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Friday Food: Dark Chocolate Spelt Brownie

Happy Birthday, Sweet Seventeen!!

Yesterday Lorelai Gilmore turned 5 and tomorrow Peri turns 12 (That makes 17). They had a shared birthday today and I baked them some Pumpkin and Apple Pupcakes. Actually, they could be cupcakes for people. I used my new bag of spelt flour. Peri closed her eyes and made a wish:

Wishing a birthday wish

And then magically their birthday cupcakes were ready to eat!!!

Birthday wish answered

They could hardly wait to wolf them down.

Labradors love pup cakes

We had a lovely birthday walk this morning. The weather is starting to heat up: 28, 28, 29, 28, 33, 35 for the next six days. I hope The Labradors' cool mats arrive before they melt. I may have to commandeer the mats before I melt too!!!


 I can't believe Gilly is 5, but I can believe even less that Peri is 12. I still think of her as the naughty little pup who destroyed the cane washing basket!!! What a good big girl she is now, and a good big sister to Gilly. Gilly has turned out rather well too!!!

I helped MrsDrWho's niece sew her first skirt. We chose the pattern and the material one day and then on Monday we cut it out and sewed it in one fell swoop. It looks great and fits perfectly!! She is a bit of a natural when it comes to sewing. Tomorrow we are sewing a penciil case so I can show her how the zipper foot works, and maybe a simple bag. We'll see how I cope with the heat.

Strawberry skirt

It is a simple pattern with just a yoke and four panels for the skirt: Simplicity 2609. I think she likes it, as she wore it out into the world where real people could see her.

This week has been busy: blood tests, a specialist appointment, High Tea with my Knitting friends, an accidental vegan platter (the new waitress meant to order vegetarian) with MrsDrWho's sister and children and WeeJock and Besse's mum, and tomorrow I have the exercise physiologist. I shall need a long cool nap at the weekend.

I plan to make some roti and a nice curry for my tea and then perhaps an early night would be sensible?  I do have to think about what I shall cook for the first Friday Food of 2014. I have the new BH&G magazine, so maybe inspiration will strike?

Oh I made a snowglobe ornament:

Snowglobe ornament

and young MrDutch made Narnia in an upside down bottle for his mum- complete with working lamp post. How cool is that???

Narnia in a bottle



Happy birthday Peri and Gilly! Lucky girls getting pupcakes. How nice that their birthdays are so close together.

I love your snowglobe ornament and how amazing is the Narnia jar. I love it. In fact, I want one!


Happy Birthday Peri and Gilly! Looks like you had a wonderful day. What good girls you are.

Love the snowglobe ornament - lovely colours.

Clever young McDutch! Great Narnia scene.

Cute little skirt for a clever little girl!


Oh wow...I can't belive the girls are as old as they are. i took Daisy to the vet last week & was shocked when i realised that she's now 6 yo....time is going so quick!

i love your little snow globe cute.

Take care Cindy to rest when you sounds like you have a busy time scheduled!


Happy Birthday to the girls! They have the loveliest faces.


How nice to have a new year, and then birthdays right away! The girls look divine for their respective ages. Lots of scritches behind the ears to both of them.

Nice job on the skirt and snow globe, the world will not fall apart if we share our skills.

I'm sending some of our snow and chill temps via the universe today, just to even out the weather. We might get a high of -7C today. But on Saturday we might get rain and 4.4C.


Happy Birthday, dear doggies, Happy Birthday to you! What lucky pups they are to be owned by you :)

I love your snowglobe ornament. I should make some :)

Jennifer Rose

happy birthday to gilly and peri!! :D if the neice wore the skirt in public, she def. liks it lol :)


a very happy birthday Peri and Gilly - looks like it was a yummy party - best wishes from WA xoxo


Happy birthday Gilly and Peri!!!!your cakes look delicious.

The snow globe is very clever.

Take care,my dear. You are very busy xxxxxxx


aww, Happy Birthday to both your girls!

What a great collection of crafty items too - the skirt and subsequent pencil case sound like they were great fun, and who can resist a Narnia terrarium, esp one with a lamp post that actually works?!


oh happy birthday to the girls and how gorgeous Peri knew to close her eyes and make a wish!! kisses for both of them. I do love your snow globe is adorable and also all the other goodies you have been making. You do wonders to make so much and I am so slack! About the Tardis mug I am not sure if it is good to drink out of. We told Shayne if it's not then he can put pens in it! But he uses it. I must try it but I am a bit of a cup snob too. I am very particular. Mine has to be big but very light and fine.


Happy belated birthday to Peri and Gilly. I am glad that i am not in Perth as i don't think I could take the heat. It's humid in Singapore but there's air-con everywhere.


Happy birthday Peri and Gilly!!! Great pupcakes.


Happy birthday to you, Peri and Gilly! Peri making a wish is the cutest thing!
The tiny Lantern Waste is very cool- clever boy and lucky mom.


Happy Birthday Peri and Gilly!! I must make some of those pupcakes for my pups too! Yum.

That Narnia garden with the lamp is amazing.


Happy birthdays to the girls! I can't believe Gilly is five! I remember when she was just a puppy! Their pupcakes sound delicious.

Your snowglobe ornament is fantastic, as is the Narnia garden - how clever! How does the lamp-post work?! I am amazed!

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