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Gutter Get You Into My Life.

Two days ago it was so warm that we refilled the paddle pool and Gilly had a very wet play time. Last night and today we had thunder, lightning and torrential rain. Once again the Council's gutter drain blocked and we had a slight flood outside the back door. I had to arise from my somewhat sick bed and go out in the torrent with a broom and poke and prod and get very wet. It is too much to hope that the Council might actually send workers regularly to sweep up and clean the gutters and drains. They used to when we first moved here, now it is all outsourced and not happening. We won a prize of some sort in the Keep Australia Beautiful Awards. Apparently they have not be up outside our house.

Gilly swims

I didn't properly wake up until 10-30am this morning, but there wouldn't have been a walk anyway as it was raining too hard. After I fed The Labradors, we wert back to bed and we all slept till 5-30pm. I do feel I have caught up on some sleep. I love sleeping, or going to sleep, while it is raining. The sound of the rain on the roof is very soothing.

Last night at Sewing, I laid out (almost) all the blocks for my BOM 2013 Quilt. Yay!! There are only nineteen blocks on the floor because the twentieth block was underneath another one. I have photo-shopped it into the photo. I ran out of some of the background fabric, so I bought a spotted replacement. Guess what I found in the bottom of the tub this morning??? Yes, some of my background fabric!!!


And just as there is always A Labrador or two in my photos, so there is always a cat (or three) in photos at MrsDrWho's house. This is Cleo.


Here are the aforementioned Labradors assisting in a photo-shoot this evening.

Peri and Gilly

I was trying to take a picture of my new boots, being worn. They match my paisley green jeans perfectly. They were quite comfortable too.


The other day I went out to visit one of our new knitting friends from Dining Out, the very kind Marcel'sMum. Marcel is a beautiful Australian Mist cat and he has a sister, Ophelia, who was hiding. I had a delicious plum muffin and some tea made with real tea leaves and she gave me some felt. I am so lucky, it has the TARDIS blue colour that I needed and could not buy. Thank you so much!!!

Felt again

The BSODL(tm) had a sale of MCCalls patterns. I bought five for $10. It is too hard to make a collage of five, I bought a similar dress pattern to 6696 as well. The Disney-type patterns are actually aprons, which is a great idea and I think the coat will be perfect with it's circular skirt. I shall make a lightweight coat and perhaps plain blue version. It is a poor photo because I took it with my IPad (I love my Ipad) and the light is not good here at night time. The skirt is for MrsHouseOf.

Patterns 1

Patterns 2

While I was out buying patterns, this happened at home. Again an Ipad photo. I had put all the sewing off cuts, paper and bits and bobs, torn plastic bags and other not-to-be recycled things in a rubbish bag and tied it with a double knot to the round door knob so it would stay upright. They undid the knot, or pulled it off, and then took everything out of the bag. Proudly. A little while after I had come home Gilly crept past with an empty Schmackos bag in her mouth- that was what they were after. The whole dining room floor was covered in, thankfully, clean rubbish. Look at Peri's face, she can't understand why I was miffed. I can't be cross with them, I obviously left the treat bag in the rubbish bag as a game to amuse them while I selfishly went out and left them alone.

When I was out

Here's how sad the look when I just venture down to the letterbox to fetch the post.

Letter Labradors

Well, I've been up for almost four hours. I have made a yummy salmon and rice concoction and fed The Labradors and watched the News. I think it is time to go back to bed with my new Donna Hay magazine and plan my Christmas baking. I might spot something that takes my fancy for Friday Food. The week goes so quickly.

I shall not go into all the machinations that occurred, but I managed to obtain two tickets for the Doctor Who Fiftieth Anniversary 3D screening at the cinema in town. MrsDrWho and I are off to watch it at 4-30pm on Sunday. I am currently watching and reading everything about Kennedy's assassination fifty years ago. It was something that I remember, not the actual event, but the ramifications. It was talked about for years in the media. It still is now. It makes me sad, and though I know it was not all sunshine and roses, it always seems like Camelot to me.


Catherine Roberts

Dearo dear,I think the ailment is everywhere,Ive felt yuck for a few days but still went to work,Im hazarding a guess I may have virtigo with the dizzy spells and nausea,cant fave food and just have a craving for water.Get well soon!

Jennifer Rose

oops, thats a big mess :/

really like that coat pattern!

the colours of the blocks go so well together :)


Oh dear,that bag of mess/fun! Funny girls.

Gosh I love your paisley jeans and boots. Very cool. Good you can still wear them in November! Although not so much with the rain! We've had terrible storms here too. So much water!


I love listening to the rain on the roof too.

The patchwork looks great. Lol on finding the fabric after you bought more.

I love the photo of the very guilty puppy....too cute


I hope that big day of sleep left you feeling much better, must have been from that busy week the week before! Cheeky dogs, it is so hard to be cross isn't it. Nissa caught a bird the other week and (thankfully outside) ate it and I was about to tell her off and realised she was just guarding my nectarines from the birds that kept eating them. (Or so I tell myself anyhow!)

Amy P

Skipping over the naughty pups (bad girls!) I must say I *love* the jeans. I've always love paisley fabric (I'm an old hippy!) and it looks fab in green.
Cats always seem to think everything is about them, so of course you're getting your camera out to photograph them!

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