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There's Many A Split 'Twixt The Cup And The Lip

I would not class myself as accident-prone per se, but I do have quite a few accidents. Once I knelt down to press record on the DVR with a paring knife in my hand and I poked a hole in my leg. It was just below the inside of my knee, where there is a little hollow, and I could see right inside my leg. Once or thrice I have been reading a book walking down the street, and walked into a parking meter: totally not my fault. Last week I was in bed watching iView on my Ipad, it was resting on my ribs, when the lid closed unexpectedly when I breathed deeply and the top of the Ipad split my philtrum horizontally: that's the part between your nose and upper lip. It was about 1.5cm wide and quite deep. I applied an ice compress and then some antiseptic cream. For the last week I have had some excellent Reality TV lip implant action happening with my top lip. And I talked with a 'horrible smell under my nose' accent. Thankfully it is almost healed now.

Harki and her mum, WillowLast week I met Harki-Parki-Parker-Posey's Godmother at the deli at the corner. It was so lovely to bump into her. She has a gorgeous Labrador called Honey. When I was at work The Godmother worked with me in my classroom. It is always nice to accidentally meet friends!! This photo is Harki, and her mother Willow in the background, at her Godmother's house.

In other happy news, today we went to get the letters from the letterbox and my RBF review has come back and it is a positive result. Yay!! I will be able to feed and look after The Labradors for another four years, assuming I live that long, which we are all assuming at this point!! I am very relieved, and very thankful for the support I received. It made my life so much easier. I saw my Specialist today and my results were as expected, nothing up or down too much, so that's good news too.

There has been a lot of sock knitting, I finished two pairs of socks and I am almost at the toes of the third pair. I love the new Patonyle Magic, in Test Pattern/Channel 2 Socks and Kelp Garden/Don't You Know It's Socks here, and the third pair (Girl With A Purl Earring Socks) is in some older Patonlye I bought from The Ravelry ages ago. These two balls are a bit strange. The colours don't quite match, even within the balls, and one was wound inside out. I did the pattern where you purl when you knit certain colours: lights on one sock and darks on the other, I can't really tell the difference. They are for MrsDrWho.

Socks aweigh

I knitted a baby hat for my next door neighbour's friends' baby. Oh, that's convoluted. It's just a simple baby hat, but a good one I think. My next knitting will be a cardigan for me. I think it is almost cool enough to start being swathed in knitting!!! Yesterday I visited Jet'sMum and we did some knitting together and had a very nice chat and a cup of tea. She has knitted a beautiful vest in Sublime Cotton for her granddaughter. Jet was very happy to see me, and I gave him lots of pats.

Baby hat

I caught up with MrsMadcage recently and we had a delicious morning tea and she gave me a lovely little canvas for my wall, and some white chocolate macadamias and a white chocolate heart from the posh Cocobean chocolate shop. As you can see, they didn't last long, there were two packets of macadamias!! Peri and Gilly had one each too. They do leave paw prints everywhere, as well as on my heart.


Peri and Gilly have been relishing the cooler mornings, on Tuesday Peri even stole the stick from Rafa and ran away with it. Granted, she didn't bring it back, but it was unprecedented. Gilly just runs as fast as the wind, or a Border Collie. And of course there is always rolling in something smelly.


And they are always up for a treat. The best way to get a good photo, well as good as I get, is to hold two tiny slivers of liver treat. Works a treat!!

Gilly and Peri really want a treat

I am sewing some little bunnies. I saw a picture of bunnies somewhere on the internet and lo, I could buy the pattern from Patchwork Plus, which is further north up the river. MrsDrWho thinks the bunny looks sad, I'm not sure, maybe the bunny is worried?? I think the ears are a little too long and they flop backwards or forwards. I've done some sewing First Aid and I am making the next ears shorter. The pattern is a Creative Card, so it is the size of a birthday card, with the pattern to trace and the instructions inside.

Easter bunny with no legs

Things have been a little hectic here, one day I went out in the car four times  : walking The Labradors, having my fringe cut, having blood tests and taking MrsDrWho a noodle and corn loaf. We have been in bed at 8-30pm for the last three nights. The extra rest and sleep has definitely helped.

I have spent some of my resting time wisely. I read The Lascar's Dagger by the most excellent Glenda Larke. I always buy her books and I have them all, even the hard to find out of print ones. The book was a little slow to start as the fantasy world, and the characters, was set up. After that it was a whirlwind of action, treachery and drama. Now I must wait impatiently for the next two books.

I also thought about tomorrow's Friday Food. This is very good, as last week Friday Food was on Sunday. And now we are off to bed quite early again. To sleep, perchance to dream........



You've been busy! Yay for finishing so many socks, and it's sounds like you've had a lovely, social time of it lately. Always wonderful to catch up with friends.

Glad to hear you're secure for at least the next four years too, must be a relief xx


What a great roundup - you have been busy. Sorry to hear about the lip - ow!!! Great craft projects.

Jennifer Rose

the bunny looks dead with the "x's" for eyes ;p

hopefully you live longer then 4 years! but that is a big weight off your chest, dont need to worry about it anymore

and ow!!! the lip accident sounds painful


I LOVE your socks they are so colourful and happy and the rabbit is very cute and yes, I think she may be a little worried but she is very pretty, I hope your lip is all better. I did cringe reading that!


Another busy week for you. I hope you are holding up well. It is funny how when it cools down a bit sometimes it is easier to do a bit more. The socks look great, can't see any differences in any of them. Lots of fresh socked warm toes coming up. And how lovely to see Harki Parki's godmother.

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