Ding, iDog, Merrily On High.....
Happy Birthday, Sweet Seventeen!!

Year: Comes The Sun And I Say It's All Right.

It is all right too. I made it through last year to this year: a feat in itself I think. I went out to New Year's Eve tea with MrsDrWho and her family and had steak on a hot rock. I know we all have the hot slab of rock purely for the amusement factor.

Nye dinner

We heard the fireworks when I got home and then we went to bed at 10pm. We then slept twenty hours out of the next twenty six. I was really tired and well, The Labradors are trained to nap. Let's just say they were really ready for their Thursday walk!!!

Labby New Year

Poor Peri and Gilly, and me, have hay fever. I looked on Gilly's ointment (still in date) and last year she had the same thing on 9th of January. So I am anointing them pre breakfast and dinner so they don't lick the ointment off. And we are having regular face wiping to remove any pollen or yucky things from their faces. Thank goodness for fragrance and soap free baby wipes.

Over the last few days I have been doing some Thank You baking for the Vet and other places I frequent with helpful, friendly and kind people.  There is no Friday Food this week so I will put some links under the photos if you need some inspiration.


From top left in a clockwise fashion:

  • Plum Pudding Shortbread - add cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg to shortbread, brush with egg-whites and sprinkle with demerara sugar. I have the recipe in a little pullout book from BH&G.
  • Fruit Mince Cupcakes- use a plain cupcake recipe and add a jar of fruit mince. I made a red fondant snowflake for the top!!

I used my very cute Christmas cello bags and made Labrador tags and tied them with ribbon.

More treats

I left one at The Library. The Librarians were busy so I just left it on the counter. I didn't sign my name, but they know me well and when I came home there was a lovely email. They are great detectives!!!

I have been sewing some bags: a patchwork-ish knitting bag for my mum and two grocery bags with Christmas owls and cats. I sewed a few more but forgot to take photos.

Bags I've sewn

The weather has been wild and windy down South, but here is has been a bit windy and coolish. The bedroom has been the coolest place. I often look for Peri and find her in one of two places: in the full Sun, panting and hot, or in the dark, cool bedroom fast asleep. The forecast for the next week is deliciously cool, 18*C which is so nice. I saw on the News tonight that we had six straight days of above 30*C temperatures in March. So I am not counting my chickens.

I have decided that this year I am saving up to buy an air conditioner for the bedroom. We can pretty much camp there for days on end if the weather is hot and Peri finds the heat of a night especially trying. I have used some of my Christmas money to buy The Labradors a cooling mat each. There is only one in stock so I am waiting for there to be two, so no-one misses out and is jealous.

Tomorrow I am going to The Harvest Market with MrsDrWho's Niece and then we are shopping for a skirt pattern and material. I decided to break the Sew a Skirt activity into two parts, so we'll cut out and sew the skirt on Monday. I haven't sewed my reindeer dress, but there is a whole year left to do that and I will wear a Christmas Reindeer dress any time, not just at Christmas.

The Labradors and I wish everyone a Happy New Year!!!



Happy New Year to you and the girls!


Happy New Year to you and the Labradors, too! As a librarian, I appreciate you baking for my southern colleagues, too!

Jennifer Rose

"I will wear a Christmas Reindeer dress any time, not just at Christmas." :D yeah, why not wear reindeer clothes anytime of the year? :D

an air conditioner would be nice, would help cool everyone :D

that is so nice of you to do all of that baking for people :D very thoughtful


A very Happy New Year to you and the girls and a big thankyou for all your wonderful blogs in 2014...I look forward to enjoying many more this year...love from the West xox


What fabulous looking treats - I especially love the coconut ice. And the Labrador bags are so cute.


Happy New Year! I am a little jealous of your nicer weather up there! However I look forward to catching up with you again soon, to enjoy a little cafe knitting and chatting!


Happy New Year to you and your family! I can totally understand the hayfever as we all have it here and I suspect that is what is wrong with me. I have been in bed all day long and now just woken up when it is 1am in the morning. Your thank you gifts look wonderful. I hope that you get your air-conditioner soon and I hope the summer doesnt get too many days above 30.


That looks like it's still alive!


Happy new year to you and the girls! I hope it is mostly a cool one for you all, so much easier to mange isn't it. I hope you can get your air con sooner rather than later.

What a lot of gorgeous Christmas thank you baking, you are so kind.

We went to bed at 10.30 on NYE too. No midnight fireworks for us, too tired!

Ceri Davies

Happy 2014! We also had a quiet NYE, and went to bed early. I have been busily trying to de-clutter and have filled my garbage bins and am now on to Husby's work ones!

I have, however, been putting together yarn and patterns for knitting, and have shopped from stash for them! Look forward to catching up sometime this summer
Love to you all! Cxo

Catherine Roberts

Happy New Year and hope hay fever leaves quickly!


Poor puppies having hay fever. Nasty stuff.

The cooking look yummy.

The bags are lovely. You have been busy.

The air con sounds like a fabulous idea. We have a portable one that isn't too flash but it has been great on the over 35C days.


Happy New Year!

An air con for the bedroom is a good goal. Think how lovely that will be. We are having a very mild Summer here so far. It is lovely. So so lovely. Tomorrow is supposed to be back up to 39 though. Not so lovely. Luckily I have No Plans. So I can sit at home in the air con.

I saw that cat material in Spotlight on Saturday and thought it was so cute. I couldn't think of anything to make it into though so it stayed behind. I have so much fabric and I hardly ever sew. It looks lovely in a bag though and I also love the Christmas owls! I didn't see that anywhere or I probably would have bought it, fabric overload or not!


Happy New Year!


a very happy new year to you and the girls and may there much be sewing baking and crafty goodness. and cool nights for sleeping. i have an air con in my bedroom, i recommend it!


Happy New Year!
(And I definitely think air con for the bedroom is an awesome plan. I couldn't live without it here in QLD....it makes all the difference if you can have a good night's sleep when it's hot)


Happy New Year Cindy, Peri & Gilly!!

It sounds like a good idea to get an a/c for your bedroom. When i got sick, we had to get a/c too & were lucky enough to get a good deal on ducted a/c...so it means i can live in the whole house in summer instead of just one room....i love my a/c!! :)

You've been busy again with those carry bags....they look great!

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