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New Dress, New Dress, So Good I Named It Twice.

Even though I have, according to MrsDrWho, an Illusion of a Waist, I went ahead and sewed a dress with a waist. Lovely RoseRed encouraged me, and honestly without her sage advice I would have stopped and changed my mind. But I am unsecretly in love with my new dress. So in love that I photographed it twice. It isn't a New York dress, though I shall have an Hawaiian dress. Be still my beating heart.

I love my new dress
This is the bodice of Simplicity Amazing Fit 1652, and a circle skirt that I drafted. I used up every skerrick of my material's length. I threw caution to the wind and bound the neck and armholes instead of using facings. More than once to get it right, but there is not a hint of upper nether garment peeking out at the under arms. Yay!! RoseRed suggested a belt and so I tied some selvage around my Illusion of a Waist and I think it does look better with, rather than without. I shall make a narrow green belt.

I learned new skills in my Craftsy Adjust the Bust course and now I have a bodice that fits, I can whip up a few more dresses. I should have worn it with my new Emerald Shoes.

Emerald slippers
Yes, I now have Emerald shoes. Whilst idly searching I found these, and rang the shop, SheShoes in Queensland. The lady could not have been more helpful. As we took the same shoe size she even tried on sizes 37 and 38 to see which fitted best and posted the shoes to me the next day. It was wonderful service!!

MrsDrWho and MrsHouseOf chose this beautiful fabric for me in Hawaii.

Hawaiian fabric
There is another different  length as well, but it is too dark to photograph now. It is in lieu of wool. They didn't manage to get to a wool shop in New York: sometimes when you are away with a group, you have to just go with the flow!!! It is serendipitous that I found a pattern for a dress that uses two metres of material. I have two yards, but since I am shorter than the average pattern height, it should be plenty.

I was chuffed to receive this photo of one of the bags I made for The Overseas Travellers. MrsDrWho said that they used them for shopping in NY, but in Hawaii, they were swimming bags.

Swimming bag now
The decking that was installed upside down twenty-four years ago has finally given up the ghost. The rest of the decking in the garden has been done away with, but Peri especially loves to stand Monarch of the Glen-like right here and gaze out. The wood is rotten, broken and dangerous. The flash of white in the bottom left corner is Gilly. She's ever so helpful.

Damn decking
Today my neighbours volunteered their station-wagon and then the kind man at the shop cut wood for new decking. Peri and Gilly are very excited. I can see their excitement in their very waggy tails, so fast the camera can't capture them!!! The wood needs to be pre-drilled and then screwed to the old bearers. Right way up, with the lines underneath.

Labrador tails
I used the Herman The German Friendship cake to make bread. Kate Knight gave it to me and I am enjoying looking after it. You add less sugar on Day 9 to make bread. It is moist and improves with age.

Herman bread
There may also have been a chocolate cake for Morning Tea with The GardyGardeners. Sadly, no cake for The Labradors.

Poor starving labradors
Peri has recovered so well from her operation, which was two months ago. One day she was still shaved and scarred, and then it seemed the next she was growing her fur back. I am so glad. She is as happy as can be and gives Miss Lorelai Gilmore a run for her money.

Two months after for Peri
The winning Recipe to Riches a few weeks ago was the poorly named Chocorn: popcorn covered with chocolate. A box cost $7-99 for 225g. I ate the white chocolate caramel popcorn and thought "Meh." I took the milk and dark chocolate portions along to Knitting Dining Out and it was fallen upon and pronounced to be delicious. In fact it went off with two knitters to cheer them up for the next few days. So there you go, I thought it was expensive for what it was, as Cadbury has a chocolate popcorn that is cheaper and just as nice I believe, but as a treat my friends really liked it.

Chocorn r2r
I have knitted another Milo: Mint Akta-Vite. This time I did the Giant Cable version. It needs a good wash. I have no idea what dirt ridden activities went on to make it so grubby!!!

Mint Akta-vite
One of the symptoms of anaemia, which is just one exciting facet of the weird illness I have, is mouth ulcers. Today I have two ulcers in my mouth and one on the side of my tongue. Just in case I was too tired and run down I made some restorative soup for tea tonight. I poached a chicken breast with chilli, garlic, ginger, onion and lemon zest. Then I added rice noodles and pak choy and pulled the chicken breast apart. When the noodles were cooked I put the chicken back in and added a slosh of soy sauce and a large squeeze of lemon juice. I do believe I feel better, even if it is the placebo soup effect, I feel happier!!!

And now something that made me feel quite, quite old: this day, fifty years ago, The Beatles recorded I Wanna Hold Your Hand. How can it be so long ago?? I think it stands up well to the test of time.


Judy Edmonds

Your dress is GORGEOUS and it looks like a waist to me!!! And love the shoes :)

I love your beautiful, helpful, ever yearning labs :)

I'm sure you could do your own choc-coated popcorn - we have one of those air popping machines (very cheap and long-lasting - my mum gave it to us over ten year ago and it is still going strong) and I'm sure you could mix it up with melted chocolate or whatever.


Your new dress is lovely,your new dress is lovely. Lol
As are the emerald shoes.
The Milo looks wonderful.
I had a chuckle about the decking. In the last house we loved in,they had installed the decking boards the wrong way up,so were very hard on the feet and held the rain.
Peri is recovering so well!!!

I'm sorry you have mouth ulcers,they are dreadful.


Your dress looks wonderful! I dont have a waist either so it makes it hard sometimes to find something that fits. I hope your decking goes well and I am sure the labs will love it to sunbake in. Your Milo looks so cute. I hope you have a great week!


beautiful dress - the belt really does make it too, by the way!


oh, and have you ever seen this soup recipe?

It's one of my favourite comfort "booster" soups :)


Stunning dress! How exciting learning something new and having it all work out just right for you. I'm envisioning lots of new Summer dresses coming up.

Catherine Roberts

As usual,a beautiful post,gorgeous family and yummy cooking,with your sewing as the icing on top!


Mmmm that soup description makes me hungry! I get mouth ulcers randomly and I have never heard the anaemia connection, that is interesting! My dentist told me to take folate supplements which seems to help sometimes. My decking has lines on top! Is that the wrong way? I isn't very nice to walk on in bare feet, that would make more sense. I love your dress xx

Jennifer Rose

very nice dress :D love the pup feet behind yours :p

ugh mouth ulcers :( really hope those go away fast


All the pretty green things - The shapely green dress looks so nice on you!
Life is good with kind shoe ladies, neighbors, and woodcutters!
Hurray for Perri recovering so well.
Ah yes, I do remember watching the Beatles when they first appeared in the U.S. on the Ed Sullivan Show (some months after this video). One of my older sisters (10 at the time) immediately formed a Beatles fan club with her friends!


Gorgeous dress!


beautiful beautiful fabric, it will suit you perfectly. as does the dress, how clever and flattering. i like the way you say 'i shall whip up another one'! the shoes are great too, they are like princessy slippers. i hope the soup had the desired effect and you are not poorly xx


I ams o glad you went ahead with the dress, it looks fab, and those emerald slippers will be perfect with it too (and with the Hawaiian dress to be).

Your soup sounds delicious. You are so clever just whipping things up like that.

Sorry about the mouth ulcers, I used to get them often, especially when I had braces (gosh, all those years ago!) but haven't had one for ages. Salt water gargle used to help me.

A new deck, how exciting! The girls won't know themselves out there!

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