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That Old Black Magic's Got Me In Its Spool

The Craftsy Block this month is a spool (the picture is clicky to see the BOM), actually it is seven 7 inch spools like this:

Craftsy spools

I didn't really like the pattern and so I found a free pattern and we all agreed to sew that instead. I think it really does look like an old fashioned cotton wheel wound wildly with thread. First MrsReno and MesSherlock.

Craftsy May spools
And then mine and some of MrsDrWho's. She's had an interesting week thus far, so just made part of her block.

Craftsy BOM May
I am part way through sewing the second spool. Next fortnight is catch up evening so I hope to finish my other circle and fan blocks and then there will be ten. Wow, that was fast!!!

The Walk Mittens have been quite fast too. I just have the thumbs to knit. I had to wait until they were both finished as I want to make the thumb of the right mitten with an opening and I couldn't do that till I'd knitted the left thumb. And of course, I knitted the right mitten first.

Almost Walking

There is the little loop to be crocheted at the top of the pop-overs and two buttons to be sewn onto the cuffs and after the thumbs they are ready to be worn. The weather is strange, some places are expecting 25*C tomorrow, and I'm back to wearing Summer dresses with a cardigan that I can take off when it's too hot. This may be the first year when I wear a Summer dress in Winter, just twenty-two days to go to find out. It was frosty and foggy this morning and I wore my new hat.

I ordered new dress patterns from Sew Serendipity. The postage from the US was just $3 per pattern so I ordered two: Marilyn and Naomi.


Naomi will need a lower scoop neck and maybe Marilyn will need a slightly higher and shorter waist. I  love them both and they are shown in different fabrics to give you design ideas.

And now The Labradors. Peri is the most beautiful dog in the whole wide world. She in the middle of swishing her tail because she's been a good girl and come straight away when called.

Peri, the most beautiful dog in the world

And Miss Lorelai Gilmore is always a good girl and the most beautiful pup in the whole wide world. Except maybe today when she ran into the bush seeking the horrible smelly thing, but she did come back when I used my Teacher's voice.

Gilly, the most beautiful pup in the world

I don't think I'm up to knitting a thumb, or two, tonight. I had rice, milk and a sprinkle of brown sugar for my tea, I suppose it's nursery food, but as a child it was something we had quite often. We ate macaroni the same way, all Italians are probably scandalised now.

So it's a cup of tea, the ABC News and then an early night for us all.



The girls as usual are gorgeous. a friend of my daughter has just bought a sharpei pup that he's sharing with us all on facebook. his puppy is just so smooshy.....dogs are trully a wonderful part of the family aren't they!

those patterns look lovely. can't wait to see what fabric you use for them :)

your walk mittens are looking good. i hate knitting the thumbs & fingers in mitts. i still have a pair of mitts i made for my youngest son 5 years ago & still haven't knit these on them to finish. :(

all the blocks made look good, but i have to say that i like yours the best!! the fabrics you have used are really lovely....particularly the 'thread' section.


I love those two patterns! Look forward to seeing your Cindy-ised versions!

I don't much like knitting thumbs either, I don't think I'll ever knit gloves, all those fiddly fingers!

We often have creamy rice in our household! Cream, not milk! Will have to try it with brown sugar, nice variation.


What wonderful pups :)

I love those mittens you are making. I'm completely thrilled to see your lovely quilts. I really want to make a quilt myself.

Jennifer Rose

i want to draw those photos, the girls look so nice and sweet :)

i like the marilyn dress, makes me wish i could sew clothes

your blocks look good, that is a much better pattern to use

Linda Leslie

oh the dresses are gorgeous Cindy I can't wait to see them made!!


The block of the month thing is going great by the looks of it. Thanks to you I'm now a craftsy fan and am currently trying to decide on where to start!

Those dresses! Aren't they lovely!!


Your mittens are wonderful. I have yet to attempt thumbs lol.

The girls are gorgeous as always

The dresses look quite divine


I love the Marilyn dress and I am sure you would look great in either one of them. Mittens are good for cold mornings and I wear them when I go to the farmers market early in the morning.


"Miss Lorelai Gilmore is always a good girl and the most beautiful pup in the whole wide world. Except maybe today when she ran into the bush seeking the horrible smelly thing, but she did come back when I used my Teacher's voice." - I giggled so hard when I read this. Being a teacher myself and a Labrador Mama, I know exactly what you mean. Lovely!

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