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Good Will Bunting

It was Auntie Dutch's birthday at the weekend, but with all the things going on in the Dutch's households, I didn't expect to see her. I did, however, make some tiny bunting instead of a card. I was inspired by a Pin.

Tiny bunting
It is not very tiny. I bought the material and fussy cut it. I love that term, it is a quilting one that I have appropriated for other things. Each bunt (Is that what an individual piece of bunting is called??), or flag, is about 4cm high. I applied the biased binding, trimmed and then zig-zagged. I decided I couldn't neatly stitch-in-the-ditch. I made an embroidery bobbin, and wound the bunting around.

Birthday bunting
Then, lo and behold, Auntie Dutch rang on Monday morning and I had lunch with almost all The Dutches and baby Zoe!! Baby Zoe's favourite word is 'No', or its variant 'Nuh'. She is very well and very cute!! Auntie Dutch loved her bunting. I was very pleased.

I wore my new Green Dress, and the belt I made. I looked at Tilly and the Button's tutorial, and then thought perhaps I could change it a little.

Belt toile
I made the belt thinner, and the bow as well. Instead of two sets of hooks and eyes, I used the hook from a Trouser Hook & Bar set. I sewed it under the bow, with the hook facing out so it wouldn't dig in. And then I sewed in some 6mm elastic when I closed the other end of the belt. It works well as a toile. The Belt Proper needs to be well and truly interfaced and shorter. It doesn't stay in the right place, and I fiddle with it all the time. The bodice of my dress is just 2cm too short. More or less. When I sew my New Dress 2.0 I shall adjust the pattern. I am hoping to trace off a cardboard pattern for the bodice just like a proper pattern maker's set.

MrsDrWho requested little galettes for dessert on Sunday so I made some with apple and pear.

Little galettes

Peri and Gilly are very confused by the weather: it is humid, sunny, warm, drizzly, rainy, there is hail, snow down to 300m and then wild windy storms. Repeat ad infinitum. They were very cross when I came home yesterday after lunch and went up to the car  to fetch groceries. They cried and cried at the gate and carried on a treat. There are always lots of smells at the dam. I think rabbits or potoroos and wallabies dig all these holes. The holes are full of smells.

Labradors sniffing together
They Labradors do like A Lot of attention, and I expect I encourage them. I am putty in their paws sometimes.

Labradors are sunny
In gardening news, some more plants have volunteered to come to live (or die) at our house: a large pot of mint and then six other herbs. They look fine now, but just give me a few weeks and they will be pushing up the daisies.

Now here's my catch up review for Recipe to Riches. Last week's winner was a box of almond meringue biscuits, gluten free. It cost $5-99 for a  112g box of 8. The biscuits were nice, they were actually nicer when I accidentally left one on a plate overnight and it crisped up. I think all macaroon type meringues are gluten free. A typical recipe has almond meal, egg-whites and sugar. That's pretty much it. If you didn't want to bake a batch, then these would be a suitable substitute, though $6 seems a tad over priced to me.

As usual, books on Hold are starting to arrive at the Library en masse. Long, thick, closely typeset books. I shall have to dedicate some time to reading. If the weather is as rainy as forecast, I'm looking forward to a few afternoons of reading and maybe some potato crisps too. We hardly ever have crisps or bought biscuits, I might just lash out!!!



The bunting is adorable. So tiny!
The belt looks very clever.
Peri and Gilly are not the only ones confused by the weather,I am very fuddled by it all.
Good luck with the plants. ;)
I saw a very cute Labrador calendar today and of course I thought of you.


those beautiful girls deserve to be pampered and so do you so lash out on the potato crisps ;)
love the bunting - it always looks festive and special doesn't it !
you pretty much can't kill those plants, especially the mint, just keep the water up to them and lots of sun xo


Okay I hate to say this but the bunting is cuter than the labs!! :)

Judy Edmonds

I do love that bunting! I have never tried to make it, but you may have inspired me now! And as for the singular of 'bunting' being 'bunt', that just sounds TOO Monty Python to be true.


love the bunting! i have been feeling lately like i just want it to be summer holidays already where i have a pile of non work books and just read all day guilt free. there are some excellent things out at the moment, i bought The Luminaries and Donna Tartt's new one The Goldfinch. her first book is my favourite of all time but the second was a dud. third time lucky? the weather is crazy and making me confused, so i know how the girls feel.


Love the fussy cut on the bunting - well worth the effort.

That's a really nifty belt for your green dress! I always have a similar problem with dress bodices being too short(but never remember to adjust! the trouble with sewing infrequently!!)

Jennifer Rose

i think most people that treat their dogs right are putty in their paws :p
mint is really really hard to kill, but keep it in a pot if you dont want it to turn into a triffid and start walking around


I agree, the term fussy cut is so cute. I love it too. The bunting is gorgeous, I love the animals.

I actually watched most of that Recipes to Riches episode (my first one) because there was absolutely nothing else on TV and I needed to vege. So then of course I bought the biscuits at the shops too. They were quite nice but $6 for 8 was quite a rip off. Enjoy your chips!

Catherine Roberts

Herbs look lovely,my bunnies attacks ours


I planted some herbs the other day, I too shall wait and see how long until they die! We also planted strawberries, Connor was very excited to see some green strawbs on the plant, and wanted to go it about 5 times that same day to see if they were red yet, heh heh.

I am not at all surprised that you are putty in the paws of the Labradors!

Oh, and that bunting is divine! The fabric is perfect for fussy cutting!


I love your baby bunting!!! Wow - that is cute!!!

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