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Friday Food: Chicken Meatball Minestrone

Spine-ing For The Fjords.

Peri and Gilly are so happy it is cool. On our walk today I mostly saw two pairs of clean heels!! I can just make out that Peri is rolling in something smelly.

Far far away Labradors

Behind the tree Gilly found a section of dry bony spine. It was a trophy. Still, she dropped it when I used my deep commanding voice. Peri had a good look, but as it wasn't a succulent juicy new bone, she decided to give it a miss.

Labradors and the backbone

When we came home, I wanted to take a 'before' photo of the paving. I am going to use a dog friendly weed killer made from vinegar, salt and washing up detergent to kill the weeds sprouting up between the pavers. Obviously The Labradors have a secret Instagram account and wanted to post Selfies!!!


The weedkiller can be made without salt, as it can make the soil unfit for use. Since this is between the pavers, I think it will be fine. So here's the 'before'. I'll wait a week or so and see what the 'after' shows.


More knitting has ensued. I finished the tiny Socktical Magic socks,

Socktical magic 2014 socks

and I have started MrsDrWho's Channel 2 Socks. The colourway is Test Pattern in Patonyle Magic. I remember when I was little we only had two TV channels: Channel 2 or the ABC and Channel 6 or TVT6. There was even Channel 5a. This colourway represents quite closely the Test Pattern on the TV when colour arrived. Imagine, TV wasn't on all twenty-four hours a day. What did we do???

Channel 2 socks one

And finally The Dilly Dilly Bonnet. Yes, that is me modelling it, so it is a rather stretchy eyelet lace pattern!! This is for Jet the Dog's niece. I knitted this in 5ply, on 4mm needles, so there may have been a little vamping to get it right in the end.

Dilly dilly bonnet

Tomorrow I am visiting Jet's Mum for lunch and we are going to do some knitting. I like knitting or sewing with friends. I'm not sure what I will cook, it has to be something that I can make between coming home from a walk and going out a few hours later. So not a pavlova or the Republican Slice!! Perhaps Nectarine cake?? I made cupcakes from this cake recipe and they were delicious. I will just need to find some nice fresh fruit.

And now, since everyone else has gone to bed, I'll make a cup of Evening Tea to help me feel sleepy, and join them!!


Jennifer Rose

hopefully what ever peri was rolling in wasnt too smelly!

ok, I really need to go through the knitting books I bought and learn how to knit, with all the lovely stuff you make, its makes me want to try learning to knit again :)


such wonderful posts. The girls are in fine form! And love the socks. I am slowly working my way through a Christmas stocking, the pattern leaves a lot to be desired. So I am now
re-knitting for the 3rd time. Enjoy your knitting meeting. hugs to all


I'm ever so interested in seeing your weedkiller results. It looks like such a great idea.


nectarine cake!!

I'll be interested to see how your weed-killer goes - I've got a very similar problem at my place I need to deal with.

hope you had fun knitting with your friend :)


You have been busy! I love dogs, but their habit of rolling in smelly stuff is disconcerting. Gilly and Peri are adorable - love their "selfies".


We have weeds growing up amongst the pavers too. Must attack them similarly! Ihave read you can use just vinegar. I wonder which is more effective? Perhaps I should match your experiment!

That knitting is amazingly stretchy! Wow!


I love those green and purple socks :-) Sadly, here it is still very much sandal and sundress weather. Hoping for a burst of autumn to arrive very soon though.


Love the Labradors selfies LOL

It'll be interesting for me to see how your weed killer works. I've often thought of using this recipe on our pool retaining wall.

The tiny Socktical Magic socks look so cute. I'm sure the little wearer of the Dilly Dilly Bonnet will be very snuggley too.

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