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Ding, iDog, Merrily On High.....

Oh dear. Gilly is either very clever or very naughty: she operates the iPad with a swish of her tongue, whether I like it or not, and this afternoon she marked all my Bloglovin' unread posts as 'Read" and opened a new tab. While this is helpful if I am feeling lazy or too tired, it is not helpful to unread posts. So if I miss commenting on one of your posts it is because it may be lost and I am too lazy to search!!!

This year I have made a conscious effort, with the co-operation of family and friends, to be unconcerned about Christmas deadlines and I just pottered along doing what I could. Some things will be late, some things didn't get finished, but it didn't matter. People don't mind and I had a lovely Christmas.

Peri and Gilly have their Christmas card and song to share. Sing the song to Winter Wonderland:

Christmas 2013

Labradors, are you listening?
In the dark, lights are glistening.
Santa’s in sight,
We're happy tonight.
Walking in a festive wonderland.

Summer time, tails are swishing,
Peri‘s fine, Gilly’s wishing:
On Christmas Day
With toys we will play.
Walking in a Christmas wonderland.

In the front yard we can build a huge sleigh
Fill it up with gifts and kangaroos.
We’ll say: Are you ready for the season??
People passing by will all say Nos.

Christmas tree: decorated.
Oh how long we have waited.
Christmas is here,
We’re full of good cheer
Merry Christmas: it’s a Wonderland!!!!


This year I wished for a new camera because mine has dog hairs inside the screen and is held together with sticky tape. I have a new camera and the piece de resistance ( thank you MrsDrWho) is that it is a green camera!! How lucky I am!! This is a picture of my new camera taken with my old one.


New camera

 I sewed a bunting quilt for Toddler Zoe. The plisse has tiny checks and no matter what I do, it looks weird. I didn't bind it, and I think it looks a bit like a picnic rug.

Bunting quilt

I also had a go at making some vegetarian ice-cream for MrsDrWho's niece. It is frozen banana, raspberries and a ripe fresh avocado. Truly, when they are blended and frozen, they taste like a banana-y raspberry-y ice-cream. For the rest of the people at Christmas last Friday I made lemon and raspberry, chocolate and cherry brandy ice-cream.

Magic ice cream

And I baked her cauliflower steaks and a mushroom pie: both wholly vegetarian. They were actually very tasty!!

I made a very wonky gingerbread TARDIS for Auntie and Uncle Dutch. I added eggs to the gingerbread and that is why it puffed up and grew into weird shapes. I need to trust the recipe! Royal icing came to the rescue, and it looks like snow.

Tardis a wonky one

The weather has been very humid so Peri and Gilly have been in the paddle pool quite a lot.

Gilly and Peri in the cool pool

Peri must be feeling the heat more this year as she grows older. She had a great time ducking her face in the water and turning round in splashy circles.

Peri in the pool

I had a lovely Christmas Day. I talked to my mum on the phone and there was a lot of new puppy photo texting from my sister. I went to The Dutches' for breakfast and then MrsDrWho's family dinner in the afternoon. MrsDrWho's mum sent me home with Christmas cake and pudding, and potatoes and broad beans from her garden. I was very tired because I did two things in one day. This morning I walked The Labradors, fed them and we all went back to bed at 9am and slept till 1pm. Then I had Christmas pudding for breakfast!!

Boxing Day breakfast

I like Boxing Day best of all I think. It is so relaxing and you are full of good food, cheer and company. I can't believe the year is almost over.

My mum and aunt are coming to visit for the day on Saturday. We are not shopping in the sales, though I did buy one roll of wrapping paper today for half price: $2!! I am the last of the big spenders.....



Good to hear that you had a lovely Christmas! Mine was quiet, too, just the way I like it.


You did have a lovely Christmas time. How wonderful to have a new green camera :-)

I love Boxing Day as well and look forward to it every year!


Merry Christmas to you and yours! It sounds like you had a lovely time, helped by a sensible approach :) I look forward to catching up with you in the New Year!
Pats to dogs too of course :)


2paw, that's the way to enjoy Christmas - no rush or worries. Especially pleased you enjoyed your day.

Peri and Gilly's Christmas Card and song is wonderful!

Love the green camera! Lucky you.

As always, your posts are full of interesting and lovely items, oh, and very yummy photos too. Love the Tardis.

Merry Christmas 2paw and Happy New Year!

Ceri Davies

I'm so glad you had a lovely Christmas! We had a nice one too, spent with family, and the children are playing with their Christmas presents, all of which were the good sort which involve activity or making things! I spent Boxing Day cleaning out my pantry - it started with just one shelf and ended with 8 hours of strenuous activity, so I am resting a bit today! You present will get to you when we can catch up! I have no problem with extending Christmas and this year did not send even one Christmas card. My international friends will be getting an email in the next few days! Merry Christmas and pats to the Dorables!


looks like a happy Christmas for all - so glad you enjoyed it - hope 2014 is a good year for good friends and their furry kids xo


I think Gilly is very talented. ;). Lol

Your new camera looks wonderful.

The gingerbread tardis is amazing! Well done.

The heat here has been crazy,with many days over 35...... Not happy.

The quilt looks lovely


Lynne S of Oz

Glad to hear you had a lovely Christmas, if a bit busy! I shall have to try the avocado ice "cream" at some point - I'm told you can make a grand chocolate "mousse" in a similar vein.

Catherine Roberts

Oh Im so glad you had a beautiful day,part of me is looking forward to one day having a perfect quiet Christmas day,but in my dreams itll be in a place I could never think to live in. Love that camera!!!Thank you visiting!!


I wholly agree with you about Boxing Day - I had a lovely day on Boxing Day, much more relaxing than Christmas Day (which was still nice, but more tiring/family responsibility oriented).

I think your gingerbread Tardis looks amazing, and green camera - squeeee! (I have a very similar red one! Snap!)

Jennifer Rose

ooh shiny camera :D

lol at Gilly swiping things to read, she was being helpful :)


A belated Happy Christmas to you and all the best for 2014.


I'm so glad you had an enjoyable Christmas! I sang the labradors song out loud to Buddy and he seemed to enjoy it. :)


fantastic green camera - very swish! and the gingerbread Tardis is just too much!! My daughter is a massive DrWho fan, so I can't wait to show her this when she gets home :)

Festive tidings to you, enjoy the upcoming New Year celebrations!


Gilly wants her own ipad!
A low-key Christmas makes things much more enjoyable. Love the green camera, I wonder if it comes in orange? Happy New Year to you and the Labradors, and am looking forward to your further adventures in 2014!


LOL - Gilly is quite the tech whiz. And they are both very clever to paddle to cool down in the heat. What a great new camera. And being a bit of a Whovian, I love, love, love the gingerbread Tardis! Have a wonderful New Year Cindy!


oh Cindy your xmas sounds wonderful and your vegetarian cooking sounds sooo nice!!! you seemed so surprised it was nice! It sounds and looks delicious and the TARDIS!!!! O...M...G it is fabulous,I must post a photo soon of the things we bought Shayne for xmas, I want them, and a GREEN camera too! gorgeous. The Labrador song is the cutest!! I did cry in the Doc when Amy came and said goodbye, I miss Amy and Rory and I will really miss Matt Smith, will you? HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOUR TWO FUR BABIES XXXXXX


Merry Christmas! I'm glad you managed your stress free Christmas. Mine was very stress free as well, over in New Zealand with MR's family. It felt very unChristmassy to be honest, I feel like I have completely missed the big day. The vegetarian icecream sounds delicious but I am dubious about the cauliflower steaks, mainly because I like my cauliflower raw or not at all. I agree, Boxing Day is the best. Although, today is my version of Boxing Day, my first entirely rest day since school finished. Finally!!


What a wonderful creative time you had over Christmas. Sorry I've not been around -- it has been a bit mad. I've enjoyed seeing what you've been up to and wish you a very happy and crafty new year.

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