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Friday Food: Couscous Fritters

The Blue Panther*

I am unAustralian, I admit it, whatever that means- and here I'm channelling Charles Windsor. I just can't like anything written by Tim Winton. He is awarded and lauded, and he is having a special interview on the ABC, but I just don't like his writing. At all.

Neither am I a fan of this week's Recipe to Riches winner, Golden Greek Pizza. During the show one of the selling points was that you didn't need to buy a pizza base and a sauce, then wander about the supermarket buying toppings. Yes, you do. In the box there are two packs of frozen dough and two of frozen sauce. Nothing else.

R2r pizza
The presenters made much of the fact that this would be convenient and consumers would feel they had made it themselves. You do not. You have to wait three to four hours for the dough to thaw, so there's no nipping to the shop after work and then whipping up the pizza. And you then have to wander about aimlessly choosing the toppings. I chose some olives, pork chipolatas, spring onions, chilli, mozzarella cheese and a squeeze of lemon juice at the end.

Golden greek pizza
I followed the instructions, and found the pizza to be doughy, and stodgy and nothing out of the ordinary. It looks better than it tastes. I would recommend buying a pizza base and going from there, or I would REALLY recommend making Jamie's Pizza. The Golden Greek Pizza dough and sauce cost $7-49, and you can make four pizzas with toppings for about $12 using Jamie's recipe. And it is not hard at all. Believe me, I am afraid of cooking with yeast and I thought it was fun.

I will have to review last week's winning recipe next week: I'm all out of synch.

Daylight Saving is here and I am having a little trouble adjusting. We try to go to sleep, but I am still awake after midnight. The mornings are crisp and foggy, so we have a lovely walk. The days have been sunny or the rain has pelted down so hard that the drains in the gutters above our house blocked and then water cascaded down the stairs and we had a little flood outside the back door. My neighbour and I were out in the storm poking sticks down the drains and shovelling leaves. The Council and the Water people point the finger at each other. This happens all the time. Still rain is better than our Weather bete noir: wind!!!

Build an ark
Someone at our house is an evil genius and has put on a kilo in weight. Is it Peri or is it Gilly???

At the vet being weighed
It is Gilly. Who would have guessed??? I was sitting quietly in the lounge room and I caught a flash of gold out of the corner of my eye. Gilly was standing up on her hind legs and using her front paws to drag the shopping bags off the table. I used my Exorcist voice and scared the willies out of her. When we went to the vet they stood on the scales and Peri has lost a kilo and Gilly has gained one. Poor Gilly, extra cabbage and celery for her. Goodness knows what she has stolen.

MrsDrWho is in Hawaii, snorkelling and/or walking in a carefree manner along the beach in a straw hat and a be-flowered cool dress. I have been making an ant costume for her nephew.

Anthill ant
He wants to be the Blue Ant from the Anthill game for Halloween, which is big in Singapore. The ant reference picture is teeny tiny, so I have done my best to make a costume for him. That's the abdomen at the bottom!!!

Armies and leggies
It has to be adjustable so it will fit him, so the extra legs are safety pinned on. The antennae are springs that had red tridents on them, covered in black bias binding. The mandibles are soft lavender horns painted black. I hope it all goes well.

Antennae and mandibles
Gilly wanted to wear the headband.

Gilly is a little imp
Peri did not, but she is very accommodating and did it because I wanted her to. I think she looks like My Favourite Martian!!

Peri, my favourite martian
Before the holidays I caught up with Kate Knight and her family, did I say that already?? She gave me a HermanTheGerman Friendship cake starter and I looked after it and I made a very lemony bar cake for MrsDrWho's dad. I am thinking of making some sourdough bread with my next batch. Thanks Kate!!!

I have chosen the material for my new dress and petticoat. The dress is the dark green and lime ferny one, and the petticoat is the lime spotted tulle. I have some satin bias binding for the raw petticoat edges.

Dress and petticoat

I've also knitted one 5ply ball's worth of my CustomFit Wizard cardigan: it's Oz emerald green you see!!!

My customfit cardi
Well, that's an info dump if I ever wrote one.

I really enjoyed Todd Sampson's ReDesign My Brain on TV tonight and I tried two of the brain training activities. If you click through there is a link for now, at least. I am better than he was at Tool/Writing Instrument choosing and worse at the Spot the Number one. I am tired though. (Poor excuse) I am thinking of learning to juggle. I might also try the 'Remember a pack of cards' thing. I have nothing else to do!!!!

I can't believe it is Friday tomorrow. I haven't given a moment's thought to Friday Food this week. I shall have to get my act into gear tomorrow. I am now going to push the Publish Button, and be damned........

* What did the Pink Panther say when he stepped on an ant??
Dead ant, dead ant, dead ant, dead ant, dead ant, dead ant dead a-a-a-a-a-a-ant.

(To the Pink Panther Tune)



Loved the Pink Panther joke!!!!!!!My mom had a wonderful pizza dough recipe and for years we had pizza on Sunday nights(I had 3 brothers & 1 sister, so it was economical). We made both the dough and the sauce. I am still making them only less frequently these days.

The girls are adorable as costume models, and its funny that they are trading a kilo between them. Happy knitting and sewing. hugs, Linda

Jennifer Rose

lol! at the girls and the headband :D

love that green fabric, havent sown tulle before, scares me :p


Goodness you have been a busy bee. I love the ant costume,you are clever. The doggies look adorable modelling.

The pizzas look like fizzers. We often make our own from scratch.

The dress fabrics are rather divine!!!

Judy Edmonds

Although I have watched most of Recipe to Riches I haven't tried any of the products as they tend not to be the sort of thing I buy ready made. (The recipe I really want is for the potato bake with pumpkin soup that didn't make it through on the first episode! Though I will just make one up). I usually make my own pizza dough, occasionally buy a ready made base, or sometimes use puff pastry.

Love the pups in the antennae!! And how did they manage to transfer a kilo between them :)


Haha, that's a DadJoke if there ever was!

It's a shame you can't get your money back on that pizza kit. I shan't be trying it! I must say, I hope the salsa/chili one wins, I liked that quite a lot.

You are too clever with that ant costume, very creative! And I simply can't wait to see your polka dot petticoats!


I'm laughing at the pink panther joke and the dogs with the headbands on :)

It is a shame about the pizza - it does look nice in the photos.


haha - Peri DOES look like a my favourite martian!

new dress and petticoat fabric looks fabulous, as does the ant costumer. clever clogs, you are ;)


Hahah great joke there at the end. Now I'm going to have that tune in my head all afternoon. The ant costume is looking very cute, there is going to be one very pleased boy I think!

Naughty Gilly, she will be sorry when its just cabbages and celery.

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