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Clear And Birthday Present Danger (Quite Safe)

Huzzah!! The Labradors' presents arrived today: The Cool Mats. They are quite heavy and amusingly covered in swimming pool print material!! At first Peri and Gilly were not sure about The Cool Mats. It did not take them long to work out what they were for!!!

Peri loves the cooly mat

Peri proceeded to loll about and be cooled, and then Gilly decided she wanted to be cool too.

Gilly on the cool mat

I am so pleased with The Cool Mats and if The Labradors aren't lying on them, I may be!!! I shall also be wearing The World's Most Unflattering Dress, well on me at least. And there will be no modelling pictures. Ever. But it is made of voile and it is as cool as all get out.


The pattern is McCalls 6115 and I made View B. I found the voile at The BlackSpot of Doomlight (tm) for only $5 a metre and I used less than 2 metres. If there could be a more accident prone sewing project, I am yet to meet it. The dress was too long even though I folded out 5cm, so I leaned over and thought 15cm seemed right and cut that off the bottom. Oh dear, it made the dress into a top. I salvaged some of the leftover fabric and made a band to add to the bottom. Gilly likes to help me sew, whether I like it or not.

Gilly helps me sew

I shall never wear this outside the house, and so all the work on French seams and a facing instead of just turning the neck under is slightly wasted. Still, it is lovely to wear and the coolest item of clothing I own. It's going to be 38*C, or 100*F, on Wednesday. I think with The Cool Mats, my new dress and cold sprinklers and showers we may just make it through.

Last week I sewed with MrsDrWho's niece again. We used the good zipper foot and made a pencil case and then a simple shoulder bag. She's planning on making a hat next. I think she has the sewing bug.

More sewing

Peri and Gilly met Rafa and Jet on their walk and everyone shared some pup cakes. They were very popular!!

All the dogs

Peri is looking extremely cute at the moment. Everyone's hay fever has cleared up and we are feeling much better. Oh, and that's Rafa's tail. It is cool in the morning and Peri runs flat out: just running for fun.

Peri and rafa

Summer fruit is at its best right now and I bought some plump, juicy local cherries. None for The Labradors, I ate them all myself.

Local cherries

MrsDrWho has confirmed that the Spelt Chocolate Brownie was delicious. She didn't even know that it was made with spelt flour. It was just a yummy brownie. Good to know really.

I have a new sunshade for my car. It was on super special and only cost $5. No-one wanted the green one.

Sun shade

Th hot weather has forced us to stay inside and I have caught up on the fifty or so episodes of Deep Space 9 I had saved on my DVR: everyone talks quite slowly so I can watch it in one third fast forward. Today I watched season 3 of Luther. Tomorrow I might start The Good Guys, or maybe Star Trek: Into Darkness.

I know there are lots of people who love Summer, but I long for the coolness of Autumn. I don't want to wish my life away, but April is looking better every day!!!



I totally agree that autumn weather is looking better already. Hot here today, I may need a cooling mat to lie on I think. What a great idea. I will be staying inside and not doing too much today, and hopefully the kids feel the same way.


The cool mats look very cool

As for the dress,who cares in this heat?!?!?

Your sewing classes are going very well. MrsDrWho's niece is doing very well.

The cherries look yummy.

Hope you are coping ok in th heat.


Ooh, I would love a cool mat like Peri and Gilly too. This weather is abominable. I think your dress looks great. Isn't it heaven when it is stone fruit season.

Jennifer Rose

the cool mats are a great idea! if i thought sky would use one i would get one for her since she really doesnt like the heat, but she would probably ignore it :/

maybe the dress would have looked better if you left it top length??


Ha!ha! The dogs sure know how to keep cool! The mats were a good investment.
In last summer's (here) heat I got what I call a couple of muumuus - sleeveless tent-like cotton dresses that are the only way to stay cool and I don't care how I look!


No pics of the new frock????????????


I saw a (very slim) woman wearing a similar dress today and I so wished for one for myself! I do have two lots of voile in my fabric cupboard...
I do hope you managed to keep cool in the heat, and that it has passed for you now.


Oh the girls look so cute rolling around on their cool got them just in time for the latest lot of hot days!

Lucky you with the green sun shade for your car :)

Oh cherries are my absolute favourite fruit....I love the Ron cherries best!!

It's good to see the dogs socialising. I feel sorry for Daisy sometimes because she doesn't get to leave the house.....she does love looking out of the front window though at the world going by.

MrsDrWho's niece looks like she's mastering sewing with great ease....well done her!! :)


I heard all about your hot weather and it sounds awful. Those cool mats look amazing. Wouldn't they be great under a mattress at night? :)

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