Friday Food: Apple Pastries
Friday Food: Baked Cheesecake

Peri Tales

Peri is home after her operation.

Warning: there are pictures of her wounds.

She was looked after extremely well by all the doctors and nurses, and Doctor Tim removed her lumps. The lump on her leg turned out to be a tumour, and not just a fatty lump. When I asked Doctor Tim if that meant I should start looking for a new puppy, he laughed and said no. They have sent the tumour off to be analysed, but even if it is cancer, it is most likely to be low grade. It came out in one piece, but some cells could still be left behind. Peri is 12-ish already and may grow another lump in the same spot, but maybe not before she is Quite Old anyway. As with Harki, we won't be amputating anyone's legs any time soon.

MrsDrWho found a much better alternative to a cone or bucket: it's a Kong CloudCollar. It cost about $30 and I let Gilly wear it first the day before the operation. This ensured that Peri would want to try it out too. Gilly is giving Peri a kiss. They both think it is a fun game to play: wear the collar!!!

Peri in a ring gilly kisses her
Here we are at the vet.

Before the op
And here's what Gilly did while Peri was away: she watched the house, carefully, and waited outside the chemist while I picked up my prescriptions.

What Gilly did next
At two o'clock I rang the vet and then at 2-15 I went in and they let me pat Peri in Recovery. She was kind of asleep, still dopey and howling like a wolf. She didn't really know I was there.

When we came home at five o'clock my very kind next door neighbours helped me put Peri on an old quilt and we carried her down all the stairs. She had roast chicken for tea and a big drink of water. Peri then proceeded to roam about aimlessly, but in a determined fashion, until 10-19pm, when she finally fell asleep.

Peri camping in the lounge room
We were all camping in the lounge room, but she insisted on going to proper bed at 2-30am. Gilly thought is was all rather fun, jolly hockey sticks, rah, rah, rah!! (The D-Generation who thought Jane Austen was a car)

Gilly camping in the ring
This morning Peri was able to put a little weight on her leg, she ate roast chicken again and then had a nice sleep in the afternoon sun.

Peri asleep in the sun

We have to go back to the vet for a check up on Friday and then it's stitches out the following Friday. I was allowed to use my judgement with the painkillers and so I gave her one this morning instead of tonight.

Gilly has been such a good girl, very gentle and even though she's been excited, she has been extra kind to Peri.

Meanwhile, I have finished my Green Loop socks. They are the Knitty pattern Froot Loops. Almost. Ta da!!!

Green loops 2013
MrsDrWho, WeeJock-and-Bessie's Mum and I had breakfast out. MrsDrWho recommended the Ricotta hotcakes. They were so delicious: blueberry ricotta hotcakes poached pear and rhubarb, marscarpone and seeds. She and I could have eaten it twice, except we actually couldn't.

Breakfast out
My iPad has been wonderful these last few days. I can lie in bed and look at The Internet and check emails. I can take photos and watch TV!! It has made my life a little bit easier as I was all of a dither yesterday. I did not collapse in a heap or go to bed and cry as I would have done last year.

Gilly and I baked a cheesecake for the Vet so I have my Friday Food; ready to go.

The weather is cooling down, so I am going to try and persuade Peri to come inside and we might all have a nap in bed. I am rather too old for camping in the lounge room. It is a big relief for Gilly and me that Peri is home and that she is starting to feel better. I suspect my biggest problem will be keeping her quiet and still while she convalescing!!!



I'm so glad Peri is ok. Must have been very stressful for you

iPads are the best invention ever !

Those hot cakes look delicious!

Take care


I'm glad Peri is recovering well. That's an interesting looking collar she's now wearing. Roast chicken twice? You know what she'll expect next time she has to go to the vet even for something very minor...

I love my iPad. I read the newspaper on it when I eat my breakfast.

That breakfast looks delicious.


It sounds like Peri has done extremely well with her operation. Isnt it so cute that they both love each other so much. I hope that all the results come back with a good outcome!

bella's mum

Glad that Peri is recovering so well.
Might have to invest in an iPad by the sound of it!


So pleased Peri is ok and on the mend.

I agree with you on the iPads. They are so convenient, as I am finding out too. Purchased mine about a month ago.


Peri is an excellent patient; I'm happy she is recovering like a trooper. Why didn't someone think of the Kong collar long ago? So much more convenient and much less humiliating than the cones.


Oh Gilly is so sweet giving Peri a kiss. Poor Peri. I'm so glad she came through the operation OK....I hope she's not in too much pain. I will be thinking of you while you wait for the biopsy results.

I love your Green Loop Socks...such a lovely colourway in your yarn. I haven't seen any Knitabulous Yarn in real life.

Good luck keeping Peri quiet Cindy....I hope Gilly doesn't rouse her up too much :)

Andrea Hay

I'm glad that your girl is ok.

Am jealous the cafe was open for you!!


I'm so happy Peri is doing so well! And Gilly is such a good girl too!


get well soon Peri...such beautiful girls, they lucky they have such a lovely Mum...those socks look fabulous xo


firstly, another yum. i really need to make myself some pancakes. secondly, oh my gosh how did peri get to be 12? possum has some lumps but they assure me they are fatty and so i wont put her through the operation. i am crossing everything that even the tumour turns out to be not dangerous for peri. i hope you are both ok *hugs*


best wishes to dear Peri with her recovery. Lying in the sun looks very inviting for the convalescent


Good brave Peri and lovely gentle Gilly. I hope Peri recovers nicely, I am sure roast chicken and Gilly kisses will help immensely. I hope you are looking after yourself too, am sure ricotta pancakes are medicinal, and should be taken liberally on a daily basis.

Catherine Roberts

Oh poor Peri! Hope she ll be running around and back to her self very soon

Jennifer Rose

:( poor peri, get better soon. that is an impressive war wound

dogs seems to know to be gentle when another dog is hurting (most of them time)

I couldn't keep sky still after she was neutered and the drugs had worn off. you would not have thought she had an operation the day before. but she didnt get a cone of shame, was just told to not let her chew and if she did then get a cone. i think those collars are a much better idea for the dog, look a lot more comfortable then the cones


Poor Peri! It sounds like she is being a very good patient though as well as Gilly being a good nurse. I'm glad you had something to distract you a bit from the worries.


So sorry to hear dear Peri has had to go to the vets and I am very glad to hear that she is on the mend after her op. Those collars are a great idea. I hope she is continuing to improve.

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