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Friday Food: Curried Chicken with Coconut Rice

The Cultural Fringe

"Even as it (Great Britain) walked out on you and joined the Common Market, you were still looking for your MBEs and knighthoods, and all the rest of the regalia that comes with it. You would take Australia right back down the time tunnel to the cultural cringe where you have always come from."

Paul Keating PM  27 Feb 1992

Too easy, Lord Sir Earl Tony Abbott just made it too easy. I can't stop myself. What in the world is happening?? Knights and Dames?? In 2014?? In Australia. It's too much. I have to bite my tongue lest I say something I may later regret. Of course, George Brandis wouldn't care what I said to offend people, as he said: people have the right to be bigots. He may be speaking in some obscure legalistic way, but his comments, if taken at face value, mean that Holocaust deniers would not be challenged or stopped.

Great work this week from the Federal Government.

Let's enjoy some light entertainment.

The two cute dames, great dames, at our house had a most exciting walk on Thursday. There was some unexpected controlled burning off at the Reserve (the dam) and so we went on an expedition on a new-to-us walking track. And yes, they walked almost the whole way in this divergent fashion. And swapped sides at the drop of a hat, or the scent of a smell.

Dames on a walk

Things were back to normal on the weekend. Peri has been so happy, playful and wicked: it is the cooler weather. She just loves to run and play in the coolness. Lorelai Gilmore has been digging some excellent new holes in the garden and shunning the paddle pool: that's cool!!

Long Labrador shadows

Some of our BOM blocks from February didn't make it to my blog, so here they are: Chevrons, paper pieced.

Chevrons for February

And the blocks for March, where all three of us made two blocks each by 8pm.

Bome march

MrsDrWho's blocks on the left and MrsReno's on the right.

Mrsdrwho  mrsreno

I took some avocado dip and double chocolate banana bread. The banana bread is from Smitten Kitchen via Kate Knightly Knitter. I believe it is delicious and sooo easy to make. The dip is moreish. I had to use jalapenos from a jar and substituted parsley for coriander, still it was true to the dip idea.

Dip and bread

MrsDrWho and I met in town for lunch yesterday. We had toasted BLT & cheese sandwiches and some freshly made hot chips: not that I am obsessed with food or anything. She bought me a new bag. At first I thought it might have been one of those one-size-fits-all tops, and my mind boggled. I actually had two tops made from bubble material when I was a teenager. Thankfully my mind could stop being boggled!! The bag is incredibly stretchy and takes up so little space in my handbag. I love it, and it is very green.

Magic bag

I was a bit poorly at the end of the week. I spent a day in bed and rested. When the weather is cooler and I feel slightly more like a real person, as does Peri, I tend to enthusiastically pursue activities and then fall in a heap.  I forsee a few days of sitting on the couch knitting socks and catching up on some TV. Lording and Dame-ing about the house perhaps?



I can imagine the excitement of your two great dames at walking somewhere new with lots of new sights, sounds & looks like a very pretty track.

Love me some chevrons...your blocks look great!

Your empty new bag looks like an old fashioned swimming cap LOL


That bag! Wow! Very cool.

I share your Feelings about the events of the past week or so. Ugh ugh ugh. Makes me so cross.


Yum - the avo dip and banana bread lool great. Yes, this knights and dames stuff is nonsense - especially when we abolished it over 30 years ago here.

Jennifer Rose

it is a silly place :p one of my favourite movies :D

really nice and bright blocks :)


It's frustrating when politicians take backward steps- we are experiencing the same type of thing on state and federal levels. Grrrrr.

I can see why the girls are enticed by the mysterious green and ferny path.

I had ripe bananas and all the ingredients and made that yummy banana bread! I only used half a cup of chocolate chips, and it was Plenty Chocolate-y.


I love that bag! So unusual.

The girls looked like they enjoyed themselves very much.


What fun going on a new exploratory walk. That is pretty exciting for everyone.

Hope you get your energy back quickly. I agree, this nicer weather makes me want to do more stuff too!

kathy b

THe yellow dogs are beautifuL!!!! ENjoy the walks, they will help with your energy

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