Friday Food: Chocolate Republic Slice
Friday Food: Gozleme

Duck? Duck.... Go(oose)!!!

We went back to The Vet so Dr David could check Gilly's waxy ears and Peri came too, just for fun. Lorelai Gilmore's ears are much better, but we are to follow a complicated ear drop protocol for the next 24 days and then go back and have her ears checked again.

You may think they are looking lovingly at me, I couldn't possibly comment.

At the vet again

Actually I can. They are, in fact, mesmerised by duck. Dried duck. Tasty, and delectably dried, duck.

Duck duck GO

The duck was a present for Peri and Gilly from TinkingBell. Tink and I catch up on an irregular basis a few times a year. There are always myriad cups of tea, frantic conversations talking twenty to the dozen, and lots of knitting. Tink gave me some gorgeous sock wool. It is perfect for me, and almost, almost too nice to use. I shall use it, but I shall treasure it for a while!! I am also the new owner of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Annual. Yay!!!

Gem of a sock wool

I sewed TinkingBell one of my Christmas grocery bag, and also a Wonky TARDIS Apron (using this tutorial as inspiration) and a reversible drawstring sock bag, from this cute tutorial.


Anyone here for the knitting? Well you will be shocked, shocked I tell you, to learn that here be knitting!!! Kate Knight inspired me with her dishcloths and so I rummaged about in one of my wool tubs and came up with a bamboo cotton mix of some kind and so the Kidding Dishcloth was born.

Dishcloth in progress

And today I cast on the Don't You Know It's Socks in new Patonyle Magic print. It's my usual sock-to-fit-me pattern, plain and simple.

Don't you know it's socks

You would think that now Autumn has arrived the temperatures would be cooler. Not so, but we have had rain. At last, the first real rain all year. And it has been cooler in the mornings. Peri has to have her lead on half way through our walk because she runs so much in the brisk mornings and wears herself out for the rest of the day. Peri does not do things by halves. Gilly is young and full of youthful energy. They are both stickybeaks and spent quite a while investigating the Clean Up Australia bags last week. Well done to the stalwart volunteers.

Labradors clean up australia

Life has been exceedingly busy and tiring: not the things I'm doing, but the after effects. The weekend was too hot, including Monday, which was the Eight Hour Day holiday. I have had Leukaemia Support Group, an appointment at the doctor and psychologist and another appointment to see the RBF review doctor. I always find this so confronting and difficult, but I have leaned on everyone around me in the last few weeks. Our lovely Leukaemia Nurse came with me to the meeting. I was so grateful for her support. It seemed to go well, and I maintained my composure until the very end.

Now I have to wait until I receive the Board's verdict. I hate waiting, it just gives me time to imagine the worst. My goal is not to catastrophise and instead, to think positive things. I shall knit and bake, but not at the same time, that way lies disaster. It's Friday Food tomorrow, so we'll take the new cooking magazines to bed and choose something yummy.

The Duck Duck Goose of the blog title is a great circle game we used to play when I taught Infants, and bigger children too!!!

Adriano Zumbo has designed three new limited edition TimTam flavours for Arnotts to celebrate TimTam Biscuits' Fiftieth Anniversary. They come in packs of five and cost about $1-90. I can only eat the white chocolate raspberry biscuits, but MrsDrWho agreed to briefly review all three flavours.

Anniversary timtams

Raspberry White Choc
Very nice.
Very like the raspberry mousse chocolate Cadbury had out last year
I can taste the raspberry and the white chocolate isn't too terribly sweet.

Choc Brownie
More brownie flavoured than Timtam, so that's nice.
It has a brownie flavour with a crunch.
It is very rich.

Salted caramel

This is the best of them.
They taste like the Maggie Beer’s ice-cream.
They are fairly sweet, but delicious.
Although if I think they were fairly sweet,
some others might find them overwhelmingly sweet.

The biggest problem is the small packets....although considering
how nice they are, it is probably a good thing
they aren't full sized packets!



good luck with the review, we have all our fingers and toes crossed here for you and Caddy the 'moodle' sends lots of licky kisses and waggy tails to Peri and Gilly xox


We always played duck duck goose at birthday parties when I was small!

Jennifer Rose

i havent had timtams and those sound good. john wants to see if he can track them down :p

the weather has been really odd here, bright and sunny one day and then grey and windy the next

the girls look hypnotized :p

good luck with the RBF review, I had to have my DLA review, they turned it down, we appealed and won the appeal


Oooh salted caramel Tim tams! You evil temptress!
How lovely to tach up with Tinkingbell! Having met you both, I can just imagine the talking a mile a minute that goes on between you!


I love the tardis apron! Thanks for the run down on the Tim Tams - i have been wondering what they'd be like.


Those TIm Tam flavours sound delish :)

Michelle Lee

I haven't try those Tim Tams yet. Might get the salted caramel ones when I have the chance. Not a fan of white chocolate so will definitely give that a miss.

Anyway, good luck with the RBF Review!! Hugz!!


Good luck with the review. I have no idea what the letters stand for........

The Tardis apron is lovely.

The girls do look mesmerised!


I'm glad you found my dishcloths inspiring! I however knitted too many and gave myself an aching wrist and elbow :( Wretched cotton is not a good choose for a knitting binge.

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