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Friday Food: Chocolate Republic Slice

Dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner: Batman!

You need to have watched Batman on television with Adam West and Burt Ward to sing the post title aloud!!! Peri and Gilly were very happy to try one of the recipes from the new cook book. I truth, this is the recipe with the least amount of cooking possible: you cook the turkey mince in some good olive oil and boil eggs. It doesn't take much to impress them at dinner time.


Their dinner consisted of turkey, wheatgerm, yoghurt, carrot and a hard boiled egg, shell and all.

Dinner is good

If you watch the video you can see Lorelai Gilmore is sure I made a mistake in giving her the egg shell. She carefully puts it to the side of her bowl on the step. Once Peri ate hers, she changed her mind.

I chose the Dinner of Least Cooking because I was totally worn out by my visit to The Hospital and the final year doctors. They were very thorough and did an excellent job with their taking of my history and then a quick examination of my lungs, heart and blood pressure etc. It was two hour sessions with a short break in between, but it wore me out completely. The next day we went to the Vet to be vaccinated and saw Dr David. He was inordinately pleased with both The Labradors and gave them a gold star and 10/10. Peri made loud and happy crying noises the entire time Gilly was having her turn. She was allowed to wander about the room, but I think she wanted to have another injection so she could have more treats!!

At the vet

We had extra long naps on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, though I did get out of bed to go to Wee Jack and Bessie's mum's house for lunch. I felt like I was getting a cold and had a headache and the world felt a little fuzzy. I expect it is because I am trying to take more care of myself and not push myself to do things I think I 'should'. I do really want to contribute to the Hospital and Uni, so it is a worthy sacrifice to make.

MrsReno bought me a surprise green cardigan. It is made of a really stretchy fine mesh and fits perfectly. How lovely!! Of course, it matched the dress I was wearing. I am looking forward to a cool Autumn day so I can wear it again. It was really too warm to wear it on Saturday, but I always like to wear/eat/play with/ try out presents on receipt as soon as possible. Where's the fun in waiting??

Mesh cardi

MrsDrWho gave me some bunnified patty pan papers and very cute biscuit cutters. It has set me thinking about Easter. The patty pan papers are so cute, I love the bunny on the base.

Easter is coming

Today is Shrove Tuesday and I made pikelets instead of pancakes. The Labradors like pikelets and the first few cooked are always Dog Pikelets. It's as if the pan needs to have one round before it is ready to produce proper pikelets.

Shrove tuesday pikelets

They are so easy to make: Beat together 1/2 a cup of milk, an egg and 2 tspn of a plain vegetable oil or melted butter. Mix 1 cup of self raising flour with 8 teaspoons of sugar in a bowl, make a well in the centre and then whisk in the wet ingredients until a smooth batter forms. Use a little extra butter/oil in a pan over medium heat, drop dessert spoons (2 teaspoons) of the batter and cook till bubbles form on the top. Flip and cook until the bottom is golden. I like mine with jam and cream, but today I had a squeeze of lemon juice and a dusting of icing sugar. Peri and Gilly devoured the Dog pikelets with gusto.

It's not you, Evergreen Vines Cardigan, it's me. You were lovely, with beautiful lace and clever construction, but I wasn't the right shape for you. I think you might be a Miss Jane. It is almost cool enough to knit. In Australia Autumn starts on the 1st March and right on cue we've had cool mornings and heavy dews. The nights are drawing in but we have another month of Daylight Saving to go.

It is an ex cardi

I have been doing a lot of reading. So many thick books arrived at once from The Library, that I was overwhelmed. I am particularly looking forward to reading One Leg Too Few about Peter Cook and Dudley Moore.

The Test against South Africa is on the radio so we are going to be listening to Tony Delroy through the ABC app on my Ipad. How lucky we are!!



what a wonderful tale of the doggie dinners - you're a very good Mum ! I could eat those pikelets right off the page :) Rest up and keep well all of you, xo


The egg shell reminded me of Hans, the Lab my niece had. He hated peas. He could have a bowl full of leftovers, dried kibble, veges etc and one pea. That one pea was always left in the bottom of the bowl despite his hoovering up everything else.


I had a good chuckle about the egg shell.

The cardi looks lovely.

I'm sorry your knitting didn't work out.

The Easter goodies look like fun.


Your new green cardigan looks beautiful. I had to laugh when you said the egg shells were put aside because when we had Jake our kelpie he would leave all the vegies out of his food. I hope you can start knitting again now that it is a bit cooler.


that video is sooo cute! Ruby does what Gilly did when I try to hide things in her food! I am sorry you hurt your ankle but happy it is healing. Isn't it wonderful the days are getting shorter and the cooler weather will be here soon I am sooo happy about it. Your new cardi is lovely and will be just the ticket in a few weeks. I am glad you survived your trip to the hospital it sounds very tiring


I did smile at the doggie diners :) WHat a lovely cardi :) You are doing such a good service by helping the doctors. You are a lovely lady.

Jennifer Rose

love the video :D Sky would probably pick the egg and turkey out of the bowl and leave the rest :p

really nice green cardi :) weather can't make up its mind here, one minute the sun is trying to come out and the next it rains :/

the girls look so happy at the vets :D hopefully you are not getting a cold!


It's a shame about your cardi Cindy :(

Love your new green mesh cardi, Easter inspired patty pans & cookie cutters & yummy pikelets!

The girls looked so funny eating in your little video...I don't blame Gilly for not eating her egg shells...I wouldn't either! LOL


My cat would always lick the peas clean, but not eat them too! I am amazed the Labradors can eat egg shell,, I would never have thought!

Shame about your cardi, but I do approve of the Miss Jane pattern, ha ha!

You have reminded me I have been meaning to make pikelets! Maybe on Saturday. Yum!


Dinner must have been good because Peri and Gilly are smiling! Love your Easter cutters.


I've been doing lots of reading too. Two thick books from the library came, Book 2 and 3 from the Gentleman Bastard series by Scott Lynch. I have about a quarter of the third book to go.

I would have been like Gilly and put my egg shells to the side as well. Crunchy!!

Pikelets are so good. I've been in a pancake mood lately and have had pancakes on the weekend for the last three weekends in a row. Dear me. I like my pikelets slathered in butter and my pancakes with butter, sugar and lemon juice.

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