I Love You, A Bushel And A Check (Up)
Friday Food: Totally Chocolate Choc Chip Cookies

Since Shoe Been Gone, All That's Left Is A Band Of Gold.

Peri is feeling very well. She can extricate herself from the Cloud Collar with contortions worthy of Houdini, but I foiled her today when I tightened her collar quite a lot. Maybe she has lost weight???

Every day she is a little bit better, so much so that I have had to shut us in the dining room and lounge to make Peri rest. Gilly is just as bad: they run and play Who can get the cup??

Miss Peri recuperating.
On our walk today I let Peri off her lead to trot along with Gilly. We are actually on our way back to the car, I was walking backwards and I had biscuits in my pocket so I was worth following.

Peri and Gilly trot along
MrsSingapore, MrsDrWho's sister, discovered Coles Online and so Peri received a wondrous Get Well gift the other night!!! She can't quite believe it. Gilly can. If they share tiny foil tray every second day, Peri's present will last for four months!!!


MrsDrWho had an excellent idea and I liked it a lot. I shall be reviewing the food from Recipes to Riches every week. For those not in the know the show is sponsored by Woolworths (one of the big two monopoly of supermarkets in Australia) and each week three people, who have their own special family recipes, compete to have their food on the shelf in Woolies, or as I still call it Roelf Vos. The show is on Tuesday and you can buy the product on Wednesday. I am not sure if I like the show yet, but as it gives me something to taste and talk about, it is worth its weight in frilly knickers.

Croq box

This week's winner was Connie and her croquettes. 60% of the public they asked didn't know what a croquette was. These are rice and potato, with parmesan and bacon, and found in the freezer section. One packet costs $5-99.

There are ten in a pack and a serve is ONE croquette. They bake in twelve minutes, which is quite quick. I was disappointed to see that they had other additives and E numbers that were not in the original recipe.

I think they are OK. It is a bit weird having rice and potato. They are quite soft and not really crispy. I prefer crispy.  The cheese and bacon flavour is salty, but I don't eat a lot of salt ordinary.

Would I buy them again?? No. I'd rather make my own, but they would be good in a snack emergency. For some reason I can't photograph these. I even cooked the other five and tried again. I'm really tired, my brain isn't working properly. Looking after an invalid can be stressful.

Croqs cooked
There has been more sock knitting. I've branched out into some red possum for MrsValley. I'm using the modified Monkey lace pattern from here, and so I have called them City Park Socks: we have monkeys in our park. On the left is the as yet unnamed sock, and on the right the Hand-eye Co-ordination second sock that just needs the toes to be grafted.

All my socks
I have new shoes, well technically I have a new shoe because one is in the car or in a bag in the bedroom. They are Homyped shoes. They are leather and fabric which I have already made grubby with Labrador grime. I shall have to put these on outside the gate and take them off before I come in again. They are lovely, very stylish and so comfortable. Big thanks to my sister!!!!

Shoes that are green

My kind neighbours fixed my falling down fence. I like to think of it as retro, or vintage, maybe shabby chic!! Now it won't fall over and no Labradors can visit next door. It did mean that I actually met my next to next door neighbours properly, which was exceedingly nice.

Gilly does not like the iPad. I pay it too much attention. The night before last while I was reclining in bed saving a Princess she gently tapped the iPad cover with her paw or nose and it fell straight onto my top  lip with the full force of gravity. Ouch. My lip was split and bleeding. I held ice in a flannel on it for about an hour. The swelling has gone down and now it only hurts when I smile, or eat something salty. How do people ever be in a fight?? I am such a sooky lala that I would be crying Pax at the first opportunity.

Gilly loves muddy puddles as you can see. Luckily there were enough deep, clean puddles so that she washed all the mud off.

Gilly and the mud
I've joined Instagram but I don't know how to work it and I'm not sure I understand it either. I'm a Luddite. In spite of help.

The weather is heating up, it's going to be 20*C this weekend which prompted me to buy the ball of wool I needed to finish Petrea. Or try to.

Tomorrow Peri has her stitches out and Gilly is lucky enough to have her claws clipped. Yay!! Everyone is going to the vet.

Oh and I am listening to the Opposition Assistant Treasurer on PM and is sounds to me like he's really The Terminator!!! Click through and just listen with your eyes closed for a few seconds!!!

Speaking of voting, here's a site that lets you organise your Below The Line voting before you go to the electoral booth. You can print it out and take it with you so you remember the order. I love voting below the line so I can choose exactly who goes last. It pleases me no end. NB You can't use the print out as a voting form.



I used to make salmon croquettes at school in cooking class and have always loved them...I might be inspired to give them another go ! The shoes are very pretty, they look like party shoes :) So glad to hear Peri is hopping and bopping again, you must be very relieved...hope your lip is not too sore though ;)What a wonderful gift for the girls...many happy hours of munchies there...love from the West xo

Catherine Roberts

So glad The girl is looking better,Tilly has also healed a bit too,she had two raw patches one inside her front leg and another on hind,to the point of bloody looking,the kind vet siad salt water bath but when i checked today she'd healed up. Thxs for recipie linky,I have to try them!!As for Instagram I havnt been there yet...


I too vote below the line and sent my postal vote in yesterday. I will be away that weekend and don't want the hassle of having to fit a visit to booth to do an absentee vote.

As I did, I was remembering hearing to some contestants in a competition how they had all done well, but unfortunately, there could be only one winner.

I have found the reverse this election. Unfortunately there can be only one to come #110 in NSW. There are many candidates deserving of coming last.

Glad to see Peri is recovering well.


I am so happy that Peri is doing well. She looks great!! I bet it's difficult to keep both of them from being so active but that means that Peri is doing great!

Jennifer Rose

lol gilly :p thats you told ;) but ouch

love the shoe :D really nice colour and not too high

that is a lot of dog food!


hmm, the croquettes don't really look that appealing, do they? As you say, handy to have on hand, but homemade will probably win out every time. It's an interesting concept for a TV show though...

and the look on that dog's face, in the treat shot, is priceless!


What a good idea to review the food! I didn't watch the show but I might give it a go now that Masterchef is Dead To Me (sigh, what a terrible series this one has been). One croquette per serve? I don't think so! Connor and I could polish off the whole packet between us, I'd say. I might give them a try, they might be handy to have in the freezer.

Look at that treat package for the girls! Oh my! Better than .christmas!!


So pleased Peri is doing well.

The shoes are delightful.

I lurve the digging photo! Too cute.


haha, i love that picture of the girls with their present! so lovely to have friends to send them such things. those croquettes look a bit dodgy to me, not really my kind of thing, but i am glad to have you trying them out for us! love those shoes. and do i see you knitting something red? are you sure you're ok?!


Was thinking of you particularly today as you go to vote - we were hearing about the bloke with the budgie smugglers on a politic programme this morning :)

Those socks all look fab. So pleased to hear Peri is on the mend :)


I'm glad Peri is on the mend, I bet she is much happier now her stitches are gone!

I agree, when I vote below the line I always work from the last number to the top. There are never any good options but there are plenty of very bad ones to put last!

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