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Friday Food: Snowballs or Boules De Neige

Jingle Belles

Well, I have been busy and then tired, busy then tired: repeat ad infinitum. It's quite nice really. I walk The Labradors and then do One Thing. I nap either before or after the One Thing. I am making sure I rest and the weather has been cool, we had snow on Ben Lomond this week, so that makes everything easier for me.

I baked some gingerbread and some pfeffernusse or German spice biscuits. The recipe I used is in a book, but this is fairly close. I dipped the top in dark chocolate. I ate a few before they were dipped. They are delicious and improve with age. Not that I will find out!!!

I sewed some little pincushion/decorations for Sewing Christmas gifts and teamed each with an inordinately cute cello bag of pfeffernusse!!! I was inspired by this pincushion, and also a block from last year's Block of the Month on Craftsy. Mine are more wonky than crosses!!!

Sewing gifts 2013

And in return I received a lovely glass trinket box, a dove ornament from Macy's (so I've kept the paper!!!) a teeny tiny pen and notebook and a gorgeous little glass ornament with a tea light inside so it illuminates the little pictures. Very cute!!

Sewing gifts for me

Do you see the green reindeer material under the gifts??? I have 2 1/2 metres and today when I went to The BSODL(tm) it was on sale for $5 a metre instead of $14-99. I bought 3 metres and now I can sew a circle skirt dress. I can sew one because I have re-located the lost Centre Front pattern piece and watched the pertinent Craftsy Adjust the Bust lesson, and I can make it fit me properly.

MrsDrWho gave The Labradors Christmas Collars. Last night they tried them on, which caused much leaping and running about and confusion as no walk ensued. They are lovely and soft and very green. We did discover they were glow-in-the dark!!! I tried to take a photo of them wearing the collars, with not much success at first.

No collars showing, collar

I persevered and voila:

Christmas collars

Best I could do. I am thinking of adding some bells, for the Beautiful Labrador Girls!!

In other cooking news, I went to MrsDrWho's class and demonstrated how to construct an Ungingerbread house. The children were so patient waiting for the royal icing to set and did a fabulous job. We had a little village, and here are some.




My friendly neighbours came today and used the whipper-snipper to cut a path through the jungly overgrown weeds in my garden. Gilly was very happy and ran about like a mad thing. I had tried to cut the weeds with some secateurs, but after 5 minutes it was all too much. The whipper-snipper is the way to go.

Before and after

I bought myself a little present today. I didn't know these very cute cutters even existed. They are spring-loaded and you cut out the fondant or marzipan and then press the handle and the snowflake is pushed out cleanly. I shall be able to put white snowflakes on my gingerbread snowflakes and red and green ones on my cupcakes. There are three sizes of snowflake cutters included for only $7, what a bargain.

Fondant stamp

Oh and I treated myself to some solar fairy lights. I have twined them on a line under the porch, way above head height, and the shine beautifully. I think I need more. They were only $5, and for a few more dollars I could have one hundred little fairy lights. I may need to do that!!!

Fairy lights

I am completely enamoured of this pattern right now. I am not technically doing any knitting, but I plan too. Auntie Dutch, do not click through as I am making this for you next year!!

Friends have been alerted to the fact that their Christmas presents may not quite arrive on time. I am so lucky to have considerate and kind friends, who say things like: Oh, I always enjoy a present a bit later on, it extends Christmas, or, February is a good time to give me things you've cooked.

I've cooked something gluten and dairy (and possibly egg) free for tomorrow's Friday Food. I am chuffed I am so organised, well in one area anyway. My next job is to take The Labradors' Christmas card photo and make my cards. I need to post them next week. They won't make it overseas in time.

I hope your Christmas preparations are going smoothly, you are cheery in queues and humming carols: I know I am!!!



what a lovely Christmasy blog, I thoroughly enjoyed it...thankyou for spreading the spirit ! xo


those fancy snowflake cutters look fantastic! what a good idea, with the spring loading!!
love the "gingerbread" house village too, that must have been a lot of fun doing


Oh my gosh that wreath!! Inspiration for me to learn to knit a bit better. Gorgeous!

I also very much love the ungingerbread houses. The mint leaf trees are such a cute touch.

I agree, whipper snippers are the way to go with weeds for sure! And the Christmas lights look so pretty. I have none up this year because of our holiday which is a bit sad. Next year I'll have to have double!


I just love the girls new collars....they look so smart for Christmas!

You have certainly been busy with all your cooking & preparations. I'm not so advanced as you.....I'm starting to panic a little bit actually.

You have such kind neighbours Cindy...so good to hear people still care about their neighbours. I don't even know half of our neighbours any more...it's sad.

Where did you get your cutters for your snowflake cookies. I haven't made any before, but I think I would if I had a cutter like this to decorate with. Such a professional finish!


oh tired and busy indeed! so many lovely thoughtful christmassy gifts. i am going to get some fairy lights this week in time for my holidays. im not big on xmas spirit but i do love fairy lights! and the food. of course.

Jennifer Rose

ooh sparkly lights :D

love the girls new collar :) and that is a very nice wreath to make

i could never wait for the icing to dry when i was a kid and usually ended up eating the house before it dried :p


I love the ungingerbread houses, I bet the kids did too.

Hopefully we will have some fairy lights on the house this year, finally. Our neighbours do and Connor LOVES them (not surprising!).

I will have to look out for those fondant cutters, they are very cool.


The girls look lovely in their new collars. And the gingerbread village is adawbs. I found out about the groovy fondant cutters at a cupcake deco class last year - I have flowers, but now I covet snowflakes!

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