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Around He Whirled In Eighty Days

AKA Gonski in Sixty Seconds. Education funding is up in the air again. Despite endorsing the Gonski Report recommendations, Minister Pyne (and the Liberal Coalition Government) has reneged on the deals the States signed with The Commonwealth before the election. Why is it that politicians feel they can berate and harass teachers, yet deny them the funding they need to continue to teach effectively and creatively???

It is a good thing that I am not wasting my energy on being cross about things I can't change. This time last year my depression was starting to affect me very severely. I am so aware this year of taking care of myself: I'm saying no if I have to, and I realise deadlines are not my friend!!! I think I should be making things all year in preparation for the Christmas rush, but in fact I am making things for me and for birthdays and Easter and other things through the year. It is an unreasonable expectation and so I am not considering it at all this year. 'Should' is my enemy.

We had a walk in two parts today. Peri and Gilly had a walk by themselves and we were just driving up the hill when Rafa and his dad drove down towards the dam. The Labradors started squeaking and crying and I could hear Rafa whining so I did a U-turn around and went back and they had another turn about the park together. Peri and Gilly were quite tired and had a nap together in the sun. There were ants to be investigated too.

Sunny dogs

I made some shopping bags for the lovely nurses at Leukaemia Support Group. They have both been especially helpful this year. I bought a great new pattern from Michelle Patterns, which has a special trick for the gusset and excellent handles. The bags are lined and double stitched and very strong. I made the middle size. I added a loop of elastic between the handles on one side, so the check out person can loop it over their bag stand and the bag can be folded, rolled up and secured with the elastic too. I met Charley The Labrador's Nurse mum in The BSODL (tm) as I was buying the Christmas Dog material, and she said it was very cute. Since I was buying it for her I was very pleased. The other nurse celebrates the more religious side of Christmas and I didn't think it appropriate to put Baby Jesus on a shopping bag so I used some cute pink-spot-with-ladybird material.

Bags of fun

I also made some easy gingerbread snowflakes and piped on some poor Royal icing decorations.

Gingerbread biscuits

We had our LSG Christmas break up BBQ today. There was a great turn out and we used the new BBQ area and furniture.  Everyone brought a salad or a dessert and there was a wonderful selection. It was quite hot and I had to walk quite a way because there was no parking. I came home and had a long sleep.

MrsDrWho and I went to the cinema on Sunday to watch the Fiftieth Anniversary episode of Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor in 3D (Spoilers). We had great seats with a giant space in front of us so no-one could block out our short person's view. It was a fabulous episode and I enjoyed every minute. I did feel that newer fans didn't understand all the references and jokes, but I had a perfectly wonderful time. It was a nice change to be part of such a well behaved audience, with proper cinema manners. I think Doctor Who fans are quite polite!! And now, enjoy once more my Doctor Who ZippyUppy Cardigan which I no longer wear as it is too short and totally the wrong shape for me. Maybe I should make it into a cushion?????


Gilly loves the new decking and will stand, dance and leap about on it. I am glad it isn't high up, because she stands right on the edge.

Gilly on the precipice

Peri is ever hopeful that when she sees me I come laden with treats. Sadly, this is not true, so she has to be satisfied with a cuddle and a pat.

Peri is inquisitive

Tomorrow The GardyGardeners will be here. It has rained the last two Wednesdays and Gilly has spent a long time looking out the front window and sitting at the front door with her head tilted in anticipation. We are having gingerbread snowflakes for Morning Tea.

On Thursday there will be a general finishing off of BOM 2013 quilt blocks and then we will square them up to 12 1/2 inches. It is very exciting to have finished my twenty blocks. They will be put away till next year when I will join them together. Meanwhile MrsDrWho and I are making a Mine Creeper quilt for her nephew. Wish us luck, we need all the luck we can get!!!



I love the doggy photos today, especially the one where the girls watch the ants. Looks so comfortable!

Jennifer Rose

awww that is so cute what they did when they saw Rafa :D

I didn't like the 50th Dr.Who, to me it just feels like a big cheat what they did to the story so they could re-write things :/


Enjoy the sunshine. It looks like the labs are enjoying it on their outside bed. Doctor Who sounds as though it was a huge success for all those fans. Love your cardigan with the Doctor Who on the back too, your very clever!


'Should' is definitely the enemy! I have decided that I only do xmas knitting for people actually going places that need handknits at xmas. Other than that I am only doing birthday knitting. Too much of a chore otherwise!

I was thinking of you on 'Dr Who Day' and being utterly jealous of your movie going. Good to hear that it was fabulous and that you got to enjoy it in good company.

The bags are fantastic, and I'm sure will be doubly useful now we are plastic-free!


That doctor who jacket is fantastic. My girls would kill for it!!!

Gilly is cheeky on the decking. Lol

Those bags look great,what a lovely Xmas pressie.

Judy Edmonds

I definitely agree about the picture with the labs together inspecting the ants! And I love the Christmas dog material too.

I watched Dr Who on the telly and even that way it was excellent.


I am so glad you were able to see The Doctor at The Movies! If anyone deserves to, you do! I taped it and still haven't quite watched it all yet, some of it too scary for small eyes (the red sucker monsters - whose name I cannot recall - see, I am a newer fan! Heh heh).
Christmas and it's lead up is such a busy time, I ope you will find lots of napping opportunities!

Lynne S of Oz

Shoulda, coulda, woulda are the enemy!
We haven't watched Dr Who for nearly three years now - shocking, I know, but DH is in charge of tv programming and for some reason he doesn't want to watch it any more.


I loved the Dr Who special and the making of DR WHO. Where has my education been that I did not know a woman was the producer/director I do get them mixed up. So great to see the actor who played the first DR Who, cant remember his name but I do like him. And of course I was thrilled to see TOM BAKER in Dr Who as he is MY DR.

Amy P

Busy times for you! I love the bags and the elastic trick is very clever.
I'm similarly fed up with "my" government at the moment. U-turns upon U-terns and the opposition seemingly toothless. But, as you say, why waste energy on things you cannot change!


I spy your 2paw tag you were telling me about, it is very cute!
I think I will be glad once December is all over, it has been so busy this year. I have been having such busy weekends and I really need 2 or 3 weeks of quietness. Surely that's not asking too much? Thank goodness there's only one and a half weeks of school left. I think you are right to let go of the 'should' pressure. It is hard to keep up with everything.

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