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Friday Food: Apple Pastries

Beauty Is In The i Of The Beholder

Well, I had such a lovely time with my mum and aunt, but the two of them could outwalk, outlast, outplay me. We ate out, we ate in, we had High Tea for lunch, we shopped and we went to the Harvest market. We talked and had cups of tea. We found some red and white silk which I can hem and make into a scarf for my mum. Red is not 'in' this year right now.

I have no pictures, though I did take up the sleeves on my mum's tops.


I have since been doing quite a lot of sleeping, walking The Labradors, and sleeping. I did go out for tea with MrsMauritius and Bella'sMum. After twenty-four years we still catch up semi-regularly and chat as if we were teaching together at school only yesterday.

I've baked more TimTam brownies, a controversial cake, special chocolate biscuits, apple pastries from days of yore and made coconut ice.

Peri has been for her pro-op check up at the vet. We saw Dr Marion who had a good look at both her lumps. Peri is going to hospital next Tuesday and I have made sure I have no appointments so that I can stay home and she doesn't have to wear a bucket/cone on her head. Peri was very excited to be at the vet and she met another Labrador called Abby.

Peri preop vet Peri preop vet 1
Poor Lorelai Gilmore was left home alone, locked inside so her piteous howling didn't disturb the neighbours. I left her with a carrot and a treat, but she pouted the whole time we were away and would only eat them when we came home. She has her unhappy ears on.

Gilly was left at home alone
Our newest Leukaemia Support Group nurse has left to have a baby and so I sewed some bibs for her. It's a nice easy pattern and they are reversible. I even had success with the hammer on snaps the first time. We have our Lovely Nurse back again. She has a beautiful Labrador called Charlie.

BibsThere has been so much rain in the last week, that there was a flood at the bottom of the hill. There's a video here. We've had 90mm, almost 4 inches, in the last week. Lots of thunder and lightning storms and flood warnings. The dam is overflowing right to the top curvy part.

Dam that's high

I am so spoiled and so lucky: some of my friends, together, bought me an iPad. When MrsDrWho gave it to me, I cried and she cried. My friends and family spoil me, I am very lucky to be loved so much. I have an ABC app so I can listen to the usual radio programmes when the cricket and football are on. And I ask Siri about the weather quite often. I think I need a sewing organisation app and a knitting app too, to help count rows and organise patterns. Peri and Gilly are not so sure it is a good thing, as I pay attention to the iPad to their detriment they feel.

And Ducks Flying Up The Wall magnets!!!!

Ducks flying up the wall
Meanwhile I am eye-sad as I trod on my inside glasses. I knocked them off the ironing board one evening and they are camouflaged on the dark floor boards. While I was fending off Labradors I managed to tread right on my glasses, scratch the lenses and break off both the arms. Good thing I was thinking of buying a new pair. I have stuck them together with sticky tape to be going on with. Oh dear.

Eye sad
MrsDrWho says there should be at least a four hour gap between waking up from a nap and going to sleep at night. The Labradors woke me up at 5-30pm, so it's just about the perfect time to go to sleep now. maybe a nice cup of Sleep Tight tea and a hotwater bottle, oh and a treat for Peri and Gilly.



Sounds like a great time with your mum and aunt. Exhausting but good.

That photo of Gilly makes me laugh. It seems she was working on her pouting, cranky face all the time you were out. Down to perfection. I hope you felt very guilty for not taking her too.

What lovely friends you have. I use my iPad a lot and thoroughly enjoy it. Have fun exploring it. I have the ABC app too and use it.


so glad to hear of all the happy times, the girls are looking good as ever - hope Peri does well in hospital and has a speedy recovery - sending special wishes to a lovely lady from the West xo


So glad the vet is taking good care of Peri. She deserves extra ear scratches. Good friends are such a blessing. How nice to get a surprise iPad!!!! Rest up for the weekend.


I'm glad you had a lot of fun with your mum and aunt. It's good that you were able to rest after all of that activity. I hope Peri's visit at the hospital goes well. And Gilly's unhappy ears are very cute. Buddy does the same thing where he doesn't eat the treats we leave him until we get home. You have wonderful friends to have given you an ipad. I admit that it does suck up a lot of time, especially if you like to play games.


Sounds like a very busy time for you.

I'm so glad you were given an iPad. I love mine.


Sounds like you were worn out from your adventures. I love the bibs, so cute and bright. I hope your glasses dont fall apart with the sticky tape.


Look at those unhappy ears! Wishing speedy healing for Peri. Pretty bright bibs! What fantastic friends you have!! I must go through at least 2 pairs of sunglasses a year due to dropping, stepping on, sitting on, etc.


what wonderful friends to get you an iPad. It sounds like you love it already. I love mine to bits and use it everyday.

Jennifer Rose

Gilly sure does know how to make a sad face :p

glad you had a good time with family :)

peri looks so happy in those photos :)

enjoy messing around with the ipad :)


It's so great having such lovely friends and I am sure you will find the iPad very useful. It's my can't do without knitting tool.


An iPad! How lovely, and how well-deserved. I love my iPad!

Poor Gilly, that sad sad face and ears! What a funny girl. I hope Peri's visit to hospital goes well.

I'm so glad you had a lovely visit with your mum and aunt, and hope you are getting lots of catch-up sleep in!


I hope Peri's operation goes well. I know you have great vets who look after your girls very well! Gilly looks so sweet with her unhappy ears on :)

You have such lovely friends to buy you an I=Pad. I hope you have lots of fun using it!

Love the 'green' bibs. So pleased you will still have a nice nurse for the support group.


i am catching up on posts! i am glad to hear you had good time with people and so so happy that you got given an ipad. sometimes, people can be so good it takes my breath away! and you thoroughly deserve it. i hope it brings much joy to your days. i am worried about peri needing an op... i shall read on...


Aww look at the face of woe!! I laughed out looud very loudly (sorry Gilly) when I saw it, it is just so adorable!

What fabulous friends you have, I bet you are enjoying your iPad!

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