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The Ballad of Bilby Baggins

August is Dental Month for dogs and cats. There are free check ups at our Vet and so Peri and Gilly went along. All the way there in the car, in the waiting room, in the surgery and all the way home, Peri and Gilly made noises of excitement. When I tied Gilly's lead to the table so Peri could be examined first, she pulled it half way across the room. Let's just say the excitement level was 11. Here's Peri being alert and ready to go in, and then Gilly mid gum check.

Going to the dentist
Both Labradors scored a tick in the top box, and there were special treats and lots of pats. Then, the pièce de résistance : a new food bowl. And Gilly has now graduated from the slow-me-down dish with bumps to a Big Girl Bowl. Yay for Gilly. She's feeling very proud.

Gilly has a big girl bowl
I've knitted a hat for Mr Reno. I usually knit him a hat for his birthday or Christmas. It's This Helm's Deep (Helm by Stephen West) It has great short row garter ear flaps and cables and bits and bobs. It's not centred. I knew this and vacillated between 'fixing' the pattern to centre it, or following the pattern as written. I chose the latter. I only mis-cabled three or four times, because I was knitting and watching Deep Space 9. I am up to Season 3 now. Luckily I can fix a cable: I drop the stitches of the cable until I come to the wrong cross, pick them up and make the correct cable. Then I pick up the stitches and Bob's your uncle!!!

Fixing my cable
And here's the hat. It needs a wash and then blocking to make the cables 'pop'. I had a test run wearing it in the house and it does keep your ears warm. If I knitted it again I would change the type of Wrap & Turn. The ordinary one in the pattern leaves a hole. I would prefer it to be whole, not hole.

This Helm's Deep 2013
I had lunch and then some shopping with Auntie Dutch. She gave me the cutest Bilby brooch. I love the gifts The Dutches give me. I would never choose them myself, but somehow they are always perfect for me. I love the sticky tape too. I wore my brooch all day.

Bilby brooch
I'm also the owner of a TARDIS knitting needle measure-er. I bought it from Spun Out, but they're out of stock now. The new Doctor Who has been announced and it is Peter Capaldi. I know him from Local hero the film, Chandler and Co, Torchwood and Doctor Who and many other shows. He is a good actor and will make a good Doctor. I think I am more than ready for a Doctor who does not have his female Companion falling in love with him. He's my eleventh Doctor, so I am quite used to the regenerations now.

TARDIS needle measure
And here's the latest quilt: Jelly On My Head. It's completed, backed, labelled and gifted as an early Christmas present. Didn't manage to quite get a decent picture so I've cobbled two together.

Jelly on my head

Speaking of Christmas, look what I spotted in Spotlight yesterday. I'm not making any kind of positive or negative comment, it's just a photo statement.

Haha christmas
We've had quite a lot of rain, 22ml or almost an inch, the other night. We've been like Camelot, where the rain may never fall till after sundown. The dam has been slightly overflowing, not much, but enough to make a very loud noise and impress me with its power.

Water over the dam
My mum and aunt are coming to visit for three days, so there may not be a Friday Food on Friday. We'll have to see, as we have lots of plans for delicious food, the Harvest market and shopping. I am going to be very tired by the end. Yesterday I was tired and went for a nap at 4pm. I woke up at 6-38 and had no idea whether it was still night-time, or I'd slept all the way through to the morning. I did think that The Labradors would have woken me up to feed them, so it wasn't the morning. I have been telling Peri and Gilly that Nanny is coming. I think they are getting ready for even more excitement!!!

Labradors are models really



What a lovely brooch. It is nice to receive unexpected gifts that suit you perfectly.

I hope that your Mum's visit goes well and that you are not too tired or stressed after it. I'm sure her grandchildren will keep her busy while you squeeze in a quick nap here or there.


Looks like you've been keeping busy. Love the hat (looks very warm and cosy) and the quilt (bright and cheery)


Go Gilly, you are a big girl now! ;o)

Judy Edmonds

Why shouldn't companions fall in love with Peter Capaldi? I am waiting for him to come in the Tardis and whisk me away!

Nice hat. Tardis colour :)

Glad the labs have good teeth. I have always taken great care of Sirius's teeth and she gets complimented about them whenever she attends the vet.

i love your needle gauge!!!

Jennifer Rose

good that they vet said the girls teeth were all right :D
we had so many dogs come into the groomers with their owners complaining of the dog smelling and it wasn't until we showed them the rotten teeth they believed the smell was from the teeth, not because we didnt bath the dog :/
i make sure sky's teeth are clean, she hates it but better then missing teeth. the bouviers we had, had to be actually knocked out to get their teeth cleaned. no matter what we did to try to keep the teeth clean, we always had to get the vet to do it once a year

Jennifer Rose

oh, and have a good time with your family :)


oh i didnt know that about august and dental month. i will have to check with my vet! i think i can safely say the puppys teeth are in good order all the things she is busy shredding. sigh. i love the way you (and your friends) find all those cute things. i think peter capaldi was born to be te doctor. i just wish they'd cast idris elba (for purely selfish reasons). maybe next time :) hope you've had a lovely weekend and get some rest.


I love that last photo of the girls :)Glad they got a 'clean' bill of dental health :D

Your new quilt looks pretty, you've been very busy.

I love MrReno's hat, your Bilby Brooch & the Tardis needle measurer.....we won't mention what's on those rolls at spotlight, makes me shudder at the thought already!


The billy is very cute!
Hope you had a good visit with your family, my mum has just arrived tonight, Connor was very excited, and not just because she brought him presents! (Oh dear!)
I can't believe you mentioned the C word! Already! In early August!!


Cool needle sizer- I can understand why they are still out of stock!
It's handy to be able to drop down and fix cables, though I'd rather not make the error in the first place!

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