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Friday Food: 15 Minute Tomato Pasta Sauce

PEnnsylvania 6 Not My Number

Well, telephony can be even stranger than you think. This morning my internet stopped working and then the phone rang. It was Pradesh from Telstra telling my my phone line was fixed. I told him it wasn't broken in the first place and wouldn't give my name, address or number. He told I didn't have a silent number, and I assured him I did!! The number he'd rung turned out to be my next to next door neighbour's!! Somehow he had managed to connect their number to my phone and mine to theirs when he was twiddling the wires in the pit.

The next door neighbour in the middle helped us negotiate the situation and about an hour later EVERYONE had their phones and internet back. We laughed. What else can you do??? It made for a nice friendly team-building neighbourhood chat!!

I have been away from The Internet so long people had babies, operations, moved house and who knows what else. Meanwhile I have pretend knitted two scarves with tape. One for my aunt and one for Mrs GardyGardener.

Scarf blue and grey

I did this whilst watching all of the first season of Elementary. I was not very supportive of the show as I felt they had copied Sherlock from the UK. So, I just pretended that although the people were called Sherlock and Holmes, they were a different Sherlock and Holmes and that seems to work quite well. As a detective show about a deductionist and his associate, it is pretty fabulous.

This week we are sewing a paper pieced block for out quilts. It is a cute block, and I can easily show the others how to cut simple rectangles to make the chevrons.


Peri found something yucky to chew at the dam. It required quite a lot of concentration and powerful jaw crunches, the only type of crunches that ever happen here.

Peri chomps

Gilly has been splashing in the paddle pool and then digging an ever deeper hole in the dry and dusty garden. We have not had rain for a very long time and it is getting droughty. I must sound disappointed when I say 'Oh' at her muddiness, because she looks so sad. I am not cross. We all paddle in the pool and play a watery game to get clean.

Gilly is muddy

Gilly has a new slow you down eating plate. Sharon, The Lovely Librarian, sent me a link to this plate and so I bought it straight away. I call it The Green Mountain Plate. When I dish up the food, I just put one cup aside for Gilly, and pour it all over the GMP. Then she spends many happy minutes licking up all the hidden treats. I love her crinkled up nose, so cute!! Peri is not interested at all, even for something really tasty. It is too much like hard work.

Gilly's green slow plate

I bought a new cook book for The Labradors. 

New cook book

I plan on baking one new thing every week, and I shall start with this one. Sounds good enough to eat!!


The Typepad has decided I can't post any more pictures today, so it must be time to finish.

On Thursday I am off to The Hospital to be a Patient Partner for the Doctors-in-training. They ask me lots of questions, and poke and prod me a little. I get a chance to speak to a captive audienced!!!

My ankle is healing up very nicely, and I must remember to do my exercises. I tend to think once something is almost better, I can give up. That is exactly the wrong time to stop.

On Friday we are all of to The Vet so Peri and Gilly can be vaccinated. It is very exciting and we are already all a-quiver!!!

PEnnsylvania 6-500



Oh, Gilly does look so sad in that photo! I'm sure her new gourmet meals will improve her expression. Friday Food - Doggy Style this week?

Hope your patient partner-ing goes well. I did not enjoy my experience of it when I went. Someone tried to tell me I have a goiter!!! I was most unimpressed.


I think I need one of those plates for our kelpie, he demolishes everything in seconds. I hope your ankle feels better soon and keep up those exercises for it. The doggie cookbook looks great and those little pups are so adorable that I would just sit there looking at them the whole time instead of cooking.


That little black puppy in the picture from the book is gorgeous. I could have a dog here but don't think it's fair on the animal at all.

I think T*lstra needs to train its technicians better. Just on three years ago when I moved here, i was set up with TPG as son had used them for years and always found them helpful. After about a week my phone and internet disappeared. TPG were very helpful and spent ages trying to find the fault. It was eventually tracked to a T*lstra technician working in the room here where all the wiring for the whole block is kept. He had cut a wire because he didn't think it was needed. It just so happened to be the one to my phone and internet. TPG made him come back and fix things properly.


That plate is a wonderful idea! I've never seen anything like eat :-)
I'm sure they will enjoy their once a week new recipes too!


So glad your telephone stuff is working again. We had no phone or net for 2 days and it was a pain esp with kids who need to do homework !
I do like the new doggy dish.
I'm glad your ankle is doing better.
I'm a bit intrigued by the tape knitting? Care to elaborate?

catherine roberts

Oh I didnt see you had a fall,ouch!! hope its all good as can be now!!!,


I am a huge fan of the UK Sherlock and haven't watched the US one for the same reason. Wasn't the last series fab? And I don't know how I can wait another 2 years for more. I adore hearing about Peri and Gilly - they are adawbs. What a terrific book - now you can make treats just for them.

Michelle Lee

Gilly looks so sad!! Awww..I wanna give her a cuddle!!!

Anyway, I'm so glad to hear your ankle is healing up nicely :) Take care!!


You captured some great doggy faces! Gilly must be very patient to eat from the dish of frustration! The telephone story is too funny, what a mix-up.


I just watched the last Sherlock yesterday - really very good, isn't it. I've watched a few episodes of Elementary and quite like it too. Different but similar. I like that Watson is a woman, for me a nice twist.

Hope the patient practice went well, and you had a bit of fun with the new doctors.


I am amazed by that dog dish sculpture! Ziggy could probably do with one, he is such a gulping guts that he vacuums everything up in a few seconds and then blinks up at me in confusion at the lack of food in his bowl!
Also, do you need any human food testers? That recipe sounds rather tasty...


I love the look on those doggie faces :) Such joy!

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