grass is greener 2
I finished the little Ovaltine vest. I loved knitting it. I have a few loose stitches at the corners of the straps. I think I may be able to ease the looseness out across a few stitches. I like the way a photo seems to make the X and O cables stand out.

It puts them in focus, kind of the same way I find saying something out loud makes it real. I'm always in a contemplative mood after I see my psychologist. Today I am being grateful, and it's easy to be grateful for Labradors when they greet you at the gate when you come home.


I am sewing. It's a milestone (and no-one ever says kilometrestone, do they?) birthday for MrsDrWho, in fact a slew of friends are having a milestone birthday. So I've made a plan, I'm checking it twice and I am making her some interesting gifts!!!

Sewing thing
In another milestone I have opened the Spare Room door. I am forced to call it the Spare Oom, after Narnia. I am making an effort to eventually go into the Spare Oom and make it my Sewing and Craft Oom, instead of just a Spare Oom that we never go into. I am picturing some of those bookcases that are made of squares for storage. It is a bit exciting. I'll need a heater and a fan too. There's already a couch for Peri and Gilly.

Moore's Law says that the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles every two years (or eighteen months). Moore saw this trend over fifty years, but how does this affect me?? The price of SD cards for my digital camera has plummeted over the years. In 2003 a 32MB card cost about $100, but now a 4GB card only costs $8. I actually only want to buy a 2GB card, because I am afraid to have 1524 photos on just one card, but 4GB is the smallest I can seem to find now. Using my mathematical trickery, I worked out that the 4GB card would have cost $12,800 way back in 2003. If I could borrow that Delorean and take a thousad back to 2003, I'd be as rich as Croesus!!!

The GardyGardeners come tomorrow and I'm making Pigs in Blankets and I think some pikelets with lemon curd and cream. It's The Labradors' favourite time of the week and they may even get a tiny piece of scone for themselves. Life is good.



do hope you're feeling better now, or if not, very very soon...thank goodness you have those love four-legged girls to keep you company...I know with absolute certainty that our furry friends can often work things out as well if not better than we can, they just can't speak English !!
used to love the rich man, poor man game too...played it often...take care of you and your girls x

Judy Edmonds

So, who did your dad marry when he grew up :)

Clever dogs, and how welcoming it is to see happy faces when you come home.

Nice vest, very cute :)


Oh pikelets! I do love a pikelet! The problem was that mum could never make them as fast as I ate them! And now that I am the one cooking them, I never get to eat them!

I hope you are feeling better - you have exciting plans for the Spare Oom to implement!


So glad you are feeling better. The girls know how to take care of you! The vest is adorable.
Happy sewing surprises.

Jennifer Rose

awww the girls look so sad through the gate, like where have you been and you didnt take us! :p


Oh, so sorry to read you have been poorly! Sending get well wishes your way for a speedy recovery.
Awful how long people have to wait at our hospitals. Hope all your tests are fine.
The girls are very, very clever indeed. Love seeing photos of them running together. Always happy and having fun.
Nothing better than a couple of wet noses to welcome one home 8)
Looking forward to seeing what you make for MrsDrWho's milestone birthday.
I wonder what word people in the future will use once 'milestone' eventually becomes redundant. There must be children around now wondering what a 'mile' is. Do students still learn both miles and kilometres in school?
Interesting calculations on your SD cards LOL I never go back and make comparisons.
Wishing you and the girls a wonderful day with the GaryGardeners and look forward to the before and after shots, if you are feeling up to it.
Take care.


I do hope your feeling much better. The craft room sounds like my mum's spare room which you can just walk into. She keeps saying she will tidy it up but I dont know where she would put anything in there into other parts of the house. I hope you get yours finished so you can enjoy it. The pancakes with lemon curd sound delightful on a cold autumn morning. I had a giggle when you said about the card, yes it would be nice if we could travel back and regain the cost of some things wouldnt it. I hope you have a wonderful week without any hospital visits or sickness.


I'm sorry you were feeling poorly. Glad your puppies snuggle up to you.

The vest is adorable. The cables are fabulous


Happy the worst is over and you're feeling better. I say Spare Oom too in honor of dear Mr. Tumnus. It will be fun fixing the room/oom up for all your crafting. The cute vest looks like a keeper for baby gifts.


I love the idea of the Spare Oom becoming your craft room - a truly magical place. Our pets are so precious to us- I love seeing my kitties waiting by the front door when I arrive home.

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